A Couple Considered for ‘Married At First Sight’ Season 4 Has Found True Love Off-Camera

Quinton and Brandi when they appeared on 'Married at First Sight' as a potential match...
Quinton and Brandi when they appeared on ‘Married at First Sight’ as a potential match…

Quinton Strother and Brandi Broughton didn’t get the made-for-TV Married at First Sight wedding–but they did get a pretty awesome love story thanks to the show’s experts.

In a new interview with People, the couple revealed that they were almost cast for the show’s fourth season (which is airing now). Quinton and Brandi were discussed as a possible match by the show’s experts during an early episode, but were not officially matched and married due to Quinton being unable to stay in Miami, due to his job.

Quinton watched the episode in which he and Brandi were discussed as a match, and after hearing the experts talk about how good they would have been together, he decided to look Brandi up on his own. It turns out, the ‘Married at First Experts’ were right– the couple has been going strong for several months.

“Every time we’re together, it solidifies my faith in the experiment and my feelings for him,” Brandi told People. “I’m so grateful to the experts and to the entire ‘MAFS’ community for believing in us and constantly rooting for love.

“Soulmates don’t always cross your path,” she added. “Sometimes you need a little help from your friends!”

In a recent Facebook post, Quinton discussed his love for Brandi.

“Since the first time I saw your face on the television screen to just the other day we were eating Harold’s at my best friend’s grandma house in Chicago, you never cease to amaze me,” he wrote. “Although us meeting can be viewed as non traditional, WE know that God has worked and prepped us. I can’t wait to show the world our journey.”

While Quinton and Brandi are a success, the couples who were matched and married for ‘Married at First Sight’ Season 4 aren’t doing as well. One couple– Heather Seidel and Derek Schwartz— only made it two weeks before deciding to split. Sonia Granadas and Nick Pendergrast have also come very close to breaking up, although they are still together on the show.

Watch the scene in which Quinton and Brandi are discussed as a potential match:

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  1. This leads me to believe that if the couples were just matched so they could date the show would have a completely different outcome. The marriage aspect of the show is just for shock value but it never really works.

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