‘The Willis Family’ Dad Toby Willis Arrested: Get the Shocking Details!

That's a Grade A mugshot, Toby!!
That’s a Grade A mugshot, Toby!!

Toby Willis, the patriarch of the (seemingly) squeaky clean Willis Clan, appeared in a Kentucky court today after being arrested over the weekend on a charge of child rape.

Toby, who starred alongside his 12 children and wife Brenda Willis on the TLC reality show ‘The Willis Family,’ was arrested on Friday after being investigated for allegedly having had a sexual encounter with a girl who was underage. The alleged crime reportedly took place in Nashville about 12 years ago, according to People. Toby has been charged with one count of child rape.

The magazine reports that Toby scurried out of his Tennessee home and tried to run from police. He was eventually caught by police in Kentucky. He is still sitting in a Kentucky jail, and is being held without bond due to his being a fugitive from justice. He will likely be moved to a facility in Tennessee, although the state has not yet officially charged him with the crime. He will enter a plea once he is officially charged in Tennessee.

Very few details of the alleged crime have been released.

People has confirmed that TLC has officially cancelled ‘The Willis’ Family’ due to Toby’s arrest.

“We are very shocked by this news,” the network told the magazine in a statement.

It is rumored, though, that TLC actually told the Willis family back in May that their show would not be renewed. The show ran for two seasons, with the final episode airing in April.

The family has not commented on the situation on its official Facebook page. One thing’s for sure, though: ol’ Toby sure knows how to deliver a fine mugshot!

(Photo: TBI, TLC)




      1. It was an honest question. Why am I getting downvotes and snarky comments like yours? I in no way stated that I think he should get away with it, nor did I imply that because 7 years have passed it makes what he did any less horrible. I was speaking strictly from a legal point of view. The fact is, there is a statute of limitations with rape, and I wanted clarification on what is going to happen legally.

    1. It can vary, and frequently in cases involving minors that clock doesn’t start running until the victim’s 18th birthday.

      1. Thank you for the informative response and for not assuming that I was saying he should get away with it. I’m glad to hear he can still be fully prosecuted!

  1. Will they go the way of Honey Boo Boo, after the molestation scandal or stay up and running like the Duggars after their sister molesting/ Ashley Madison debacle? TLC was once called THe Learning Channel. Now, it stands for touching little children, I guess. Does no one vet these families before giving them shows?

  2. Surprise, Surprise another bible thumping, your going to Hell Because…, I am better than you cause I found God being a sick pedophile. It seems like they are a dime a dozen. I work at a preschool in the bible belt and a 5 year boy from a family like that got expelled because he grabbed another little boy’s you know what during naptime. It wasn’t just a grab it was more than that what he tried to do. He got caught cause the victim started yelling. The boy who did it, didn’t understand that what he was going was wrong he thought it was normal. Where did he learn something like that? Its pretty sad. I have extreme skepticism when it comes to those types of people.

  3. I’m sorry but I don’t understand. Our local media is saying they were doing a show in greenville. How is that considered running from the police? I’m not taking up for this guy but I just don’t see how he was fleeing from Tennessee to Kentucky on the run when they were doing a little concert in Muhlenberg county.

  4. Lets not forget his wife and 12 innocent children. I wanna here the details. Innocent until proven guilty. I feel for his family

  5. I actually liked the show – the kids are talented, however, the dad always had a “Do as I say and do not ever question it” vibe. This was shocking when I first read about it but not as surprising given what we’ve seen come from these types of families/religious groups.

    I’m surprised that the family has made no statement – they have removed their instagram, website and twitter accounts.

  6. Geez! He ran to another state!!!! What a guy.
    TLC must be so proud of it’s network, well we’ve got all these wholesome families, Honey Boo Boo, The Gosselin’s, The Duggars & now these weirdos. 12 kids? WTF?

  7. That man looks so creepy!!!! I’ve never watched the show and only remember reading one article about them, I know nothing about them. But that man just looks evil. I hope justice is served for the victim after all these years.

  8. TLC keeps on winning don’t they ?
    I hope his victim gets the justice they deserve because running from police doesn’t sound like the behavior of an innocent man to me.

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