Watch the Dramatic New ‘Teen Mom OG’ Midseason Trailer: Maci Gives Birth & Matt’s Son Shows Up

"You're my last one...and I mean it this time!"
“You’re my last one…and I mean it this time!”

If you think this season of Teen Mom OG has been wild so far– you haven’t seen anything yet!

MTV released a mid-season trailer that shows all the drama, arguments and meltdowns still to come in the season’s remaining episodes. The one-minute supertease clip also introduces us to a few new faces, including Maci‘s son Maverick and Matt‘s son Chris. (‘Member when The Ashley broke the news that Chris was living with Matt and Amber and stated that Chris would likely find his way onto an episode of ‘Teen Mom OG?’ Well…here he is!)

Since The Ashley realizes that many of you Roundupers are not able to watch the clip, due to being in countries outside the United States, so she will do her best to describe what the clip contains.

The trailer starts with clips from Maci’s hospital room, where Maci has just given to her third child. Maci’s fiance Taylor, as well as her son Bentley, are shown anxiously awaiting the baby’s birth. We also get to see clips of Maci’s bridal shower, which happened last month.


Next we see Amber stressing because she feels that “everybody hates” her again. She’s presumably upset that Matt is not very popular with the show’s fans.

“I just want us to be left alone!” Amber wails.

Um…then it’s probably a good idea to get yourself off of a TV show, Amb!

Later, Matt and Amber learn about a rumor going around about them that states that Amber had miscarried a baby. She seems surprised by the claim.

"I picked a great time to come back into my dad's life-- he's got a jacuzzi tub now!"
“I picked a great time to come back into my dad’s life– he’s got a jacuzzi tub now!”

We also get our first glimpse of Chris Baier, Matt’s formerly abandoned son who is now in trouble (as The Ashley told you). Matt suggests that he and Amber open their home to Chris, who has admitted to using drugs. This new living arrangement seems to make Gary understandably worried, as his daughter Leah will be living in the same house as Chris some of the time.

After that, we see Farrah screaming and jamming her finger into her mother Debra‘s freshly peeled face.

Another day, another person berated by Farrah...
Another day, another person berated by Farrah…

“I don’t f**king care about you!” Farrah tells her mother, who is standing there with a classic dead-behind-the-eyes look. “Just like right now you’re calling me liar but f**k it, that f**king happened!” (We do not yet know what Farrah is so upset about…this time.)

Farrah also screams at her boyfriend-thing Simon.

Things are not well in the Baltierra household...
Things are not well in the Baltierra household…

Lastly, we see a scene featuring Catelynn and Tyler discussing what Tyler says is “the hardest year we’ve had in a long time.” Catelynn appears to still be struggling with her mental health issues, despite having returned from rehab.

“I feel like my mental illness ruins everything,” Catelynn tells her husband.

Later she makes a startling statement.

“It’s like life would be so much better if I wasn’t around,” she says.

"Can y'all believe my Daddy is wantin' me to get a job?! I'm only 27!"
“Can y’all believe my Daddy is wantin’ me to get a job?! I’m only 27!”

Finally, we see that Ryan‘s parents are fed up with Ryan’s behavior. Ryan’s father, Larry, is particularly disgusted by his son.

“My dad…he’s just a dick,” Ryan mumbles to the camera.

“I’m done with him,” Larry tells Ryan’s mother, Jen. “I’m tired of that blood-sucking leech!”

Watch the dramatic trailer below:

(Photos: MTV)

73 Responses

  1. Jen and Larry are awesome. Have always loved their ‘no bull sh*t’ parenting. Ryan’s genes must be recessive, obviously from a ‘blood sucking leech’ of an ancestor!

  2. Isn’t Tyler starting to look as disheveled as Catelynn? And always high? Crazy that Butch and April are looking more cleaned up than them nowadays!

