Chelsea Houska is Married! See the Dress, Get Wedding Details & Find Out Why the Other ‘Teen Mom 2’ Girls Weren’t There

"We got hitched!"
“We got hitched!”

Teen Mom 2 star Chelsea Houska is officially a married woman! The reality star tied the knot yesterday with Cole DeBoer in an intimate ceremony in South Dakota.

While fans have long known that Chelsea and Cole were planning to get hitched on October 1, many were surprised to learn that yesterday’s wedding was not the big event that they had seen Chelsea and Cole planning for on ‘Teen Mom 2.’

Chelsea and Cole both posted this sweet photo on Saturday...
Chelsea and Cole both posted this sweet photo on Saturday…

In a series of social media posts, Chelsea explained that their larger wedding was postponed until after the baby the couple is expecting is born.

“Next year, once our sweet baby can be part of it we will have our big wedding ceremony/reception and that whole shebang,” Chelsea told MTV News.

The Ashley was able to snag some wedding details and photos from various places. Here’s everything we know so far about Chelsea and Cole’s big day!

Location: The wedding was held at a cabin belonging to Chelsea’s father, Randy Houska. The cabin is located near Lewis & Clark Lake in eastern South Dakota.

Guests: Only Chelsea and Cole’s immediate families were invited to the wedding yesterday. None of Chelsea’s ‘Teen Mom 2’ co-stars were in attendance, but Chelsea has stated that Kail Lowry will be attending the festivities next year. (From what The Ashley hears, Jenelle Evans will be probably not be invited to Chelsea’s 2017 wedding!)

Photos: Guests were banned from posting any photos of the wedding. The bride and groom asked their family not to put up photos. There are several reasons that Chelsea and Cole could have made this request; however, it is likely due to their desire to keep things private and/or because of Chelsea’s ‘Teen Mom 2’ contract.

Cole and Chelsea posted one photo of their wedding to their Instagram accounts on Saturday. In the pic, Chelsea and Cole are shown kissing in the distance, while “mini maid of honor” Aubree stands nearby. They captioned the photo “Mr. & Mrs. DeBoer.”

A closer look at Chelsea's dress...
A closer look at Chelsea’s dress…

Dress: One wedding guest disobeyed the photo ban and posted a pic of herself with Chelsea. The picture shows off Chelsea’s unique wedding look. She wore a long-sleeved lace gown that showed off her baby bump, as well as a floral wreath on her head.

Honeymoon: Chelsea has stated that she and Cole are not going on a honeymoon right now. Instead, they will take a trip after their 2017 wedding.

Next wedding: Chelsea is due to give birth in February, but it is not known how long she and Cole plan to wait to have their big wedding and reception. (The Ashley is investigating.) However, Chelsea has already confirmed that, like yesterday’s ceremony, the 2017 wedding will not be filmed for ‘Teen Mom 2.’

Other details: Chelsea has already made the marriage “Facebook official” by changing her last name on the social media site to “DeBoer.”

Note from The Ashley: The Facebook post that was originally posted with this article has been removed, as The Ashley was informed that it was fake. Chelsea did not write the post and Cole does not have a Facebook.

(Photos: Instagram, Facebook)

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  1. Holy shit. I’ve never seen more run on sentences, bad grammar and mispelled words in my life than I read on here in the comment section. Half of what you morons type out makes zero sense, it’s random and sounds stupid. Stay in, or go back to school.

  2. Actually, a 2nd wedding is called a pretty princess party!! I like it!!

  3. Okay I’m gonna be the one to say it. I like Chelsea and I like Cole but they’re moving too fast. Chelsea fought for years to keep adam, no matter how shitty he treated her, she was ready to marry him just so she could finally be married and have a family. Cole seems like a wonderful man but…I’m not sure how much of this is love and how much is show. The moment I read in her post about the “years they’ve been together” I rolled my eyes. Cole is great with aubree, he’s very nice to Chelsea and I’m happy for them, but if they’re so happy and so stable and so meant to be why couldn’t the wedding wait? Why couldn’t the pregnancy wait?

    1. I completely agree! I really think that all of these girls are just looking for anyone to fill the role of the “perfect complete family” because if you read a lot of her posts, she always says she now has the “family she’s always wanted” just like what Jenelle says. And Chelsea tweaks the story of how she met Cole. She said on an MTV special that they didn’t actually “meet” at the gas station. They saw each other, and when she went home, he had messaged her on one of her social media accounts. I know everyone says that he “didn’t like her for the fame” but it kind of seems like he does. He must have known who she was before ever meeting her and enough to find her on the internet. I find that to be a bit creepy. If they did not go to the same high school or anything, how would he already know who she is? She said before that they did not have any mutual friends. And they’ve only been together like 2 years and were engaged after only a year. Cole does seem like a good guy, but it seems like they are both rushing just to have the “perfect family.” They are rushing the relationship and within two years, they met each other, moved in with one another, got married and are expecting a baby??!! Seems rushed to me. That’s just MY opinion. Please don’t attack me. And I do like Chelsea, but mainly because we have the same name! And I am not a makeup artist by any means, but I would love to do her makeup. At times she looks so pretty and other times it’s… scary. She has perfect teeth and the perfect nose (I notice noses) so when I see her in pictures with her nose contoured, it just looks wrong. Her face doesn’t need all of that makeup. Less is definitely more and I think she looks so pretty with dark dark burgundy hair like she had a few years ago. She is very pretty, but looks so much better with less.

