‘Teen Mom’ Maci Bookout Says She’s The Perfect Match for Her Ex Ryan Edwards

"Ryan blew it, y'all!"
“Ryan blew it, y’all!”

File Under: Awkward!

Between the sexual tension and the comments made by both Maci Bookout and Ryan Edwards during the current season of Teen Mom OG, it’s no surprise that viewers have noticed that there is still some love/hate chemistry between the exes.

In a new video interview, Maci seems to confirm this, stating that she thinks Ryan needs to get himself a girlfriend…who’s just like her. 

“Ryan’s perfect match would be–this is going to sound ridiculous– someone exactly like me but maybe not such a hard ass,” Maci says. “Like someone who is willing to put up with a little more of his s**t than I was willing to put up with.”

Ryan and Maci were once engaged but after the birth of their son Bentley in October 2008, their relationship fell apart. Although the exes have been fighting on ‘Teen Mom’ for years, Maci obviously still cares about Ryan, despite the fact that she seems very content with how her love life is going these days.

“I’ve been lucky enough to find [my fiance] Taylor [McKinney] and for us to be building a life together,” Maci said. “Sometimes I do worry about Ryan and if he’ll find happiness or find someone that completes him. In my honest opinion, I think Ryan has to learn to love himself first.”

Watch Maci’s interview below:

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  1. Maci, get over yourself. No self esteem issues there. Maybe it’s being in Farrah’s vicinity. Best of luck Taylor. You are going to need it! Ryan is a douche that doesn’t deserve a backward glance.Killing animals? No one I want to be around. He Definately needs help. His father has tried, bless his heart. A beer buddy who you have gotten pregnant twice by does not make true love. Just babies with serious mental and physical health issues.

  2. Serious question: which of the 16 and pregnant girls do we think got pregnant on purpose?

    I genuinely believe maci has- multiple times.

      1. I’ve always suspected Chelsea. She probably thought Adam would stick around if she got pregnant.

        You think Amber? Maybe she felt a child would help fill the love void in her life?

      2. I can totally see Chelsea getting pregnant on purpose…she was so in love with Adumb for so long. The only one that I think was a definite accident was Leah, because she was so obsessed with Robbie and Corey was the rebound. That entire episode you could tell she wished those were Robbie’s babies and not Coreys….she treated Corey like the scum of the earth.

  3. When Maci decides to pull a ‘Runaway bride’, which is getting more and more thinkable, she’s in luck. She’s already on a high horse. Hiiiiihaa, common boy, run!

  4. Am I the only one who thinks it is a little wierd that Maci and Taylor are getting married on what was supposed to be Ryan and Maci’s wedding day? On the first episode of season one of Teen Mom Ryan and Maci were supposed to get married October 3rd.

  5. As soon as Ryan said “You’ll have 3 kids and still look good” Maci was back. EVER SINCE THEN maci has been peeling back from taylor. She got so irritated when the idea of ryan being invited to the wedding was brought up. “Why wouldn’t he be invited?”…because it’s high time you got over your ex and his family? It’s great that they all have a good relationship for Bently but…when’s the last time we saw maci hanging out at Taylor’s parents house…now the last time we saw her at jen and Larry’s? Maci listen, get you and ryan in some therapy, because you clearly still love him, and he has some interest in you, you guys almost got back together before you got with taylor. Tell ryan how you feel but that you can’t be with him if he doesn’t step up. I like Taylor but don’t marry him to have the “perfect family”, because it’s not going to work out.

    1. This further confirms that Maci is not over Rhine and is only marrying Taylor because A) She got pregnant by him twice, B) Like most women this age, she feels marriage is the next logical step, and C) Rhine never stepped up like she hoped he would have after all of this time. It’s so true when you said she is never with his family but it could be because they don’t want to be filmed. I just have a feeling both Taylor and Maci are settling for each other. He is marrying her because she backed him against a wall and she wants to marry him because she has two of his kids. I give Maci and Taylor’s marriage less than 3 years.

      1. If they didn’t go on to film Teen Mom, I reckon Maci and Rhine would’ve had a shot. He hated filming. Still does. But they clearly still have chemistry.

      1. Yes, he is. How did he meet Maci and what did he do for work before moving to TN? Also, what is his job now? They were saying they had full time jobs and I was looking for them like ? lol

        1. I don’t remember how him and Maci meet but I think he was some kind of motor cross/bike dude. NO idea what his “job” is supposed to be now. Interesting that, how vague it all is. Idk. Tyler and Catelynn don’t even pretend to be working…they’re all losers with money. I’m not sure anyone besides Farrah will be financially successful after teen mom.

