EXCLUSIVE! Find Out the Adorable Way ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Jeremy Calvert Proposed to Brooke Wehr: Plus Wedding Details

"We're getting hitched!"
“We’re getting hitched!”

Teen Mom 2 star Jeremy Calvert had a little help in pulling off his recent proposal to girlfriend Brooke Wehr!

The Ashley‘s sources tell her that Jeremy enlisted the help of his three-year-old daughter Addie when he proposed to Brooke over the weekend. The couple was vacationing in Ocean City, Maryland, with Addie and Brooke’s daughter Makenna, and Jeremy had been planning a very special proposal.

“Jeremy actually had Addie ask Brooke if she would marry her daddy,” one of The Ashley’s sources tells her. “They were all taking a walk on the beach at night. Brooke was so surprised by the adorable proposal. Plus, Addie adores Brooke so she was happy to help.”

The Ashley’s sources tell her that, despite the rumors floating around, Brooke is not pregnant. (Brooke actually cleared this rumor up herself on her Instagram account on Tuesday, posting, “No I’m not pregnant. Jeremy and I just got engaged because we WANTED to, not because we HAD to.”)

Jeremy, Brooke and their daughters on vacation in Ocean City...
Jeremy, Brooke and their daughters on vacation in Ocean City…

The Ashley’s source tells her that Jeremy and Brooke don’t have a wedding date in mind yet; however, it’s very unlikely that the wedding will take place any time soon.

“They aren’t in a rush to get married and have a baby or anything,” The Ashley’s source tells her. “Jeremy is living up in Ohio with Brooke right now, and they want to get a home up there together before they get married and think about having a baby. They have a lot to focus on right now, with the clothing line and their daughters.”

(As The Ashley exclusively told you back in July, Brooke and Jeremy are collaborating on a clothing line called CalvertWehr that is launching soon!)

The Ashley’s source cleared up other rumors that have been floating around since Jeremy and Brooke announced their engagement. From what The Ashley hears, Jeremy did not allow MTV to film his proposal or their vacation. Also, Jeremy’s ex-wife, Leah Messer, is not “heartbroken” and “freaking out” about Jeremy’s engagement, as some sites have stated. In fact, The Ashley’s source tells her that the exes rarely talk, except to discuss their daughter Addie, and at no time did Leah call Jeremy “freaking out.”

“It just didn’t happen,” the source adds. “Just a fake story trying to start drama.”

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  1. Why are we bothering with him at all? He was all high and mighty that he didn’t like his life being watched – yet now he’s out there, basically begging for attention with the only reason we’d even look is because he was on Teen Mom 2…….hypocritical and money-hungry; I don’t care that he makes a lot of money in a genuine job, he’s still accepting Teen Mom 2 money, so obviously he wants more than the ‘genuine job’ pays and he’s as much of a paid whatever as he’s called the rest of them….

  2. Is Leah still dating TR TheAshley?

    Brooke looks so much like Kacy Catanzaro of American Ninja Warrior fame…

  3. She was surprised by his proposal? Is that why he announced it on Instagram weeks before it happened? Like come on.

    Excluding Jenelles laundry list of lovers, Jeremy is by far my least favorite dad on the show. He claims to hate publicity yet sells his fake engagement story….riiiight. Brooke is such an insecure control freak. I really hope they don’t pro-create and bring another innocent child into the world before they break up

  4. Getting enrgaged, selling stories of the engagement only to find out that they don’t have a clue when their wedding will be? Not even sure of what year. Seems odd. Why the rush? Not to mention it’s incredibly stupid to buy a home with a man who is on his second marriage , only knowing him a year without being married.

    These 2 are in the honeymoon stage, just wait until life hits them and Jeremy will get bored like he always does.

    I can’t help to laugh at the down votes. Are you that desperate for attention Jeremy? If you want nothing to do with the spotlight or teen mom than why tell your story to the Ashley? For someone who wants privacy, you’re doing a pretty bad job at showing it.

    And who else finds it odd that a teen mom super fan reached out to Jeremy, dated for about a year and is now getting married? We’ve heard it from practically everyone on the show but I think this is the only female we’ve heard about. Doesn’t seem like a stable woman to be honest? Any self respecting woman wouldn’t jump so hard into a man knowing him such a short time. What exactly is the rush in your 20s?

    I give 5 years max.

      1. Just want to back Ashley up on this. I worked in entertainment journalism and know the in’s-and-out’s of tabloids. While I don’t know TheAshley personally, I do know her and this site have a stellar reputation (this site is my guilty pleasure, because I love the way she writes and think her reporting is near impeccable). I know for a fact TheAshley doesn’t pay for stories, as I worked for a tabloid that did pay for stories (essentially all the major ones do, both print and online). It’s funny, because often when there’s money involved the accuracy goes down, as you have sources coming forward attempting to sell a half-truths just to make quick cash. The fact sources go to TheAshley (who doesn’t pay) is a testament to her reliability and reputation. When’s the last time you saw an incorrect item on her site? She broke the Jenelle story MONTHS ago, when not even the big name tabloids could confirm it. (Sorry for the happy rant, I just think what she does it awesome and deserves recognition!). 🙂 <3

  5. It’s hard to respect a man who acts like a fool on social media and continues to bash Leah. Brooke must have incredibly low self esteem to cling to this asshole.

    If no one likes you fiance Brooke – it’s quite telling.

    And please continue to bash people on social media, including your wife, I’m sure it will really help your sales lol.

    Can’t stand either one.

    You know what couple I genuinely like these days? Jo and vee – they took rehired time in their relationship and stayed out of the spotlight.

    News flash Jeremy – We don’t care about you, your fiance with the poor eyebrows or your trashy uneducated online presence. And lol to you attempting to have a company.

  6. For some reason I don’t think Leah is too phased by this…probably because she already went through something similar with Corey?…She cried and was upset about Jeremy moving on…but she didn’t cry as hard and hasn’t acted as crazy as she did with Corey and Miranda.

  7. Oh lord this girl must be desperate for money to marry this guy. I guess she’s cool with him hulking out and going crazy when he gets mad. Feel bad for her daughter.

  8. I saw them in ocean city while my family was on vacation. There was no entourage following them around and they just seemed like a normal family on vacation. Congrats to them and I hope they are very happy!

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