‘Teen Mom’ Amber Portwood Confirms She Just Had Major Plastic Surgery

"Hey, if Farrah can have five new faces in one season, I can have a tummy tuck!"
“Hey, if Farrah can have five new faces in one season, I can have a tummy tuck!”

Amber Portwood just went under the knife– and she’s certainly not trying to keep it a secret!

Last month the Teen Mom OG star mentioned that she was considering getting a “Mommy Makeover,” a plastic surgery package that focuses on rejuvenating a woman’s body after pregnancy, and today Amber revealed that she’s already had the surgery!

Amber tweeted on Saturday that she’s resting up after having the plastic surgery.

“Had my mommy makeover and I’m now in recovery,” Amber wrote. “If you want your post mommy body back or you’ve lost a lot of weight then I would recommend it.”

The “Mommy Makeover” package, which usually consists of a tummy tuck, breast lift and/or augmentation and sometimes liposuction, is pricey, but luckily Amber is making a bundle filming ‘Teen Mom OG.’ A package that includes a breast lift, breast implants and a full tummy tuck will usually costs upwards of $16,000 in Amber’s part of the country. (For the record, though, The Ashley is not confirming that Amber had all of these procedures, or that she paid that much.)

While many of Amber’s ‘Teen Mom’ franchise co-stars have gone to Dr. Miami, a plastic surgeon who gave Kail Lowry and Briana DeJesus comp plastic surgery in exchange for allowing him to Snapchat their surgeries, Amber confirmed on Instagram that she did not get her surgery done by Dr. Miami.

She also told fans on Instagram that she did not have the surgeries to slim down. Instead, she said she went under the knife to “tighten up my body from losing weight.”

“Everyone should feel good about their bodies,” she tweeted. “Losing a lot of weight isn’t easy. And your body sometimes changes. Thanks for the support.”

On Twitter, she revealed that her fiance, Matt Baier, has been taking care of her while she recovers.

Amber has not posted any photos of herself post-surgery; however The Ashley is expecting Amber to do some sort of reveal via a tabloid or website. It’s not yet known if Amber’s surgery will be featured on upcoming season of ‘Teen Mom OG.’

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UPDATE! Amber has confirmed on her Instagram account that her Mommy Makeover did not include a tummy tuck.

“I didn’t get the tummy tuck because I do plan on having more kids,” she told a fan.

(Photo: MTV)


  1. I wish Matt had gotten his weird pouchy cheeks fixed while waiting for the “mommy makeover” to finish. I seriously often wonder how the hell that douchnozzle got so many women to have sex with him. Amber has got some strange taste in men

  2. Don’t u have to be a new mom or Iuno a mom on the regular to have this done ? She basically got surgery(tightened up loose skin my arse) to sit in the couch and bed. Without her kid.. Maybe if she asked what day she had her again….

  3. So she just had her bumpers readjusted and filled basically.
    Said she didn’t have a tummy tuck done cause she is planning baby 2 (Jesus God (Save) Leah!).
    Isn’t that just a boob job?

  4. Why would you go under the knife if you plan on having another kid?! Don’t docs advise against that?!

    1. I think deep down inside she knows what a mistake it would be to birth one of Matt’s 19 kids and counting. That dude will drain her from every last cent even more.

  5. For a drug addict, having pain pills is not a good idea right now..SMH….good thing Leah has Gary…..counting down till relapse in 3…2..

    1. Lol I was thinking about that tat the other day. Im sure it’s a huge boner killer when you see Leah’s chubby baby face while you’re trying to get it on with Amber

    2. I honestly hope she was high as a kite when she got that, because then she’d have an excuse to get it covered. I wouldn’t have payed that tattoo artist $5 for that atrocity. Leah will one day be appalled by it, if she’s not already!

    1. Well it depends. I gained and lost about 40lbs when I was 20 and everything was fine. I had twins which meant I gained and lost 40lbs again at 30 and EVERYTHING IS HORRIBLE.

      1. When I had my daughter at 19 I gained almost 50 lbs and even though I lost the weight my stomach is still extremely loose and wrinkly. Only surgery would be able to fix it.

  6. I’m glad if it makes her feel better about herself, she should have had done it. My only concerns are being that she hasn’t continued her meetings (that she acknowledged to dr drew) that she may get throw back into the world of addiction. Good luck Amber if your reading this. Know that people do care about you…

  7. I’m all for feeling better about your body & being comfortable in your own skin. Just hope she’s not altering her outward appearance because she doesn’t like what she sees on the inside. Good luck and Godspeed.

      1. Ugh just what Matt needs. Another child he’ll abandon and blame on “his addiction” for being a piece of cow dung towards when he leaves Amber high and dry.

        1. He won’t abandon this one, Amber has money. He would try to get full custody and pin her to be mentally unable to take care of the child. He will be worse than Gary.

          1. I said the same thing before. He’ll leave her and end up trying to get child and spousal support. I see that coming a mile away

      2. So she suffers from borderline personality disorder and bipolar disorder, but still wants another kid? What the f*ck is wrong with these girls?

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