  3. Catelynn works on my nerves, I understand she has ‘mental illness’ but it doesn’t help just laying on a couch all day or making dramatic statements like her life would be better if she wasn’t in it (which doesn’t even make sense). I get that she says she doesn’t have energy etc but get help. You think smoking weed and seeing that idiot therapist will help? NO. Do something for yourself, stop being a sad sack.

    1. Preach! That therapist just coddles her! NO ONE around Catelynn is giving her the tough love that she needs, although I think a week alone with Tyler’s mom would straighten her out…

  4. Their situations are pathetic. Would be so much worse without MTV PAY, TABLOID PAY, And 0″personal appearances”.

    All coming to an abrupt end.

    They will all be welfare queens.

    No question about it !

    1. Catelynn is beyond unstable and Tyler doesn’t want to be there.. they are not motivated to do ANYTHING except sit on that couch all day

  5. I think this season proves they really did not need to bring Farrah back…she has brought nothing to the show but a few ugly cry faces and those have gotten old.

    1. I loathe Farrah. I do. She is the poorest excuse of a mother that I have ever seen. What she does on her own time is her business but I am shaking my finger at MTV for putting her back on for ratings. It’s getting to the point where I mute her and skip through her segment.
      Her face contorts in a funky fashion when she cries where its almost comical and Simon is in it for the cash because no human being in their right mind would put up with that. And lastly, I am not worried about Farrah’s future..with all that silicone being pumped into her body? Well its going to eventually cause her to melt on a hot day-Vanity will get her.

  6. I feel that Tyler is contributing to His wife’s illness. The reason I say that is because he is constantly instilling in her mind that she needs help, she needs Therapy she needs this, she needs that…he is partly driving her mad on top of her depression based on what I see show by show. He relies on everyone to talk the normal into the family, to fix all their problems and has lost the ability to fix them on his own. Yes Caitlyn has emotional problems and while the issues need attention, she needs his support. Its as if he is constantly taking the smallest issues and blowing them out of proportion. She stood by him through all of his mood swings and anger issues and such and she never waivered in her love for him. She needs him now and he says I cant do this forever? Remember your Vows Tyler and act like a man. Start working-start being supportive-be a better spouse. They had planned to go to college and have Careers..I hope to see it happen.

        1. I did too but I guess it made sense that he was older because he worked overnight when they were expecting Bentley but yes I never knew they had such an age gap and that he was that much older than her.

    1. I Think Ryan was born in january 1989 and Maci was born in august 1991. So Ryan will be 28 soon and Maci recently turned 25 🙂

  7. 1.) I’m so sick of Amber crying and moaning about how it’s not fair people judge Matt. If you’re the only person on the ENTIRE PLANET that think’s he’s a good guy, then guess what Ambo?? HE IS NOT A GOOD GUY.

    2.) I can already tell I’m going to hate Matt’s son. He looks too much like his father and I hate Matt’s face. Plus this kid screams moocher.

    3.) Really Amber? You’re going to have a house full of recovering addicts and think it’s ok to have Leah around that? REALLY?!

    4.) Poor Jen and Larry, they’re at their wits end with Ryan. I’m still not sure why Ryan lives at home when he has those checks from MTV…he cant be spending them since he lives at home with his parents…

    5.) Tyler needs to support his wife. You can tell Catelynn is truly going through something serious and he needs to realize that there is no over night fix, no 30 day cure for real depression. Saying that he cant do this forever…what you didn’t take your vows seriously?? Through sickness and in health Tyler.

    6.) I am so over the Farrah and Simon saga…you can tell that his contract is almost up and he’s so over the drama

  8. Whao, Larry, finally! I’m sure he feels bad about his filmed eruption of frustration but I fully understand it.
    I suspect they haven’t set him an ultimatum yet because of Bentley but he needs to treat his parents with respect or move out. And he needs to grow up pronto, he’s still acting like an arrogant brat.

  9. Did I miss something about Ryan? Last season they made it look like he was finally starting to get it together. From that trailer, it looks like he’s still an ass.

