‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Amber Portwood Says She’s Considering Having Plastic Surgery

"People keep saying I could lose 200 more pounds by getting rid of Matt..."
“People keep saying I could lose 200 more pounds by getting rid of Matt…”

Amber Portwood may join the ranks of nearly every other Teen Mom franchise girl and go under the plastic surgeon’s knife!

The Teen Mom OG star revealed over the weekend that she is considering getting cosmetic surgery. She tweeted that she may be getting herself nipped and tucked in the near future.

“After losing weight I think it’s time to get my body back to where it should be,” Amber tweeted on Saturday. “Mommy makeover is on my mind. We’ll see..”

In January, Amber spoke to Cosmopolitan about her weight loss journey, which she started after her release from prison. The reality star stated that has lost about 35 pounds.

“What I had to do when I first got out [of prison] was focus on staying sober,” Amber told the magazine. “But I always wanted to lose weight and get healthy again. That was my next step. When I started to feel comfortable with my sobriety, I was like, ‘OK, now it’s time to go an extra step.’ That takes so much out of you that you really have to be dedicated and have the energy to do it. I’ve tried to transform my life into something new since I’ve been out.”

If Amber does go ahead with the surgery (someone call Dr. Miami!) this would be the first time to The Ashley‘s knowledge that she had cosmetic surgery. Of course, most of the other girls in the ‘Teen Mom’ franchise have had some sort of plastic surgery (including a few girls who have had procedures done but kept them on the down-low. The public has no idea about some of them!)

Most of the other girls, though, have been upfront about their cosmetic surgeries, with some of them even allowing them to be filmed for ‘Teen Mom!’ Farrah Abraham and Jenelle Evans allowed their breast enhancement surgeries to be part of a ‘Teen Mom’ episode, while Kail Lowry allowed her “Mommy Makeover” (which consisted of a tummy tuck and Brazilian butt lift) to be Snapchatted by her surgeon, Dr. Miami. Maci Bookout also had a boob job years ago, but she has never publicly admitted to it.

Amber did not state when she is considering having her plastic surgery, but perhaps she can ask Farrah’s father, Michael Abraham, to take care of her like he did for Farrah? (He probably won’t have to dodge packets of frozen peas, though, like he did when he took care of Farrah!)

UPDATE! Amber has revealed more details on the type of plastic surgery she’s considering.

“I’m never going to change my facial features or get fake lips etc this is just a thought right now,” she tweeted.

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  1. Hell yes Amber! Halleluja! You absolutely need surgery hun. You are right, your butt is awful and needs more volume. I would not wait another day to become a new you. Do it, go girl!

    For the rest of you: 90% of people have been telling her for two years now to get the hell away from Matt and it’s not working. I’m trying reverse psychology here.
    I don’t get why so many women want the big Kartrash as$ nowadays. You have to be very carefull when you bend over with one of those, before you know it, someone throws a saddle over your back.
    That’s really why Farrah was advised not to have her backdoor cushions done, she is so often mistaken for a camel as it is.

  2. Aww, I read the article title and thought, “she is finally getting those pill/wine goggles removed! That’s an intense procedure, but when she can finally see Smegma Mouth Sr. clearly, all the pain will be worth it!

    But nope! Sounds like Cheesy Poof wants some boobs and butt in his future. He’s already twisting her mind. Why not start in on her body? Go Matt! You big, nasty, crusty, stale, stank mouth havin’ stud muffin you!

    Ugh. Amber, you are being trolled so hard it’s starting to be funny that you’re so stupid you buy into his shit.
    Ah well, the good shows will be on soon. Your antics will do until then.

  3. Unless she is getting Matt removed, she doesn’t need surgery

  4. Nothing I hate more than 20 somethings wanting to get plastic surgery. ITS UNNECCESSARY. You’re fucking 26! How about trying to use some of that cash to pay all your deadbeat loser boyfriends child support?