      1. agree with what you said…their relationship does seem pretty rushed…but after dealing with Adumb, I can totally see why she rushed everything…Adam is hands down the worst father on the franchise…Nobody else compares…so I can totally see why Chelsea was in such a hurry to replace him…it’ll be interesting to see where her and Cole are in 5 years…hopefully still together…plus it seems like she’s finally happy….she really went through it with Adumb. He was AWFUL to her.

    2. So, I understand what everyone is saying but I just need to put this out there: My parents got engaged after only dating for 4 months (they were 23 and 24), got married a little under a year later, and then found out they were pregnant with me a few weeks after the wedding. They are still together 27 years later and just celebrated their 26th wedding anniversary a month ago. So give Chelsea a little credit to know what’s best for her and Aubree. Despite her running back and forth in the Adam years, she ALWAYS did what was right for Aubree. I don’t think she would marry Cole is it wasn’t right for her daughter. I’m a strong proponent of “When you know, you know.” I think her timeline is fine. It’s not like Jenelle, where she married Courtland 3 months into dating him, or Kailyn, who married Javi for the bennies. Chelsea seems to like Cole for Cole and Cole seems to like her for her. You can always tell when they don’t like the person. Just look at Simon, or Matt.

      1. Chelsea has always taken great care of Aubree, you’re right. I never said she didnt. And I understand sticking up for her because she is a good mother. But that wasn’t my point. Yes there are plenty of people who marry after a short period of time and spend the rest of their lives together, I’m just saying I feel like she is rushing it to have the “perfect family” and she shouldn’t have to do that. She 8s a beautiful girl, an amazing mother, and while Cole is good looking and a nice man doesn’t mean they’re meant to be together. Now maybe they are, maybe they’re soul mates and that’s fine, I want them to be happy. They deserve it. All I’m saying is I hope she doesn’t end up like half of these girls with divorce after divorce because she wants to play house.

  4. My dad and his first wife had a courthouse wedding, she was 4.5 months pregnant.
    Second wife had a church wedding, small with limited friends and family.
    Third wife had a wedding that I, my best friend at the time, and his mom attended. They had a “second wedding” 6 months later that was really just a photo op, lol. I was mad at them and didn’t go to that one. But I understand it entirely.
    She’s pregnant now! Due this weekend!

  5. Good for them. Their marriage was about two people who love each other not how much publicity it would get them. They didn’t do it Nathan proposal style where it seemed like he was more concerned with everyone watching him than actually proposing. Or Leah style where you give the ring back for a week to see your ex husband again. Or Amber style where you repeatedly get engaged to guy, get engaged again only to put the wedding on hold. That might not be her fault though… I mean they do have to find a venue big enough to hold all matts kids.

    1. I think he is in construction. I could be wrong but I think his family owns a construction business.

    2. Scratch that he is a traffic control speacalist. So I am guessing he works for the DOT and or DMV which is a good gov job and it would make sense for them to have a wedding before the baby so she could be on his benefits. Nothing wrong with that.

      1. Thanks! makes much more sense to get married before the baby comes…I’m sure he probably has premium coverage working for the state.

  6. All the best for Chelsea and Cole. He seems to be a fantastic guy.
    But funny how it went with the wedding and baby. So they got pregnant since they thought they anyway are getting married and then becauze of getting pregnant main wedding is postponed…

  7. “All the years we’ve been together”. Lol. I love Chels to pieces. Correct me if I’m wrong, but all in all hasn’t it only been a year and a half that they’ve been together like that? They only dated 9 or 10 months before being engaged. But obviously it worked for them so congrats! When you’re in love, it seems like forever no matter how short it’s been. Glad they both have their happy ending

    1. I was thinking the same thing….but I thought perhaps they’ve been together 2 years? Either way it’s not that long lol

  8. Is that a thing now? If you miss your parents’ wedding because you weren’t born yet, they have to have a redo wedding so you can come? Shouldn’t they just wait until they’re done have having kids so they can all just come to one redo wedding? Or is it one redo wedding per child? And if so, will they have to redo each redo wedding and the original redo wedding for each child? Shit

    1. LOL Chelsea probably wanted this wedding to ensure that Cole wouldn’t get cold feet after the baby was born. We all saw how terrible Adam was after Aubree was born….Chelsea probably wanted to make sure that this one wouldn’t try and go anywhere…not like he would because he seems like a great guy…but you never know!