    1. He’s the Cat Killer now. He’s an ass extraordinaire. He is a sentient ass functioning just barely enough to be recognized as sentient.

      I’d even go so far as to say he reminds me of Chet after Lisa turned him into a pile of talking poo in “Weird Science”

      Ryan has gone to the dark and truly phucked up side.

  10. Yikes. The crap that goes on with these people is insane. Amber definitely needs to get off tv if she wants people to leave her alone. Everyone with even half a brain knows that Matt is only using her. Look at the things he has done. Hit up all the other teen moms before her because he is a predator con man in my opinion. He knew Amber and the rest had low self esteem. He studied the show and contacted them. He groomed Amber into letting him in her life just like pedophiles do. It is really scary. I think Gary is a useless blob but I don’t blame him for not wanting his daughter around Matt or his son. The son is using Amber too. And I am sure Matt methodically set that up. Which is sick. Amber needs to now get rid of both of them as soon as possible. They are garbage and only wanting a free ride and maybe some extra money from MTV. It is obvious and it is disgusting. She needs help. Farrah is a disgusting human being. She is dirty and gross and has no respect for herself or anyone else including her monster of a daughter. Her parents yes her to death and I can’t figure out why. Either they are getting money for her or just want some type of creepy “fame” from being on this show. The show at this point is doing more harm than good for these girls. Caitlyn has mental issues which is obvious and she needs to get help for them. She needs a new therapist. The one she has is not helping. If she would go out and get a job and have something to do every day, that would do a lot for her mental health. Her kid seems to always be with someone else so she has the time. Her and Tyler both need to get regular jobs, go to school and stop sitting on their asses with nothing to do. It isn’t healthy. I would be willing to bet 99 percent of her mental health issues would go away if she did that. All of them need to go back to school and get an education. The worse one is Farrah. She has the vocabulary of a 3rd grader and she is emotionally stunted as a middle schooler. If she went back to school and got an education she wouldn’t have to sell her glory hole for money! These women are a mess and the men aren’t much better. Ryan is a 27 year old baby who needs to be kicked out of his parents home. Living at home at 27 is not normal. How any girl would ever want to date him is beyond me. Hopefully Maci got her tubes tied because enough is enough. If she hasn’t learned by now how not to get pregnant, she is dumber than she looks! This show has ran its course and has now just become harmful.

    1. Living at home at 27 is okay if you’re in college or struggling with money… Ryan is doing neither… It’s crazy (and he looks so old? when did this happen?)

    2. I agree about Catelyn’s therapist… Incidentally, I am a therapist in Michigan and I cringe every time her therapist comes on. I feel that she very badly misrepresents us. She is unprofessional-looking and acting, and the techniques/”insight” she tries to work on with Catelyn is less than grad-school-caliber stuff. It’s like Psych 101 skills being poorly applied and painful to watch.

  11. Leah is just that girl right now, the one you are friends with but can’t hang out with anymore because of her shitty boyfriend. She needs time to teach her a lesson. Doesn’t make her a shitty person but time and this footage will definetely help her figure it out… Hopefully ?

      1. Understandable mistake, I have to think about Leah too, when I think about Amber’s poor decisions.
        Hate to crush your hope but this footage won’t help. She is too far in. Something really big&bad has to happen before she is able to let it go. Unfortunately, it will happen.

    1. I agree. I hope that watching footage opens her eyes, but they’ve been together almost 2 years and she still hasn’t seen the light…plus Amber’s track record with men is AWFUL…If she got rid of him, I’m afraid to see what she would come up with next. A few years ago she was with a sex offender. Some of the girls in this franchise’s self worth is pretty much non existent. You have a porn star and a felon, delusional addicts, etc….just a mess

  12. The trailer seems way better than what we’ve been watching. It’s usually not nearly as interesting as they try to make it seem.

