‘Teen Mom’ Maci Bookout’s Wedding Is Next Week: Find Out Who’s Invited & Who’s Not!

Who's in and who's out?!
Who’s in and who’s out?!

Maci Bookout will finally tie the knot with her longtime boyfriend (and two-time baby daddy) Taylor McKinney on October 8, and the Teen Mom OG star seems to be taking care of last-minute wedding preparations.  Maci and Taylor have not yet stated which of their MTV pals will be joining in on the festivities.

However, The Ashley‘s sources tell her that there will be plenty of famous faces in attendance at the wedding!

The Ashley’s sources tell her that Amber Portwood and Matt Baier will be attending, as will Catelynn Lowell and Tyler BaltierraKail Lowry, who has grown closer to Maci in recent years, will also be at the wedding. Maci’s ex-fiance (and apparent ‘perfect match’Ryan Edwards is scheduled to attend, along with his parents.

Farrah Abraham recently came forward (via Radar Online, of course) to let the world know that she did not receive an invite to her former(?) foe’s nuptials. In true Farrah fashion, the Backdoor Teen Mom made it seem like she wouldn’t have attended anyway. Also in true Farrah fashion, her response basically made no sense.

“No I didn’t receive an invite,” Farrah told Radar. “I don’t care of the reason, I’m busy.”

Farrah’s boyfriend(?) Simon Saran did not receive an invite either, but he, too, stated that he had no interest in going to the wedding, and made a bad joke to demonstrate that.

“I don’t want to see two siblings getting married,” he told the website.

Farrah and Simon aren’t the only ‘Teen Mom’ franchise stars who did not make the guest list. Maci’s longtime co-star Gary Shirley will not be attending, and neither will Teen Mom 2 stars Chelsea HouskaJenelle Evans or Leah Messer, from what The Ashley hears.

Sadly, Butch Baltierra was not invited to be part of the festivities, either.

For more details of Maci and Taylor’s wedding, click here!

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  1. I swear I was watching tonight’s episode looking at how Maci and Taylor have no love or anything between them and they seem like buddies and Taylor says “I need my drinking partner back” lol. It was the weirdest thing. They really honestly do seem like friends and not like two people who can’t live without each other. He seems like an awesome dad to the kids but…..I can see him getting bored of her in a few years but only sticking it out for the three kids.

  2. Simon has no room to make fun of anyone’s relationship no matter who the person is. He’s “dating” a self righteous porn star that willingly takes it up the rear.

      1. My problem is the girl has no morals and by him choosing to date a moraless twat out of all of the women in the world, he doesn’t have any room to judge other peoples relationships. He can’t even get his own relationship right.

    1. Simon is a buffoon, what a stupid comment. The way he subjects himself to the wrath of the Abraham females shows you how stupid he really is.

      1. seriously! he lets those women publicly berate him constantly. It makes no sense. That entire situation…Farrah, Michael, Deb, Simon and Sophia….is just all so bizarre

  3. It would absolutely be THE best moment in reality TV history, if Rhine stands up and says he objects to that marriage! There could never, ever be ANYTHING to top that! I mean, I don’t want Taylor’s heart to get broken, but, you got to admit, T would be the most exciting thing to happen, ever. And let’s all admit it, we watch this show for the drama. We may care for or hate these girls, but we watch for the drama. O, more likely, Rhine will fall asleep and snooze right through his big chance.

  4. I know a few other people have commented on this but I agree, I don’t get Simon’s response.

    1. Farrah and Simon seem to have a loose screw, while their whole toolbox to fix things is gone. This is just one tiny example.
      Narcissism is very hard to cure.
      Another good reason why Farrah should be fired and not ever filmed again. People who do not know what they are doing cause they are too ill need to be protected from themselves. She is making an absolute fool of herself and is hurting herself and others.
      I think she is self medicating too.

      Farrah and Sophia need treatment for Farrah more than they need more money to have a good life.

  5. If you invite Farrah and Simon that’s a liability. If you invite Gary and amber that’s a liability. And as for any parents of the cast being invited, I think that’s self explanatory. I do think maci is a good mom, very good from what I see. She did mess up with this third trimester scam but she maybe can’t handle the criticism of the drinking thing. Do I like feeling as a viewer she thinks I’m stupid? No. But she seems happy and is doing her job as a mom. Farrah on the other hand has no redeemable qualities. I walk on eggshells as a viewer, so Maci is a saint in comparison.

    1. I think it was a poorly executed “they’re from the south and have accents, so they must be cousins” joke. This guy isn’t exactly MENSA candidate material.

    2. Cause they are from the south to the bad stero type is southerners marry their relatives and inbreed. That’s where is comment is coming from. That cause they are southern they are just a bunch of inbread rednecks.

      1. Well I know that lol. I just think it would have been weird for them to invite him since they have only met once.

  6. Farrah could only benefit from trying to be on friendly terms with the other girls. She should give it some effort instead of using every opportunity to disparage them. She’s only hurting herself.

  7. Farrah and Simon seriously need to grow up.

    Apparently the situation between Amber and Gary has gotten really bad or Gary is being a dic{ to the other cast members. Which would not surprise me.
    Yeah-yeah, I know it’s great that he takes good care of Leah (although, not on his own as many people say. He pretty quickly got Kristina to help him cause he could not do it alone according to him.), but that doesn’t make up for everything he does.
    Gary still gives me the creeps. Acts innocent and helpless at times but in the mean time he’s very manipulative, rude, self absorbed,controling, scheming etc.
    The way he talked to Amber and Kristina and how he talked about Kristina is just awful. It’s all about him and whether his needs are fulfilled.
    I will never respect Kristina for staying with Gary after the way he talked about her on air and tried to get back into Amber’s panties while they were together.
    However, I think she got pregnant on purpose so maybe they are a good match.

    1. I agree with your opinion of Gary. He’s pretty smug knowing he has the upper hand when it comes to Amber seeing Leah, when she can have her, etc. And I don’t mean to be cruel, but at the rate he’s going w/his weight, he’ll be lucky if he doesn’t have a heart attack. Amber may end up as Leah’s sole parent.

    2. Maci has also said in the past that she hates the way that Gary treats Amber….Maci has made it no secret that she can’t stand Gary…but I definitely agree with your assessment….and I can’t take Kristina seriously either with the way Gary has treated her.

  8. Don’t they know this is the event of the year?!?! Who wouldn’t want to watch them stumble down the aisle and toast with aluminum bud light bottles at the reception?! We can all hope Ryan bursts in and confesses his undying love for Maci and crashes the whole show.

  9. “Also in true Farrah fashion, her response basically made no sense.” ?

    I love this site. So glad I found out. Im sure Maci will be saying in her head “Don’t say Rhine. Don’t say Rhine. You’re supposed to say Taylor. I, take thee Taylor. Yup, I got it.”

    We all know she still loves Rhine. I wonder if T Money knows.

      1. Because with Maci’s accent, it sounds like she is saying Rhine. Kinda like how Farrah calls her dad My-Cul and Amber used to get annoyed in earlier seasons and pronounce Gary’s name Gear-ry lol

        1. I watch this, my husband doesn’t but he’s of course seen parts and every time he catches a glimpse of Gary on screen he says (in his best whiny Amber voice) “Damn it, Gary!” ?

  10. I thought Maci was close friends with Chelsea! Maybe it’s because of Chelsea’s upcoming wedding and her being pregnant?

    1. Chelsea got married yesterday!!!

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