‘Teen Mom’ Farrah Abraham Says Her Seven-Year-Old Daughter Will Hire & Fire Employees At Her Boutique

"You get to tell the employees when they can and can't use the Porta-Potties, Sophia!"
“You get to tell the employees when they can and can’t use the Porta-Potties, Sophia!”

You can’t even make this stuff up…

Farrah Abraham is quite the busy bee these days, managing multiple businesses (including her highly criticized yogurt shop). She’s also raising her daughter Sophia, and, of course, yelling at people on-camera on Teen Mom OG. Farrah recently announced that she will soon be opening Sophia Laurent Children’s Boutique, a children’s store in Lakeway, Texas. However, it seems that Sophia will play a much bigger role with the store than just being its namesake– she will also be the boss!

No, seriously…

While employees at Farrah’s yogurt shop are working for “one of the top celebrities in the nation” (according to Farrah), employees at the children’s boutique will be working for a seven-year-old.

“[Sophia] will be in charge of hiring, firing, picking the best products and clothing to order for the store,” Farrah told Radar Online. “Sophia said she may bring her dog Blue in with her while she works.”

A few weeks ago, Farrah seemed to confirm on Instagram that Sophia will actually be in charge of the boutique.

Boutique employees-- say hello to your new boss!
Boutique employees– say hello to your new boss!

“Seven years old and a boss #BossBaby more exciting news to come,” Farrah captioned a photo of Sophia standing in front of the boutique, which is currently under construction.

The boutique is set to open on November 11, but it already has a page on Yelp. It’s obvious that the same “top celebrity” who wrote the text featured on the website of Farrah’s yogurt shop also had a hand in writing the Yelp store description.

“Sophia Laurent was a born TV star now celebrity whom loves her community and saw a need to bring higher quality clothing lines, accessories and the most innovative new toys and educational games to the community,” the description reads.

This will be the third business that Farrah has opened. In addition to her yogurt shop and Sophia’s boutique, Farrah also runs a furniture store and service called Furnished by Farrah. On the side, she also hawks her romance novels and adult toy line. (If you are still in the market for a vibrating mold of Farrah’s hind quarters, you’re in luck because they’re still for sale!)

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  1. Yeahhh, this is going to work out just fine…….NOT! I understand that the Teen Mom franchise isn’t going to last forever and Farrah is going to need something to fall back on but I hate to say it- this store will not be it. I have a feeling that her store won’t be opened for very long. Farrah is obviously not all there in her head and has the mentality of less than that of a 13 year old; Farrah needs to realize and accept that! You don’t even have to know her personally to know that her & her family are ignorant quack’s…… including her demented daughter-who unfortunately inherited Farrah’s mental disability. The kid has been doomed since the minute she was conceived. Who the fuck allows their 7 year old to act and behave that way? Farrah, of course! That stupid, pathetic, annoying baby talk……Farrah can be thanked for that one because Farrah talks just like it when she speaks to Sophia. Farrah can be thanked for Sophia acting out like an ignorant bitch because farrah acts that way. The list goes on and on! Sophia isn’t going to have any values or moral’s in life because no, she hasn’t been taught any. I honestly don’t think Farrah knows how to be a good mother and I don’t think she cares to. From what has been shown on Teen Mom, it seems like Farrah tries to buy Sophia’s love…..it goes beyond spoiled. Giving Sophia $600+ for a tooth, letting her order multiple entrées off a menu at a restaurant (and Sophia not eating even half of it), opening a clothing store and letting Sophia be the boss…..etc. Clearly however, money can’t buy Sophia’s love nor happiness 100% because am I the only one who remembers the episode where Sophia was throwing a fit about “wanting to be with daddy Derek” and throwing a fit about “wanting to die and wanting to be dead”? The kid is fucked up and so is the rest of her fucked up family.

