Another ‘Married At First Sight’ Divorce? Nick Pendergrast Admits He Doesn’t Like & Isn’t Attracted to His Wife Sonia Granados

"You guys really couldn't see this coming?!"
“You guys really couldn’t see this coming?!”

The fourth season of Married at First Sight may be the show’s least successful season yet– and that’s saying something, considering nearly all the couples from the previous seasons have gotten divorces!

Last week, Heather Seidel made the decision to end her two-week-old marriage to Derek Schwartz (the fastest divorce in the show’s history!) and this week, it appears that things will turn sour for another Season 4 couple, Nick Pendergrast and Sonia Granados. In a sneak peek clip of Tuesday’s episode, Nick comes unglued and finally admits that he doesn’t find his new wife attractive, among other things.

"Heather better thank me for taking some of the hater heat off of her!"
“Heather, if you can hear me, call me!”

While Sonia is chatting with Nick and urging him to “open up” to her. Nick opens up, alright, but what he says is certainly not what Sonia (or the show’s producers) wanted to hear. After walking away from an argument with Sonia, Nick is told by a producer that “every relationship requires work.” This comments seems to set Nick off.

“Well, you have to be attracted to the person to have that relationship,” he tells the producers, later adding, “I don’t want to be attracted to her at this point. I don’t even want to try to be attracted to her.”

He then admits what many ‘Married at First Sight’ fans have suspected since Nick and Sonia’s wedding day.

“I don’t have feelings for her– at all!” he yells to the producer. “I don’t like her! I can’t open up any more than that! I don’t think she’s attractive, and I’m not attracted to her, and that’s me opening up to the fullest f**king extent.”

Sonia, who had suspected that her husband wasn’t attracted to her due to him resisting any sort of physical relationship with her, apparently heard Nick’s rant and decides to leave. She is seen packing her suitcase.

The full episodes airs Tuesday night on FYI! Watch the full cringe-worthy clip below:

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  1. If he’s not attracted to her fine. But he could have been much more sensitive about it. That’s why he doesn’t seem like a desirable partner.

  2. Nick is out of his mind. He may have just ruined his marriage “to the fullest f***ing extent” as he likes to say. What an idiot. Sonia is a good girl and sooo beautiful. How can he say she is not attractive? What is this guy’s problem?

  3. I live in Asia and I can tell you that people here don’t always marry people they are initially physically attracted to. I feel sorry for people that put such a strong emphasis on physical attraction because at the end of the day, it’s not physical attraction that makes a marriage strong. It’s so shallow to place so much emphasis on something that a person cannot change. You can’t help how you look on the outside, but you can affect who are on the inside and that is what should count. IMHO, Nick has emotional and intimacy issues. He just seems to be a loner. Sonia is a sweet and ATTRACTIVE girl. She has a lot to offer and I think she would make a great Mom. She puts good energy into the Universe so I think she has a positive, bright future.

    1. Totes disagree. Great sex makes everything easier in a marriage. Anecdotal, I know, but lots of my friends and acquaintances just settled for someone they thought would be kind or a good provider. Yawn. A good number of them are now divorced or on their second or third marriage with the headache and heartbreak of combined families and all downsides that entails. Physical attraction does a great job as a glue to hold couples together and maintain the excitement. I get wild crazy good butterflies seeing my husband arrive home from a long day at the office. Maybe in Asia attraction isn’t a consideration and has no effect one way or another on marriage stability and happiness. Cultures and societal norms, like gas mileage, can vary but on the other hand, people are people. Quite sure attraction has a value anywhere on the globe.

      1. I’m actually American living in Asia and my point was that Western cultures put too much of an emphasis on initial physical attraction. Physical attraction can grow over time. I feel it’s not a requirement “at first sight”.

        1. “Physical attraction can grow over time.” Hmmm……NO! That’s not how it works at all. If anything, the complete opposite is true. Marrying someone who doesn’t turn you on will be a disaster because they never ever will. Hotness is there or it isn’t, don’t fool yourself.

  4. Nick is not “bipolar,” as he’s been called on some Web sites. He’s not gay, as he’s been called by many accusers. If one wants to get psychiatric, I think his codeable diagnosis is simply “personality disorder; inadequate personality with narcissistic traits.” This malady is not treatable with drugs, counseling, or psychotherapy.
    His case is hopeless. He will never be relationship material. There is no way to match him with anyone other than dumb animals.
    I sort of like this show. It’s like the classic irony of a train wreck: you don’t want to look at it, but you can’t force yourself not to. However, if it’s true that participants are contractually obligated to be filmed for six weeks, I may tune it out. Nick is so loathsome that he’s the train wreck which I literally cannot watch.