  6. Had Ryan not been a complete and total douche bag while they were together, they probably would be married today, Jen and Larry would have more grandkids and Ryan would be outta their house lol…but it didn’t happen that way. She’s lucky she found Taylor…a lot of guys would not be ok with her and Ryan’s “relationship”!

  7. It sure sounds like miss bookout is marrying the wrong guy! Just sayin, makes me really ponder who Mavericks baby daddy is…taylor should be beyond pissed off by that interview!! Meanwhile ryan is probably looking for cats to kill!! Lazy pos, non working, ungrateful man-boy..

  8. Maci still wants Rhine. Rhine still wants Maci. Plot twist! Baby Mav is actually Rhines son! He’s the result of a Leah/Corey style “back of the truck hook up” and Maci just told Taylor that she was late home because Rhine was late again. And then ironically Maci was late. Very late.

  9. Hmmm a little full of yourself?! Thats just weird why would you say that stuff about your ex when you are about to get married with your other baby daddy? Her tone seemed to be: Taylor will do but Ryan is my true love. She is turning into a Jerry Springer episode.

  10. I think Ryan is still in love with Maci. And it’s time Ryan did something with his life. It’s long past the time he decides what he wants to be when he grows up. Go to community college or trade school or something. He lives with his parents & apparently doesn’t work. So I imagine he could still live with his parents while he went to school. I know Maci has 2 kids with Taylor, but I WOULD like to see her & Ryan get back together. Someone else mentioned Taylor’s drinking. He DOES seem to always have a beer bottle in his hand. And what does HE do for a living? Where did the seed money come from for that T-shirt business? Seems Mac I does most of the work associated with it. And that beard…UGH! Gross!

    1. Uhm, are we watching the same show? Ryan was never in love with Maci, his parents pressured him to stay with her after he knocked her up.

      1. that was HILARIOUS when Ryan asked her if Kyle was slow…HILARIOUS…but now Kyle has his own kids and I think he’s either engaged or just got married

  11. Maci, girl, I’ve been where you are. You still love Ryan. Deep down Im sure she wishes it worked out. I have been there. This is another reason why I only give Maci and Taylor a few years.

  12. Maci needs to be honest with herself and her finance…..she still loves Ryan. No matter how many babies she has with other men, she still loves Ryan. As hard as she begged him to marry her and he wouldn’t budge that girl still loves him. He’s one man she couldn’t control. She’s a manipulator

  13. She’s so very much been coming off self righteous. Aside from Catelyn, who’s beating herself up, the rest of these girls seem to think they’re a special gift to the world that people need to learn from. …. just no …. all you guys did was be promiscuous and foolish/naive. When my girls grow up these ladies will be an example of who not to end up like

  14. She obviously thinks very highly of herself. That’s gotta feel like a punch to the face for Taylor if he’s sober enough to comprehend it. I think she settled with him and just wants to look like a happy family to rub it into Ryans face.

    1. i honestly don’t get the “Ryan still loves Maci” vibe. Maci still hooked on Ryan, yes, but never thought Ryan still cared about her as any more than mom of his son. I think Ryan suffers major depression & needs help..have no idea if he has sought it out or not.

      1. I think he regrets losing her and wishes things turned out differently. It’s hard to watch an ex get married and have kids while you’re still twisting in the wind. As far as romance goes, I am in Rhine’s shoes. My ex has been in other relationships and got married and have twins; while Im still single and in a string of bad past relationships that ended. Rhine needs to get whatever help he needs, do something with his life, and be a more present dad. Women may also be turned off by the fact he still lives at home with no ambition to work towards a goal, at least not to the public.

  15. I 100% believe that if Maci didn’t get pregnant with Jade, she would’ve gotten back with Ryan as soon as he broke up with Shelby. I remember when one of his ex-girlfriends said that he and Maci were hooking up with each other and thats why she broke up with him.

    1. I never heard that but it definitely seems believable. I think they still love each other but she got tired of him half assing it. Taylor seems like a great guy but he is not her first choice, Ryan is.

    2. Weren’t Rhine and Maci hooking up while Dallas was out of town caring for her ill mother? It was during the Being Maci special when they ran into each other at the club.

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