    2. Well I don’t think you would have a redo wedding if the baby in question wasn’t in existence yet, but I don’t think there’s anything wrong with wanting the baby at the wedding once it’s actually present. If you have the money, go for it! It’s not what I would be spending my money on, but I can at least understand it.

  9. I like chelsea and Cole. I’m glad they kept it private. She’s a beautiful bride and her dress is a stunner. Love that aubree was included of course. I understand the second wedding. This was a private family ceremony, have a party later on when she can actually enjoy herself. I wonder if mtv is involved at all in the second wedding maybe they offered big bucks for another one to be filmed.

    1. omg a HUGE upgrade….not like that would’ve been hard seeing that Adumb looks and acts like a complete moron, but Chelsea did a complete 180 when it came to her next boyfriend. Good for her! She should be an example for the other girls…**cough cough*** Amber and Jenelle!

  10. Seriously, what’s all the hate for the people pointing out that since people become married AT WEDDINGS, further ‘weddings’ are misnamed parties where married women wear wedding dresses?
    Although since everyone they know knows it’s not really their ‘wedding’ it’s not as much of a breach in ettiquette as a misleading name for the party.
    Whereas my cousin’s husband posted a congratulations to her on their “real [his words] 5th anniversary” in November. This was told maybe to their parents, no one else knew, at least. The following May we sat through what is in hindsight an even more annoying ploy for attention than it was at the time.
    Four hours before they cut the cake. Everything was dragged out for [cousin]’s special day. *eyeroll*

      1. Nope, 26-year-old who understands what words mean.
        I’m also not attending a baby shower for a one-year-old or the funeral of a living person. Because that isn’t what those things are.
        And good call, I’m jealous that I didn’t scour pinterest for cute photo ideas so that our eighty-year-old great uncle had to sweat out whether his bum knee would hold up during the half hour it took to arrange everyone in a heart-shaped configuration for the photographer on a ladder.
        (He had a cane but my dad and I still ruled we should be right against him in case he went down suddenly)

    1. No one is forcing you to attend these ‘annoying ploys for attention’. You sound delightful to be around.

      1. Yeah, if we’d known about the courthouse wedding (which is a completely legitimate ceremony) the previous November a good chunk of us wouldn’t have gone.
        And they clearly knew that as they didn’t let it slip for years.
        Nor were we given a head-up that four hours in we’d be waiting in a deliberately slow food line (each dish was fried up separately) and I don’t remember if that was before or after the toasts where the wedding party kept crying.

    2. Whatever you’re smoking/ should flush it immediately, it’s killing your brain cells. I’m guessing you have few to spare, at this point.

  11. You get one day. Not two. If you got yourself pregnant before the wedding too bad. You don’t get 2 weddings.

    1. One marriage. You can have as many weddings as you want, it’s just a party. It’s the marriage that matters.

      1. No. The point of a wedding is to get MARRIED. If you are already MARRIED it is a party or a vow renewal. You don’t need to make people pay money to attend multiple functions because you got pregnant. I’m sorry, I like them both but this “oh look at me” attitude toward weddings is tired. I give your marriage one day of my time, I don’t need to stroke your ego repeatedly.

        1. Who says anyone has to “pay money” to attend?
          Maybe you should join Atomic City in the timeout corner until the drugs wear off. Clearly, there are some screws loose here..

          1. I agree with Rachel completely. If they call it a vow renewal or reception, fine. I don’t get it but I also know which adjoining states require waiting periods for marriage licenses. (Idaho: none)
            And the “paying” refers to time off work (either losing a day or more of pay/having to use vacation for it) and the cost of travel and accomodations if they live out of town, possibly clothes (I would grow inmediately before my mom’s cousins got married. It was like they timed it)
            Seriously though, my dad’s aunt outlived everyone’s predictions (including her own, terminal cancer) and survived weeks past the day originally planned as her memorial. Should we have had one then, and her “real” funeral later?

          2. Umm…you’re very weird, and not in a good way, and you babble more than a toddler that hasn’t quite grasped language skills…except that toddler makes far more sense.

        2. You know that you don’t actually get married the second you say “I do”, right? You have file a marriage certificate…so you aren’t actually married at the wedding…

          1. Peanutgallerypresident-Lol, I’ll walk you through whatever you didn’t get. Maybe you have an awesome job with unlimited vacation time/Mark Twain style ‘funerals for the living’?
            And honestly, aside from Attention-Fest 2012, I think every wedding I’ve attended involved signing the marriage certificate at the reception. (Typically MOH/Best man are the witnesses) Even us staunch “one wedding per marriage” psychos allow a grace period of up to a week and/or a RECEPTION following a wedding.