  5. I knew all along he wasnt attracted to her. He us hot & has a great body. Guys like him are either gay or do not typically have women that look like her. I dont think shes horrible looking, but def not his type. I didnt like her at first, but she does seem genuine & good-hearted. I dont think hes a jerk. I think he just got tired of lying & it built up & he finally just let loose. He prob shojlda just been honest from the beginning. I think he was trying to spare her feelings & thought maybe he would grow attracted to her, but he just couldnt. It happens. Guys are visual!!! Totally different from women. Lije someone said earlier, if she cant give him an insta-boner, thats not good!

  6. I think she is pretty but in that boring soccer mom way….which is fine and great because many men prefer the beautiful “plain” woman over the “hot” woman. The problem isnt that he doesnt find her attractive…because let’s be honest here…you cant control what you are and arent attracted to.

    The problem is…that he is gay. He went on this show to force marriage and commitment hoping it would change his inner workings. But it doesn’t and won’t. He needs to just live his truth. Maybe they should have paired him with Sean. The gay guy from season 2.

  7. I just started watching this season last week (I’m all caught up except for last night’s ep). Nick is kind of a weirdo, right? I can’t even believe he ever had a girlfriend before this show because he doesn’t talk, at all. He barely talked with his wife and you can tell his mom knows he’s a fragile little soul. I am happy for Sonia that she got away from him. She can do much better.

  8. this guy , nick, has serious issues…only comfortable with affection , with animals.., see slobberfest with dogs,
    he is disgusting.
    i would never be attracted to someone who lets a dog lick them on the face and mouth.. how could you even want to kiss him??

  9. I have thought from the very beginning that Nick is suppressing being gay and that he would,hurt Sonia badly
    He needs to be honest with himself about his desires and attractions before he can be in a happy relationship

  10. They should have paired Nick with Heather they deserve each other. To bad Derek didn’t get paired to Sonia at least they would have tried. Nick seems to enjoy his dogs more than his wife

  11. When I was seventeen I was working as a waitress in a roadside diner. One night, near the end of my shift, one of the customers who was on a long haul cross country driver asked me to marry him. I asked him if he was joking and he assured me he wasn’t. I had been doing lines of coke and drinking most of the day. I left that night with him and the next day we were married. That was fifteen years ago and now thirteen kids later, (three sets of twins). We are more in love than ever. Marrying the first stranger that asked me turned out to be the best decision I ever made. I can’t recommend this to everyone in every case, but it worked out wonderfully for me. The night he proposed seems like yesterday.

    1. I am so terrified that this isn’t a joke. Please tell me its a joke. PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD LET IT BE A JOKE.

  12. i think it’s pretty fair to say this theory has been discounted. the ‘social experiment’ does not work and the show needs to stop. unless they want to exclusively use actors and people in on it who just want to be on tv. i knew he wasn’t, figured he was doing her a favor because if he slept with her, the inevitable dumping would be worse for her. so there’s that small favor.

  13. I am sorry you don’t find her attractive. I think she is the hottest in this iteration of the show. I wish I were 30 years
    younger, because I would try like the dickens to get to meet her!!!!!

    Nick, you are a MORON!

  14. Heather and him should’ve been matched they’re both cold and judgmental. Clearly neither of them went into this fully ready for being married and didn’t take it seriously.

    Sonia is beautiful and it’s a shame she was matched with such an inconsiderate person.

  15. Shes gorgeous…and more so than that she has a beautiful fun personality and heart. I cannot for the life of me fathom how she would do this show…she seems much too normal for the reality tv world. And too smart for it too.

  16. I just feel really bad for her. That has to make her feel so embarrassed. No one likes overhearing that they aren’t attractive. What an ass. If he isn’t attracted to her, there’s still a kinder way to go about it.

  17. Woah! what a jackass. But then again this is what happens with blind marriage I guess, your ‘better half’ might just turn out to be a wanker.

    The show is still riding on the success of the first season (but I bet the social media ‘opportunities’ play a big role in keeping those couples together, not really much different than many people who stay together for financial reasons)

    Thank you for updating us on this show, I look forward to any spoilers? Although it will probably be tough to top the complete trainwreck that were the 2nd season couples and the insane amount of behind-the-scenes drama that turned out to be even more juicy than the show itself.

    Kids… don’t marry a stranger.

  18. People signing up to marry perfect strangers on national television always signals a sound mind and works out well.

  19. They have got to stop this show before someone gets seriously hurt. He’s been lying all this time she’s been saying she doesn’t think he’s attracted to her. Just get a divorce.

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