  13. Over the last couple years I’ve had my own struggles that make me really start to feel for Cait.

    Mental illness is a beast that’s complex and tends to be different for everyone. I have been able to hold down a job (thanks to a VERY patient manager) but simple stuff like showering and eating were damn near impossible most days. I know it sounds utterly insane if you’ve never felt that sluggish dead exhausted feeling but yet pure hatred for yourself and your current way of life, but it’s probably easily one of the worst feelings I’ve gone thru.

    She’s not in a good environment that would even promote her to want to truly get help. Going to rehab, popping pills, doing therapy, will do absolutely nothing more than act as a bandaid if you truly will not see that you need to help yourself fix it. She’s self medicating, no matter what benefits may be out there for cannabis if you’re as ill as she is you NEED a professional watching over the substances you take. What works for one person doesn’t always work for another. I personally owe my life to my medication, but even if you’re not a fan of medication there are still many other tactics you can learn to try to control this stuff. You also need a partner or friend who’s willing to drag you out and go for walks or make healthy meals with you or just give you some sort of encouragement that you’re not alone; I don’t think Cait has that.

    I’m afraid for Cait. She’s surrounded by an emotional abuser and enablers and I hope she realizes it before it gets worse.

    1. Oh my heart dropped when Cait said life would be better without her around. People can say what they will about her, but she needs help. I feel for her.

    1. I just have a hard time believing get it is all mental illness!!!

      These two asshats has been doing good the same shit for 8 years!!! Sitting on the couch, talking shit, Eating shit, smoking pot.

      She seems like just a typical loser and not a mentally ill person……

      1. You wouldn’t believe what a mental illness does to you. It saps your confidence and motivation to get well. I don’t know about Tyler but Caitlyn I can really believe her struggle and I hope she gets well soon because she seems like she has amazing potential and God love her.

      2. Then you never lived with a mental illness… I can tell you, you feel exhausted 24/7 and figuring out it’s depression is hard. People like you saying she’s being a ‘typical loser’ doesn’t help either…

        I’m not saying she’s doing a great job, but her environment isn’t really helping her either (Tyler, her mom, …). It is hard to seek help, I know from experience, and she tried, but sadly it wasn’t enough. Let’s just hope she continues. (I do totally agree it’s been 8 years and that isn’t okay, but anxiety disorders can do more damage than you think)

        Sorry for any mistakes, English isn’t my first language 🙂

    2. Look, mental illness is real and no joke, especially if you are afflicted. You can’t “just deal” with it and get on with your life. Medication and therapy are first steps to the recovery road.

      I really do feel for her though…kid at 16, crushing adoption guilt, screwball mom, mom’s convict/screwball boyfriend, stunted bf, no education, no skills…so much sh*t has been stacked against her…pot, weight gain, weigh loss, all the animals (…what is with all the pets these people need, all of them … someone needs to weigh in why the whole cast needs to accumulate all these couch pets)

      That being said this MTV gig is a trap for all these people and if you do suffer from any type of mental or emotional issues, or lack of any real skills the free time, money and fame allow it to continue. This doesn’t fly in the real whole half the time.

  14. Ryan’s parents seem loving towards him but super duper enablers. Why does Ryan still live at home? He’s made good money from the show. He could go to school or get a job and live off his mtv money for now in a 2 bedroom place. If my son were still with me at that age, If have to know what his plans are. Are you in school? Are you gonna work and move out?

    Amber just is gonna have to learn the hard way, which she will unfortunately.

    Nothing to say regarding Maci other than she should start appreciating Taylor more than she does.

    It’s anyone’s guess what Ferral is squawking about this time.

    Cate is just lazy and unmotivated. I like her Tyler’s mom puts on her blasts and says she looked like she was high since leaving rehab.

    1. I don’t think what you said about Catelynn was fair. Women that have postpartum depression go through a lot. It’s an ongoing struggle that she will have to face.

      1. My first one took well over a year, second PPD took about a year.
        You are not cured when you get home, you are well enough to be home.