  5. I am so sick of hearing “I am sober” “I am sober” and thinks that’s enough. She is acting like person of the year or that she is something special for what? Being a normal human being and not making destructive decisions? Get a job! Hardly any addicts get to say I am sober and then sit around and do nothing in their nice paid for homes and cars.

    1. I have been wondering what they mean by “sober?” Last few episodes nthey are always drinking beer at parties, dinners, etc. I at first thought, maybe it was non alcoholic beer or sparkling grape juice…..this past episode, it was definitily bud light.

  6. Jenelle's love of her life, wait no fiancé, wait no babydaddy, wait no ex, wait no guy she calls the cops on, wait no enemy! says:

    I am so sick of hearing “I am sober” “I am sober” and thinks that’s enough. She is acting like person of the year or that she is something special for what? Being a normal human being and not making destructive decisions? Get a job!

  7. I have to lol when I read comments on the Teen Mom Facebook page about how much Amber has “changed.” By doing what exactly? Sitting her lazy ass on the couch instead of on the bed? She hasn’t done shit! I’d give anything to have the money and resources to switch to working at my job part-time and go get an education! They don’t know how absolutely lucky they are, and not one of them is doing anything with said opportunity. Makes me sick.

    1. Id say she did change in the sense she is no longer a raging wonky eyebrowed little demon beating the shit out of Geary and getting high, so yea she has changed in that sense. I was really hoping she would have gone to school and at least got an education while the show was still on, but…Ambie is her own worse enemy it seems. Honestly, out of all of them from both shows, she’s the one Im rooting for. I just wish she would open her eyes and see that Matt is using her and isn’t a good man at all. Amber is going off of blind hurt from Geary having a baby and a family with Leah instead of taking her time to find herself and someone who REALLY does care about her and Leah.

  8. They are all trying to fit into the Hollywood/ Los Angeles plastic surgery culture, so when they go to the MTV awards they dont stick out like sore country bumpkins. THese ladies are seriously in for a rude awakening. They wont be invited to too many more MTV functions much longer because the show is not gonna continue on much longer. The show is boring and the kids are older and not cute little babies anymore. The audience are no longer teens but they are working/struggling adults now who resent the misrepresentation of Teen Mom lifestyles. When the show was first cancelled all the girls struggled financially, except Farrah who resorted to porn. These women were lucky they got a second chance but as we see they are being more careless than ever with this blessing.

    1. Oh it’s gonna be a huge eye opener when the show is officially done. The only one who will survive is Ferral because she is a famewhore and a porn star so now she has the title of being a villainous reality “star” on her resume, not to mention she has ADD when it comes to opening businesses. The rest of these people are going to sink. Amber is gonna be bled dry from Matt. C&T will be in some trailer somewhere while he delivers pizza and she sits on the couch biting her nails. Nova will be sneaking to get Brandon and Theresa’s number to please pick her up lol. Chinelle will be on her 9th soulmate and baby. So much in their future

  9. I’m tired of hearing her declare that she is sober. She is lazy. Her only job seems to be holding down the couch and occasionally spending time with Leah. She seems more like an older sister than a mother.

  10. Im Sick of hearing bout her and catelynns “depression/pill poppin” When they’re driving nice a$$ cars, buying houses…yet theyre always crying bout there lives…B*tch Please!! Live a struggling mom’s life, then whine!! ?

  11. It’s comforting to know that an average teen mother has money to buy a new home, a new car, pay her bf’s child support debt and on top of that can afford plastic surgery without having to work at all. Oh wait, no.

  12. I think the amounts of surgery each girl has really speaks to where their self esteem levels are. Plastic surgery is serious and mommy make over style surgeries usually involve multiple procedures. Makes me wonder if matt may have something to do with this decision…..
    Whatever makes them happy I guess.

    1. I think she looks great. I love this shade of blonde on her and her makeup looks good too. She looks less like Roseanne these days. She was a mess in the earlier seasons with that orange spray tan, half eyebrows, and shitty extensions.

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