    But anyways, Sophia’s store will not last long…..at least not with Sophia in charge. The law will be on Farrah’s ass just as soon as something goes off in that kids rat-nest head of hers and she fires the wrong person for absolutely nothing other than she just done it just to do it. Another reason why that business is going to fail miserably, the store is supposed to be a store where other kids can look like Sophia the “celebrity”, right? Well who the fuck would waste their hard earned money to have their kid dressed like Sophia??? As much time as Farrah puts into her nasty self, why does she ALWAYS have Sophia looking like she came from one of the poorest homes in the United States? She always looks dingy, she damn sure isn’t fashionable and god forbid don’t get me started on her fucking hair. She looks terrible, always! So who exactly would want to shop at her store? Ohh and let’s not forget the educational toys!!!!……Once again, who would want to buy even their educational toys seeing as to how dumb Farrah and Sophia are?!?

    It’s a sad, sad, fucked up situation and life they are living.

  2. love her or hate her I give Farrah credit for her hustle. While she is riding the gravy train of teen mom unlike some of her costars I think she understands it has a shelf life, maybe one that no one ever expected, but at sometime, hopefully before it becomes teen grandma, it will end. Some of her costars are content with sitting on the couch thinking the show and checks will go on forever.

    1. The only problem is these businesses will likely lose money. She might be better off going to a real university (not the fake ones she went to) and learning proper grammar and how to spell, so she can be hired after the show is finished.

  3. Sophia could literally star in The Omen. She’s almost satanic. Now, I want to say, because I love children and have no interest in bashing one, that none of this is her fault. But God is she a terror. Like when she posted a picture of Simon sleeping and said he looked ‘ded’, it’s because Farrah drags her to dereks grave every year without talking to her or explaining anything! Who could forget one of the first times they went when Farrah sat next to his grave crying while Sophia toddled off into the distance. Farrah does what she wants when she wants and if somebody tells her no, she takes them out, and that’s what she’s teaching Sophia to do and that’s not how the real world works. When Sophia comes of age, nobodys going to give two shits who she is, her name will get her nowhere and she’s going to have to rely on her values which Farrah never took two seconds to teach her and she’s going to flop. Get over yourself Farrah. You can run from your problems all you want but all you’re doing is digging yourself deeper and hurting your daughter. I’d say do it for your daughter but that means nothing to you.

  4. This lady needs some serious help. The sad thing is her daughter loves this tormented life and will more than likely be just like Farrah. Sigh,..there should be laws.

  5. This will fail so miserably. Let us all laugh at dumbass fishlips when she fails. It is beyond feeling sorry for anyone at this point since she continues to make such awful decisions. Farrah is a bad person, mom, and hard to look at on TV. Even with a stylist and caked on make up she just looks awkward and disgusting. Putting all of my eggs in the “Fail” basket on this one. Farrah, just quit. Take whatever credit cards that you have that aren’t maxed out and move to Saudi Arabia and adopt an agrarian peasant lifestyle. You should probably take your dumbass mom too since she is incapable of caring for herself at this point…

  6. I am fairly certain the Dept of Labor/Child Labor Laws will have something to say about this. This is all hot air blowing out of Farrah’s over inflated ass lips.

  7. In that first pic Sophia looks like a ferral child that would rip your liver out and eat it raw. She gives off Children of the Corn vibes. She is definitely a kid I wouldn’t want my son playing with. This family reminds me of the family in The People Under the Stairs.

  8. Brush.Her.Hair. Just once in your life, Farrah. You spend probably 3 hours a day on your own hair and makeup, how can you let your daughter go around looking like a ragamuffin constantly?

  9. This is so wrong in so many ways. With it being Farrah, I immediately go hell no but if one of the other teen moms said they were going to open a kid’s clothing store and their child was going to have input on the type of clothes sold, it might be cute, like Bentley or Aubree. But being so insane to say your 7 year old is responsible for hiring and firing? That is completely mental. My son is 8 and I personally think he is brilliant but his hiring process would be “Who is your favorite Avenger? There is no wrong answer, they are all cool, you’re hired! Do you like animals? Yes- you’re hired, no -please leave the store”. Farrah just go back to selling your vagina molds, if anyone is even buying.

  10. Someone at Yelp has a sense of humor because two of the ads for other businesses I see when I visit the store’s page are for “Out Back Patio Furnishings” and “Urban Mattress.” I know it’s probably just part of the algorithm but seriously….

  11. The kid can barely put a sentence together at age 7. Somehow I’m thinking she can’t run a business either. And for the love of god Farrah brush that child’s hair!!!!

