“90 Day Fiance” Season 4 Episode 5 Recap: A Fake Prince & A Former Felon

Is he also the sole heir to a $42 million dollar fortune that he'd like to give to you?
Is he also the sole heir to a $42 million dollar fortune that he’d like to give to you?

It’s once again time to catch up with the couples who have found true love (or lust) across the world, on TLC’s 90 Day Fiancé.

The episode starts by checking in with Anfisa and Jorge. Anfisa is still using Jorge for his mega bucks and he’s still trying to buy her love. Anfisa is mad because her sugar daddy is having a difficult time getting them an apartment. She has no idea that Jorge is about to drop a bomb on her. (Not literally, of course…although that wouldn’t be the worst thing, since Anfisa is pretty damn awful.)

"But the felony charge doesn't affect your cash flow, right?"
“But the felony charge doesn’t affect your cash flow, right?”

Jorge tells her that he can’t pass a background check required for an apartment because he has a felony on his record. Anfisa didn’t know this. We also find out that Jorge’s “mega bucks” are made via the wacky tobaccy. Jorge reveals that he works in the medical marijuana field, and tells his fiancé that when he started his job “it wasn’t really legal.”

We find out that Jorge was charged with a felony for cultivating marijuana. Anfisa is not pleased when she learns that she’s chosen a sugar daddy with a record.

“We’ve been dating for a year and you never told me you’re a criminal,” she said.

"Anyone know what time the Coach store closes?"
“Anyone know what time the Coach store closes?”

He said he didn’t tell her because he didn’t think she would ever find out. Quick, Jorge, buy Anfisa a really expensive handbag. That will help “soften the blow” and make Anfisa forget all about this little felony fiasco!

Next, it’s time to check in with a new couple: Narkyia and her catfisher-turned-fiancé Lowo! They are busy planning their wedding despite their rocky start. Narkyia met her man Lowo via a social media group for “plus size women.”  At that time, Lowo told Narkyia that he was a Nigerian prince living in Alabama. As you do.

If this isn't the face of a prince, I don't know what is...
If this isn’t the face of a prince, I don’t know what is…

Incredibly, Narkyia believed this lie and was probably already buying some crowns to wear when she became the princess of Nigeria. She was disappointed when Lowo admitted that he is not a prince; instead, he’s just a lowly peasant.

While Lowo’s “I’m a prince” lie is bad, that’s unfortunately not the only fib he told Narkyia. At first, Lowo said that he was a single father and that his son’s mother had passed away. However… Lowo’s baby mama is still alive. And Lowo was not in Alabama. He was in Vietnam studying business.

For some reason, Narkyia was able to look past Lowo’s “fibs,” forgiving him for pretending to be a prince, lying about his location and even for killing off his baby-mama. She even went to Vietnam to go meet her fake prince, and the couple got engaged.

“My biggest fear is that Lowo is not the person he says he is and he’s still catfishing me in a way,” she says.

Um….ya think?!!

"Just because he lied about being a prince...and about being in Alabama...and about his dead baby mama, doesn't mean he's a liar!"
“Just because he lied about being a prince…and about being in Alabama…and about his dead baby mama, doesn’t mean he’s a liar!”

Narkyia’s friends are trying to figure out what the hell is wrong with her for trusting this liar. She decides to take them out for some burgers and wings and break the news that she’s marrying her catfisher. Narkyia’s friends react exactly like we do; the looks on their faces are priceless.

“We don’t know who this guy is. He could want money. He could want his green card. You hear about people scamming people all the time from Nigeria,” her friend says.

Her friend asks Narkyia if she’s sure that Lowo isn’t already married. That’s when Narkyia drops yet another fun fact about her fiancé on her pals.

"Say whaaaat?"
“Say whaaaat?”

“Well, his family is polygamists,” she says. “His father has four wives.”

Narkyia assures her friends that Lowo isn’t following in dear old dad’s footsteps and doesn’t have any other wives. Sure.

(Look on the bright side Narkyia—if it does turn out that Lowo has other wives, you guys are on the right TV network to capitalize on that! Picture it: Sister Wives: Nigerian Style!)

Meanwhile, there are 76 days until the wedding and Jorge still can’t find a home for him and his bride-to-be, Anfisa. Jorge decides he will make things better by taking her to a donut shop.

"I even sprung for the jelly-filled ones! What more do you want from me, woman?!"
“I even sprung for the jelly-filled ones! What more do you want from me, woman?!”

“Sometimes Anfisa acts like a four-year-old, maybe I can distract her with something sweet,” he says.