      2. It just seems so put on for a show to me. “Look nothing exciting going on for the cameras, lets make catelynn depressed”

        1. Catelyn has many reasons to be depressed. I buy it. Tyler’s issues with her appearance. Tyler’s attitude. Tyler’s selfishness. Tyler’s rage. Tyler ruining her relationship with B&T which may lead to her loosing contact with Carly too. Tyler’s mom. etc etc.

          1. I agree! I posted above about Tyler’s attitude. He sends everyone he knows to rehab, therapy and is quick to slam his wife on every last thing she does..some of which is just normal day to day stuff. He freaks out over small details and blows everything out of proportion. Man, I would be depressed too if everything I did was looked at with scrutiny by my husband. He is a big baby…always running to his mama or therapist. GROW up Tyler!

  15. Ryan looks like a Charles Manson follower. I don’t know what he’s been strung out on for the past 11 years, but he looks crazy.
    Maci has wanted to be married for so long that it’s just kind of sad. All of these girls’ biggest ambition is to get married. None of them except Maci’s dude and Farrah (of all people) ever talk about work.
    Maybe they wouldn’t be so depressed and miserable if they got up, showered, put on clothes and left their houses for 8 hours a day to earn a pay check. Sitting in a house with no routine will make you lose your shit. All of these people are losing their shit.

    1. Wasn’t there a point in time where Maci wondered if Ryan was on drugs? I sorta remember something about that. He’s always sleepy, yawning, or eating lol. Idk what Ryan’s deal is.

    2. ITA agree with Ryan being strung on on something!! He’s higher than a kite and has been for years. Actually a lazy unmotivated pos. way too much time on his hands. How do you not work and try to make a life for your son? Time to go to rehab and grow up. Put your big boy pants on and move out of your parents house!! I feel bad for Jen but she and both Larry created that monster…

  16. Matt and Amber must really think people are idiots. Matt wouldn’t have reached out to Chris if it wasn’t for that interview Chris gave that basically confirmed what everyone already knew…..that Matt is a piece of shit and a lousy father. Nice try, Matt but no one is buying that you all of a sudden want to be a good father. You want to put on a show to try and make it look like you are a good day now. It’s about 25 years too late for that, dude. Your son is a grown man along with half a dozen of your other kids.

    On another note…Go Papa Larry!! Finally he tells his almost 30 year old son to grow up!

    1. Not to mention that Chris looks JUST like Matt! I had to look at the picture several times, I was in such shock! How can you even deny that’s your son?

      1. unfortunately for him…he’s a spitting image of his father. Plus it seems like he has no problem abandoning pregnant girlfriends either. Like father like son…as if the world needs a bunch of mini Matt’s running around. UGH!

    2. What we are seeing with this whole Matt and Chris scenario is a little thing I like to refer to as “Damage Control” 🙂

    1. I feel like there must be something we don’t know about Ryan. Like maybe he has some type of disability that affects him being able to get a real job. Or maybe he suffers from mental illness. There has to be a reason why they put up with him living at home with no job and no goals. They seem like smart parents who want the best for him – I can’t imagine that they would just enable him for this long.

    2. Jen and Larry are definitely the kind of people that others can advantage of because of their kind nature. Jen and Larry obviously just showered Ryan with love and comfort his whole life and didn’t kick him in the ass when they needed to.

      1. I think he’s lazy but I can’t help but feel his irritation towards having to deal with how much his parents are up Maci’s butt. You’d think it would motivate him to want to get out and do well with himself watching Maci never stay single, having multiple children that he sees his parents watch while she lives life, buying huge homes, etc. You’d think Maci was their child not Ryan. But honestly I feel like there is a possibility Ryan is allowed there to hopefully try to rekindle him getting with Maci. You know they’d love that and the awkward tension is still there.

  17. Amber no one hates you – people are trying to point out the fact that Matt is NO GOOD!! But you can’t see through it cause your still hung up on Gary and you chose a poor substitute. If Matt wasn’t getting a free ride from you and MTV all you’d see of him would be as# and elbows.

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