        3. It’s not really an “oh look at me” attitude when there are only a few pictures posted of the event and they only invited close friends and family. This wasn’t televised and the second won’t be either. Has anyone considered that maybe they married before the baby is born for legal reasons? If something were to happen to her during the delivery he can’t make any decisions on Chelsea’s behalf. If they are married, he can.

          Also, unmarried couples have to deal with additional forms at the hospital in order for the father to be listed on the birth certificate. They are now married, so he will automatically be listed as her child’s father. No extra paperwork necessary.

          1. Medical power of attorney/spending like two minutes filling out a form in which he states that he is the father. Seriously, L&D departments have stacks of them by the nurses station next to the consents for the hep b and vitamin k shots.

  12. Is anyone REALLY shocked that she doesn’t want Junkelle at her wedding? I mean…the list of reason to not invite her is about quadruple the length of the reasons to invite her. As for doing nothing 2 wedding I guess I don’t think it’s a big deal because I know tons of people who have done it. My husband & I almost did a small ceremony & then one for all our friends/family at a later time but then just decided to extend the engagement. Honestly not many people besides your family give a hoot about the ceremony so I don’t see why she just doesn’t do a reception next year?! But maybe they just really want the baby to be a part of the ceremony. Her money so it’s whatever to me.

  13. “Thinking back on the years we’ve been together..” lol. You were together two years, not 5 lol.

  14. I’d completely forgotten that she was even getting married yesterday because, unlike fame hungry Maci, she didn’t throw it in our faces every time she could. Congrats Chelsea.

  15. Since the day she got engaged, I knew she was going to wear one of those flower wreaths on her head lol I’m so glad she didn’t disappoint

    1. She looks pretty, but yeah, I don’t get the fad, at all. I think Jeremy Roloff from Little People Big World’s wife wore one, too. It’s like thinking you are having such a ~unique pinterest wedding, but really, it’s what 1,000s of women are doing. Weird.

      1. I can totally see these girls looking back in 20-30 years and being like “what was I wearing on my head!?” It’s like how I look at my parent’s wedding photos and they look hideous.

  16. Tacky to have two weddings and yikes at that dress and her hair

    Why have a bridal shower, bachelorette party, wear a gown and have your whole family there if it’s not your ‘big’ wedding? I don’t get it

    1. Agreed. Why shell out the thousands of dollars to get married now, then throw another wedding within a year? What will you celebrate at your second wedding? You’re ALREADY MARRIED.

      1. Pretty sure she didn’t shell out thousands to get married at her dad’s lakehouse with only immediate family present.

      2. For me, it was this (Second marriage, and the last one): I had to be married – and my children had to know that I was married – in order for me to be able to be ok with my husband living with me as he wanted to do. I don’t set poor moral examples for my children. As soon as we knew we wanted to live with one another, we married. We didn’t tell anyone except the children, however. A few months later, we had a ceremony. NOT A BIG DEAL, people. There are cases where this makes total sense.

        1. Lied by omission to your guests. (I assume participants in a wedding aren’t already married by definition) Also not the best example. And would probably have pissed off a few guests if they knew.
          I get the impression that I’m in the minority by considering whatever ceremony people get married-including a brief ceremony at the courthouse officiated by a justice of the peace-to be a ‘real’, valid wedding.

  17. Okay, here’s what I’m confused about. Chelsea has been planning this wedding for awhile and it seemed like this was going to be the big wedding but now all of a sudden they’re doing the bigger one later. Obviously they want to do it that way because she’s pregnant, but this was a planned pregnancy. I don’t understand why you wouldn’t just wait until right after the wedding to try to conceive. I know she said she didn’t think it would happen right away, but obviously these girls have no problem getting pregnant. I’m just confused on why not wait 5 months (since that’s how far along she is), have the big wedding, then get pregnant? Just my thoughts, but congrats to them!

    1. Lol. Tm girls arent particularly patient. They want to have it all and to have it all now. Chelsea wanted to have a cookie and to eat the cookie in the same time: she wanted to be married asap and have baby born in marriage asap, and that resulted in 2 weddings lol.

    2. I think you answered your own question. Re-read what you just wrote, everything you wrote makes complete sense. But there’s one sentence you wrote that doesn’t make any sense when you combine it with the rest of your points. And that sentence is, “but this was a planned pregnancy.” Hmmm….I wonder why this part of the story doesn’t make any sense….

    3. Medical, or some other benefits perhaps? Her husband has a gov job that has way better benefits than she does. Adding her, especially to medical, as early in the pregnancy as possible(just in case), is *always* best.

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