’90 Day Fiance’ Season 4 Episode 4 Recap: Meeting the Family & Making Up Weird Rules

When you want to say something rude to your fiance but your mama's right there...
When you want to say something rude to your fiance but your mama’s right there…

Note from The Ashley: After a brief absence, Holly is back to recap some of our favorite TLC shows, starting with ’90 Day Fiancé!’

They say distance makes the heart grow fonder and the couples on the current season of TLC’s 90 Day Fiancé are hoping that this cliché is true. This season has had plenty of drama so far, what with age differences, lying to parents, and a man ashamed of his fiancé.

We start this episode out with Azan and Nicole. Azan is a 24-year-old from Morocco, while Nicole is 22 and from Florida. Nicole said she knows Azan really loves her even though he refuses to even hold her hand in public.

"All guys act like they can't stand their fiances...right?"
“All guys act like they can’t stand their fiances…right?”

Sure, Nicole. Sure.

Nicole has been in Morocco for five days and will soon meet Azan’s family. The “only” problem? Azan seems to be physically repulsed by Nicole, which may make it hard for them to eventually live in wedded bliss.

Meanwhile back in LA, Jorge’s family suspects that Jorge’s demanding Russian fiancé, Anfisa, is just using him for his money. (Um…what was your first hint, guys? Was it the over $70,000 that Jorge has spent on Anfisa over the course of their short relationship?)

"I'm sure you and my brother's wallet will be very happy together..."
“I’m sure you and my brother’s wallet will be very happy together…”

The whole gang goes to lunch so that Anfisa can meet Jorge’s sister for the first time. Anfisa says she wants to be a model and Jorge’s big sis isn’t having it. She basically tells Anfisa that posting slutty pics on the Instagram doesn’t exactly qualify you as a “model” in this country.

“I know that you have posted (provocative) pictures on Facebook and as a family we talk and wonder, is she using our brother?” Jorge’s sister says.

Anfisa assures her that she really does love Jorge…and his wallet.

In Florida, Chantel still hasn’t told her parents that Pedro is here on a fiancé visa. They still think he is here on a student visa.

Must be nice to be able to take exotic vacations on Mommy & Daddy's dime every time you get 'stressed!'
Must be nice to be able to take exotic vacations on Mommy & Daddy’s dime every time you get ‘stressed!’

The stress of lying to everyone is getting to Chantel, so she and Pedro jet off to Panama City for a vacation.

“I’ve never felt this way in my life and I wish my family could see that,” Chantel says.

Uh…then maybe you should tell them that you’re actually engaged to this dude? Just sayin’…

“I’m not ready for them to know that I’m engaged because I really want them to like Pedro first,” she says.

That, of course, makes no sense at all. This is ’90 Day Fiancé,’ though, so that’s basically just par for the course.

Finally, we check in with our final couple, Matt and Alla.  Matt’s friends and family are not convinced his Ukrainian bride-to-be is right for him either. They have concerns about the couple’s 13-year age difference, among other things.

Patrick knows his comment was brutal...but he's still damn proud of it!
Patrick knows his comment was brutal…but he’s still damn proud of it!

Matt’s friend, Patrick, doesn’t play. He walks right up to Alla and says, “So you must be Matt’s next wife?”

Awwww…kward…. (Patrick’s girlfriend did shoot him a well-deserved death stare for making that comment, though.)

Matt is still not home from work so Alla is left alone to entertain Matt’s friends. It’s very awkward. Matt finally arrives home and it’s still awkward. Patrick is really possessive of his friend Matt…to a point where it’s rather questionable and creepy.

"I'd appreciate it if the only crotch you twerk into from here on out is mine, OK?"
“I’d appreciate it if the only crotch you twerk into from here on out is mine, OK?”

In Florida, Chantel and Pedro are going out to “da club.” Unfortunately, Pedro isn’t ready to pop bottles, but Chantel is, so this causes problems for the couple. Chantel feels that Pedro is being a stick-in-the-mud, so naturally she decides that the best way to remedy the situation is to go dance with other dudes she finds in ‘da club.’ Pedro is not amused.

Meanwhile, in Los Angeles, Jorge is trying to explain to Anfisa why his family is so concerned about their relationship. He tells her they think she is a “mail order bride,” but she’s not bothered by the assumption. In fact, she sees nothing wrong with the practice.

