‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Amber Portwood Reveals Plans to Open Clothing Boutique

"Let's avoid doing any clothing with black and white stripes though, OK?"
“Let’s avoid doing any clothing with black and white stripes though, OK?”

Another day, another Teen Mom star with fashion aspirations!

Teen Mom OG star Amber Portwood announced yesterday that she is planning to delve into the fashion world by opening up her own clothing boutique. If you desire to wear clothing a la Portwood, you’re in luck because Ambie’s line will be hitting the Interwebs soon, with sizes for all body types.

“Happy to announce that my new clothing boutique is coming soon!” Amber tweeted on Sunday. “For all sizes petite to plus and we also ship internationally.”

She later told fans on Twitter that the clothes will run up to 3XL, and that it will be her own clothing designs.

“The name is still in the works,” Amber tweeted of her upcoming brand. She also mentioned that the clothing line will start as an online brand.

Amber is hardly the first ‘Teen Mom’ star to tackle the world of fashion. Her ex, Gary Shirley, was one of the first ‘Teen Mom’ stars to create his own clothing line. (Who could forget his classic ‘It’s Gary Time’ T-shirtsThe Ashley always felt that he missed the mark when naming his line. It should have been called ‘Wear by Gar.’)

In addition, Teen Mom 2 star Kail Lowry released a fashion line a few years ago, and Jeremy Calvert is about to launch his clothing lineMaci Bookout and her fiance Taylor McKinney run a T-shirt line that meets the needs of today’s fashionable, leather-pocketed-T-shirting-wear hipsters.

Surprisingly, Farrah Abraham has yet to explore the world of fashion. Farrah has hawked a lot of products during her time on TV– everything from books to perfume to vibrating vaginas (as you do). She has not yet released a “Farrah” clothing line, though. (This is probably a good thing, as all of her clothing would likely just have a giant photo of her own face on it.)

Anyway, Amber seems very excited about her new venture. In a tweet on Monday, she stated that she’s happy she didn’t take all of the money-making opportunities that have been thrown at her since she first appeared on MTV (like this!)

“Big changes coming soon! A new chapter of my life is here,” Amber wrote. “Good things happen if you don’t cheapen yourself by doing anything thrown at you.”

The Ashley will keep you posted on the progress of Amber’s clothing line! Meanwhile, The Ashley is still hoping for Barbara Evans to release a “Garb by Barb” fashion line!

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  1. Not that I look to her as a style icon by any means, but I can weirdly see this actually going mostly okay.
    She doesn’t wear anything too crazy most of the time and the extended sizes factor could be a draw if the clothes are decent.
    (When Fred Meyer started carrying Levis with the longer inseam I literally had to stop myself from skipping to the dressing room.)

    1. Ooh-idea: Gary revives his clothing lines, but sells nothing but replicas of his iconic “Belden Line Camp” t-shirt.
      Admit it.
      He’d make thousands.

        1. That made my day, thank you.
          The self-awareness necessary to do that cracks me up coming from a chola high grad, you know?

  2. Good for Amber! Sorry but I think people need to get over the whole Matt thing, it’s getting old reading the same comments judging Amber for that relationship. I think Amber deserves credit. She only has one child and is getting her life back together after being in jail. At least she seems to be using her money for a few good things that will last her beyond Teen Mom days.

  3. With her choices about Matt aside, I actually like Amber. I’m sure I’ll get tons of downvotes for that 🙂

      1. Like I said, I definitely wish she’d open her eyes about Matt. I also am super aware of the heavy editing that this show and these women get. I like her because she really has come quite far…you can physically see her thinking about staying calm and not getting angry when something upsets her. She has definitely changed big time from who she was. I don’t think she’s perfect by any stretch, but I sure know that I’m not either. I just think that of all the people on OG, Amber has some real potential. I wish she’d do something with the potential she’s got though…

    1. I don’t dislike her but she’s just very bland. I feel like she has no personality besides her being an ex drug addict and Matt’s sugar momma. I’m disappointed she didn’t try to move much closer to Leah so she can actually have a chance at being a “regular” mother figure in her life. Very suspicious to me.

      1. Amber chose Mooching Matt over her own daughter. I’m so glad that Leah has Gary’s wife as her mother figure. Gary made a smart move by denying Amber full custody.

  4. Bahahahaha amber having a clothing line. Is she gonna have a mountain of boxes in her living room so she can work from her couch? Maybe each piece will have a photo of each of her 15 pets lol

  5. Farrah may not be designing her own clothes but she is opening that boutique named for Sophia (and apparently run by Sophia as well!). I hope she doesn’t start designing her own either, for the same reason that The Ashley said. Who would buy a shirt with her face?!

    1. If Farrah does a clothing line, it will be for porn stars and strippers. I mean look at the shit she wears on TV, like that glitter jumpsuit?!

  6. How convenient it’s online so she can run it from her couch! Why do all these girls try to sell clothing?! She has no education she should focus on online college courses from her couch instead of boutiques.

    1. What do you think Taylor and Maci pay for those shirts? You can make a nice amount of money selling clothes. Especially when you don’t have a brick shop, staff, etc.
      You just know cussin Chrissie or someone else will be on speed dail to help pack so Ambie and Matt do not get too tired.

      Prediction: the prices in Sophia’s store will be (too) high.

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