“16 and Pregnant” Season 4 Star Sarah Roberts Is Married! Get Exclusive Wedding Details

"We got hitched!"
“We got hitched!”

Wedding bells rang for 16 and Pregnant star Sarah Roberts last weekend!

Sarah, who starred on the fourth season of the MTV reality show, tied the knot with her longtime boyfriend, Justin Fine, on Saturday, in front of a small group of family and friends. The wedding took place at Belle Ambiance, an outdoor venue near Lookout Mountain in Georgia.

“Truly so blessed to spend my life with my very best friend,” Sarah wrote in the caption of wedding photo she posted on Instagram on Thursday. “It has been a long three years and we have been through so much but I believe it all led us where we were meant to be- right here, together forever.”

Sarah’s five-year-old daughter Tinleigh (who was born during her ’16 and Pregnant’ episode) served as a flowergirl, as did Tessly, Sarah’s two-year-old daughter with Justin. Sarah is currently pregnant with her third child, which is also a girl. Sarah tells The Ashley that he pregnancy did cause a slight hitch in her wedding plans.

“I had a different dress originally, but returned it when I found out I was pregnant,” she said. “The dress I wore was actually my favorite from the beginning though.”

Sarah tells The Ashley that she and Justin are currently honeymooning in North Carolina.

(Photo: Instagram)


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  1. LOL I knew Sarah would show up. Just ignore ’em girl, if you’re happy with him. You aren’t gonna change any minds with these attempts at pwnage.

  2. Yay! I always hoped Sarah would find the perfect person for her. She deserves all the happiness in the world! After how her ex treated her and Tinleigh, ugh. Also congrats on the new baby!

  3. Good for her!! At least she found someone who she loves and loves her back! People can rude about the stupidest stuff!

    1. This is such a Blake comment…. If y’all aren’t friends, you really should be. But I’ll have you know his penis is just fine ???

      1. Nasty. WTF is that emoji? Please don’t tell me you used the kissie emoji after that? The visuals are disturbing enough without it. Here, because someone had to:


    1. I know. So what if there’s a big age difference? As long as he’s a good man and they’re happy then no one should talk crap. My dad is 17 years older than my mom and they’ve been happily married for almost 30 years.

    1. Isn’t is great you’re not the one in a relationship with him? I’d much rather be with someone who treats me right than someone shitty but hey that clearly doesn’t matter to half the smartass people commenting on a situation they know nothing about ?

      1. Aren’t you on your honeymoon? Holy shit, the penis must not be that fine if you’re online responding to drama.

        Seriously, so many of these “Teen Mom” chicks are just trollin’ for that last 15 minutes of fame. Hate to break it to you, it’s going the way of your husband’s hairline..

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