  12. “Whom loves her community” Jesus Christ. Use some of that money to take a goddamn English class Farrah!

    If only Sophia could fire her mother and hire a much more capable, responsible, and less vapid mother who ACTUALLY parents her. This poor child is going to be a monster and it’s partly Farrah’s fault but mostly MTV’s fault.

    1. I think it’s all Farrah’s fault, partly Debra and Michael’s fault. The majority of the TM kids seem like good kids and would be with or without MTV around because they all have some sort of stable influence in their lives, be it a parent, grandparent, etc. Bentley has two parents, who despite their massive flaws, do love him as well as two sets of stable grandparents. Leah has Gary and his mom. The jury is still out on Nova. Chelsea is a good mom with two parents who love Aubrey. Kail has her flaws, but she does love and care for her kids, and so do their fathers. Ali and Gracie have Cory and his family. Jace has Babs (although, he seems like he’s already troubled).

      But who does Sophia have raising her? Farrah has multiple mental health issues, including Borderline Personality Disorder, amongst other things. Debra’s is also completely unwell and Michael has no spine and just rolls over like a beaten dog to whatever all three of them want. Literally no one has Sophia’s best interests at heart and as a result, she’s a brat who is severely delayed.

      You could fault MTV for not doing anything to help her, but I highly doubt Farrah would be receptive and would probably start punching producers. They can’t call child services on her, as Sophia’s physical needs are being met and there’s no signs of physical or sexual abuse. There’s no way Sophia would be removed from Farrah’s care by the state as emotional neglect is hard to prove and make stick.

      The point I’m trying to make is that ultimately, as a parent, the shaping of Sophia’a personality lies solely on the shoulders of her caregivers.

      1. You are so spot on about the entire family “trying to raise that brat”. Never thought I’d say this about a child but she’s truly evil & her eyes look just like I imagine a devils would look – but as they say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!!! Farrah with her truly hateful personality & her God awful plastic surgery, her lips are so deformed she needs the Dr’s from Botched to deflate her huge beasts, her grossly horrid looking lips but what she needs is a dose of reality for her hateful insides. Nothing but vile spews from her mouth, how could a woman her age, in front of her daughter, put down her Mom, her Dad & Simon……..why do they put up with her nastiness & she’s teaching Sophia how to treat people. Give Sophia to the grandparents & LOCK FARRAH UP FOR BATTERING, BELITTLING & DOWN RIGHT LACK OF RESPECT FOR FELLOW HUMANS. LET HER FALL FLAT BROKE & FALL OVERDUE TO DISGRACE, BUT SADLY SHE WOULDN’T TOUCH WHAT SHE CALLS HER GORGEOUS LOOKS AS HER FACE WOULDN’T TOUCH THE FLOOR WITH THOSE MOUNTAINS OF IMPLANTS & LIPS BIGGER & SO GROTESTLY OVER SIZED SHE LOOKS LIKE THE STUPID WOMAN SHE IS!!!!! I think we should start a petition to MTV TO GET HER OFF THE SHOW – YOUNGER MOM’S OUT THERE COULD BE LEARNING TO PARENT PER FARRAH’S STYLE, JUST THINK OF HOW MANY SOPHIA’S ARE BEING MOLDED AS WE WRITE THESE PLEAS FOR HELP,,,,,,GET HER OFF TV & SIMON GROW A PAIR OF BALLS & TELL HER YOU NEVER EVER WANT TO SEE HER AGAIN!!!!!!

        1. Well Farrah actually DID go to the botched doctors for her lips, and they refused to work on her (and rightfully so), because they were afraid that if something didn’t go her way, she would go to the press and bash them….but she’s seriously raising an absolute TERROR with Sophia. You can already tell that girl has issues….the baby voice, the swatting people, the climbing all over Simon, the make up, just the sheer immaturity Sophia displays…she acts like she’s in her terrible 3’s and she’s 7!…The way that she’s being raised is borderline sick…Farrah called her a heathen and stupid on camera….I can only imagine what Farrah calls her when the cameras are off. That family is completely nuts…

        2. Goodness Kat, take a deep breath and calm down a bit. It’s just a reality star you’re talking about. Not worth the coronary you are working yourself into. The passion and hysteria of Teen Mom haters/fans is every bit as entertaining as the show itself.

