Rob Kardashian Melts Down on Twitter: Tweets Out Sister Kylie Jenner’s Phone Number

{Insert evil laugh here}
{Insert evil laugh here}

The Ashley generally observes the “No Kardashain Story” rule on The Roundup but…she does make exceptions for stories having to do with meltdowns!

While many Americans were watching the presidential debate, Rob Kardashian decided to start a spar of his own. The reality star, who is expecting his first child with Blac Chyna, took to Twitter to rant about his family– and, of course, tweet his sister’s phone number to his over 6.6 million followers!  

After posting the number he claims to belong to his half sister, Kylie Jenner, Rob ensured his followers that his Twitter account was not comprised.

“I ain’t hacked either this is rob dog lol,” he tweeted before posting Kylie’s number yet again.

Twitter users immediately began calling the phone number, and several early callers showed proof that Kylie’s Instagram was connected to the number “Rob Dog” tweeted. (The Ashley has no idea if it actually was Kylie’s number, but it certainly isn’t now.)

Rob’s next tweet offered an explanation as to why he just blasted his sister’s private phone number to millions of people.

“Didn’t invite the Mother of my child to a baby shower you all were trying to throw for me?” he wrote. “You all must have lost your damn minds.”

Apparently Kylie & Co. “forgot” to include the mother-to-be on the guest list of the baby shower they are throwing for Rob.

Kylie has yet to respond to Rob’s tweets (most likely because she’s been busy changing her phone number!)

Rob and Blac Chyna are currently starring on their own reality show, Rob & Chyna.

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15 Responses

  1. I don’t blame him for being mad. Who throws a baby shower and leaves the mother out? A bunch of rude, stuck up, petty bi+©=es. That’s who. I don’t think that tweeting his sister’s phone number was an appropriate response, but at least he stood up for his child’s mother.

  2. I hate the K clan but I would love it if the Ashley did recaps of their show, just so the Ashley could make fun of them 🙂 🙂

  3. You all know that Blac Chyna only went after Rob because she wanted to get back at the Kardashians. No one knew who she was until she was Kylie’s boyfriend’s baby mama. Not surprised at all that she went for Rob. If Tyga and Kylie get married or have a kid; that kid and Tyga/Chyna kid will have to most confusing family arrangement ever. Thinking about it makes my head spin.

  4. Love,love,love the rob dog! A real man, a man who sticks up for his baby momma. There are so many losers in the world, but he is not amongst them. The man is a standalone pillar of fortitude for his sweet chyna.

  5. I get the feeling the K Klan are not to happy with the Jolie Pitt Split & the Presidential Election hogging all the attention

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