Ben Higgins & Lauren Bushnell Star in Cringeworthy Promo Clip for New ‘Happily Ever After’ Show

"We're not boring...honest!"
“We’re not boring…honest!”

Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell appeared in a new promo clip for their upcoming reality show to prove to viewers that they’re not boring, but all they proved is that they’re incredibly awkward on camera.

In the cringeworthy new clip, Lauren and Ben, who met and got engaged on the most-recent season of The Bachelor, talk about all the “exciting things” that they do as a couple…and then it just gets weird.

After promising fans that Ben & Lauren: Happily Ever After? will show the couple going to brunch, going to home supply stores and other riveting activities, the not-so-funny pair try to get comical. Unfortunately for Ben and Lauren, though, their dialogue comes off wooden and awkward and is downright hard to watch.

Watch the promo clip below:

4 Responses

  1. While the show looks bad this is the only couple I’ve ever thought could potentially make it. Ben was possibly the most articulate bachelor ever, neither of them seem like complete self absorbed idiots, and his feelings for her appeared genuine… But it’s the bachelor so I won’t be shocked if they break up tomorrow.

  2. Everything said in this article is 100% on point with what’s been shown on the promos for Happily Ever After. Cringeworthy is right. Don’t get me wrong, I think they’re a real cute couple, but they ARE boring! And their attempt at being “fun” is just dumb. What in the hell were the producers thinking? Maybe they’re aiming for them to be the next: “Newlyweds: Nick & Jess” since I’ve heard their season will culminate with a televised wedding. God help us all.

  3. If you look at the clip several times you will understand that Ben and Lauren
    are intentionally acting that way. It’s nottttt bad acting, wooden, barely watchable.
    Everything is fine. They were supposed to be that way. You didn’t catch the humor.
    Too quick to judge.Thats what the producers of the show wanted.

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