  13. This is so wrong on so many levels. She’s a child, not an adult, let her be a child. She’s going to be one screwed up adult worse than her mother or grandmother. Debra’s not wrapped too tight either. And brush that kid’s hair for goodness sake!!!

      1. Don’t put too much stock in that….I mean he did CHOSE to date, have sex, and procreate with Farrah. She was almost as bad in high school as she is now

      2. Farrah had no interest in Derek until she realized she could turn him into another sympathy getting aspect of her story.

    1. That is just her still undamaged inside voice that screams ‘let me out, help me, I don’t want to be here!’

  14. That poor girl, I do wish someone or CPS could help her.
    It’s heartbreaking to see how this girl is being destroyed mentally. Come on, we all now how Farrah talks to people, she just isn’t doing it to Sophia on camera but what we do see isn’t healthy either.

    1. Right?

      I hope that community gives this delusional bitch the finger.

      On opening day, they should all gather, with large foam hands, sporting the middle finger.. maybe have someone there with a duckbill with red lips on them tied to their face in a sequin dress giving her the salute too. Really let her know what they think of her and her bullshit.

      What a joke.

  15. This gal is unbelievable & not in a good way” I feel so sorry for her little girl. I’m sure Farrah loves her but knows nothing about being a good Mother.

  16. Good lord this chick is delusional. Perhaps she should start using some of those “educational games” herself. The level of ignorance is insane. Hopefully she will make sure that creepy kid of hers gets more than a 9th grade education. It hurts my ears when Farrah speaks. She can barely form a sentence.

  17. Farrah just shouldn’t be a parent. Or relevant to anyone. She’s a monster and is raising her child to be an even bigger monster. Well, I don’t think she really raises Sophia, she probably has nannies for that.

  18. I can’t imagine anyone shopping there because Farrah is attached to it. Why would anyone want to work there, unless for a chance that MTV might shoot a scene there someday.

    Sophia in the top picture looks like red flames are ready to shoot from her eyes.

  19. It’s about time someone told Farrah what an ugly person she is on the outside she’s so gross looking a cow is more beautiful & on the inside she’s the nastiest person I’ve ever seen!!! She’s raising her ugly botch of a daughter to be exactly her double. Why Teen Mom keeps her on the show is something I’ll never understand But as long as they do I refuse to watch her segments I simply change the channel. GET RID OF HER & TAKE HER DAUGHTER AWAY BEFORE SHE BECOMES MORE OF A MONSTER THAN FARRAH’S MADE HER TO BE NOW!!!!! GET RID OF THEM BOTH.

    1. There are many, many reasons to hate Farrah, so don’t take your anger out on her innocent child. Calling her an “ugly bitch” is truly unnecessary.

      1. Exactly. No denying she is a spoiled kid, but I fear all this beauty shaming will have Farrah order some plastic surgery for her offspring in no time..

  20. Wow, what a professional. Eye roll. Stop giving your daughter so much responsibility. She’s fucking 7! Her life is going to be hard enough as it is. Let her be.

  21. Everytime I see Sophia act out and talk in that creepy baby voice I just get sad. That child is already truly messed up and has no hope in Farrah’s or Deborah’s care. Sad.

  22. Isn’t there some type of law against this, or should be at the very least? I can picture her evil little eyes staring an adult down and swatting at them like a 3 year old because they asked to take a lunch break. Please haunt Farrah for how she raised your daughter, Derrick. Please!!!

  23. If we were to keep it real, Sophia’s shirt should say,”You taco too much” and the taco should have a face…damn, I want a shirt that says that!

  24. Why the f*ck can’t this child be a child? She’s already an entitled spoiled brat because of her upbringing and this is adding fuel to the fire. Owning a store at 7? Hiring and firing people at 7? That’s not something grown people enjoy doing, why put a child in that situation? I hope mtv is setting up a fund for intensive therapy for her when she gets older because lord knows she’s gonna need it.

  25. Yeah and watch it go under in a few months for unfair labor practices. For goodness sakes let the kid be a kid and stop treating her like a mini adult. Or a little doll that she dresses up!

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