Does anyone else agree that Jorge would make a good match for Nicole?
Does anyone else agree that Jorge would make a good match for Nicole?

Jorge, though, is convinced that he’s found true love with Anfisa.

“This is real,” he says. (He must be drinking the same denial-flavored Kool-Aid as Nicole is!)

Back in Morocco, Nicole is finally about to meet Azan’s family. The family seems happy to meet Nicole, but none of them speak English so Azan must translate.

Azan’s mother says in Arabic, “You’re welcome to us and you look pretty.”

His mother tells us that she doesn’t mind that her son is dating a random American chick.

“When I first learned that Azan has a relationship with a girl from the US, and he told me about her, I like her only from what he says about her,” Azan’s mother says. “Now that I meet her, I like her more.”

Now THAT'S a man in love, right there!
Now THAT’S a man in love, right there!


Nicole can’t believe her luck that she’s engaged to such a hottie. Azan meanwhile acts like he can barely stand her. Azan’s mother seems to like Nicole more than Azan does.

Azan decides it’s time to lay down some rules that will ensure that Nicole stays as far away from him as possible. He tells her that they can’t kiss until after they’re married, due to his country’s customs. How convenient for you, Azan.

Next week, we learn that Nicole hasn’t been faithful to her fiance. We will soon learn if Azan will forgive her, or finally bolt from this mess like it looks like he’s wanted to do all along!

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  1. Weird, weirdest thing I have watched in a long time. All these messed up folks should stop dating, & get counseling. If you are so desperate for love & companionship buy a dog.

  2. I actually don’t find anything wrong with Alla. She seems very open. Matt is a dufus! Who has a guest (from out of the country, no less) coming and don’t stock the frig with food for them? He knew Alla was bringing her son, and he didn’t have toys or anything prepared to welcome them. Then he immediately throws his pushy family and friends on to her. All of them are pretty rude, and they question her like Matt isn’t a grown man and can’t make his own decisions.

  3. Why the hell is Nicole spending 5 weeks with him? I hope to hell someone in that family or whatever it was that impregnated her claims abandonment against her and gets her daughter far as fk away from her.
    And to talk about the catching up with the previous couple devar and melanie, I would have left devar with his family and mailed him the annulment papers. I’m all about helping family but that bitch expected it. I would have lost my shit. I was losing my shit from my couch!

  4. I see another Danielle and Mohammed situation on the horizon. You can clearly tell Azan is repulsed by her but he’s putting up with it long enough to get that visa and he’ll be out the door. It’s a shame nicole is so naive and can’t see what he’s doing.

    1. Nicole could be Danielle’s daughter. She is so desperate and clingy that it turns men off. If I were her parents I’d sit the girl down and try and knock some sense in her. This will be another disaster like Danielle’s fraudulent marriage(?) If you wAnt to call it a marriage. Nicole’s daughter is adorable!! Don’t involve your child in this relationship Nicole. He won’t stick around long. Just ask Danielle how it’s affected her girls.

  5. I love this show, but these Americans give me such contact embarrassment and Nicole is the worst. At least Danielle respected Mo’s rules (even if for no reason other than fear that he would leave her if she didn’t). If you’re going to marry a man from a different country, of a different religion and with very different customs, rules, etc., probably you should figure them out before you leave your toddler to travel halfway across the world to spend 5 weeks in said country with said man and said customs. And even if you’re not smart enough to do that, when you learn them after arriving, you should probably respect those customs, rules, etc. as opposed to throwing temper tantrums about not being able to engage in constant PDA. It’s the epitome of the “ugly American.” What she represents is depressing on just about every level.

    1. Agreed, I cringe just thinking about how badly Americans come off overseas. People like Nicole kind of make us deserve it, and that sucks 🙁

  6. I seriously cannot fathom how naïve Nicole is…her fiancé has out right told her that it is not appropriate for the touching kissing and whatever in public and he can get in serious trouble for it, yet she blatantly ignores him and does it anyways. Girl needs to respect the culture of the man she wants to marry. She acts like she’s 14 not adult age.

    1. I seriously worry about the consequences of getting caught doing PDA in a Muslim country! This girl has no idea what’s she’s getting herself into…

  7. Coming from a North African country myself Azan is correct, no kissing or touching in public even after marriage. Even after marriage you do not do so in front of others even in your own home.

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