Unfortunately, the “sorry-I’m-a-felon” donut doesn’t do the trick. Anfisa is still unhappy. Jorge finally finds an apartment that will rent to an ex-con. Of course, Anfisa is not pleased. She says her Russian apartment was bigger and nicer than the place Jorge has found for them. Jorge asks Anfisa if she plans to cook and clean and she says no. She does try to boil water, however, and it’s an epic fail.

“I think most of the time we will go out to eat,” she says.

Get your wallet out Jorge!

"But pastor, it's worth the lie! Have you seen his abs?!"
“But pastor, it’s worth the lie! Have you seen his abs?!”

It’s time to check in with our other couples. Chantel is still lying to her family about her fiancé Pedro. All of this deception is weighing on Chantel so she goes to talk to a family friend/pastor about the situation. (By the way, why haven’t Chantel’s parents ever questioned why their daughter is being followed around by a camera crew working for the show ’90 Day Fiance?’ Just sayin’…)

The pastor encourages Chantel to be truthful with her family about why Pedro is really here.

Nicole is showing off her fancy American education...
Nicole is showing off her fancy American education…

Meanwhile in Morocco, Azan is still embarrassed of his fiancé Nicole. They are once again fighting over the fact that Azan has told Nicole that he can’t touch her because “they can’t show affection in public,” according to his customs. Azan says Nicole talks too much and doesn’t respect his culture. It’s the same old song and dance every day with these two.

Azan tells Nicole her feelings don’t matter and she shoves him. Azan says he doesn’t know now if he can marry her because she doesn’t respect his culture. Well…that and he obviously despises her….

Back in North Carolina, Matt is still being a creep. Alla is getting ready to go out and Matt is jealous and angry that his fiancé hasn’t chosen to wear a potato sack to ‘da club.’

"Well...at least he didn't tell me he was a prince, so there's that..."
“Well…at least he didn’t tell me he was a prince, so there’s that…”

“Alla is looking good tonight,” he says. “I’m sure she’s gonna get some attention, which is what she wanted. So, she’s done a good job making sure people notice her.”

Alla goes out for drinks with a friend and tries to convince everyone that she’s not like Matt’s numerous ex-wives. She really does love him, she claims, and honestly, it’s believable. Why else would she stick around with that creep?

Next time, we find out if Lowo is catfishing Narkyia. Anfisa tries on a $45,000 wedding dress, Nicole and Azan are still fighting over cultural differences, and Chantel’s family isn’t supportive of her relationship.

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(Photos: TLC)


  1. The PDA-not-allowed-in-public-thing is definitely true for Morocco, but I do think Azan is not keen on touching her anyway. I live in the Netherlands, where Moroccans are one of the largest ethnic minorities, am of mixed descent myself, used to be part of an Arabic dance group and have Moroccan friends and colleagues so I’d like to share some thoughts from my experience:
    * generally speaking, round and diamond-shaped faces with full cheeks are common with Moroccan and middle eastern people. The cheeks tend to get fuller when the people are fuller, but especially with young women it is not exceptional to have full cheeks without being fat.
    * the “ideal body” is also more forgiving in this culture. They love curves and are not so focussed on being superskinny as (white) American culture seems to be. Some girls in my bellydance group where about 15kg overweight in my opinion, but they still danced in outfits that showed their belly and people loved it. To be fair these girls moved and because of that still had some kind of feminine shape. Which brings me to my next point.
    * keeping in mind the two points above: I think Azan only saw images of her from the neck up before she came and may have expected her to be full/curvy but not the shapeless kind of obese that she is – that comes from a complete lack of physical activity.
    * in a country like Morocco, people generally have bigger families, less money to go around and less modern conveniences than in the US. Food available is less processed and added-to. Which means it’s less common to eat in an excessive manner or live in a way that lacks physical activity of any kind – the lifestyle that results in Nicole’s body type. Even here in the Netherlands, which is one of the richest countries in the world, in my whole life I have not seen as many morbidly obese people as I did in 1 week in the US. This is not even an exaggeration. Maybe it is because here in the Netherlands we don’t go everywhere by car all the time, maybe because there isn’t a fast food outlet on every corner, maybe both. I am a 28-year old with a good job and I ride my bike to the train station every day. This is normal here. We also walk when something is walking distance (at least up to 15 minutes). If Nicole did any of these things she might still be overweight, but she would have some shape to her. Big difference.
    * Moreover, I think Nicole’s behaviour is pushing him over the edge. She acts like a spoiled child, and is desperate and clingy. Not elegant, not sexy. Traits that are prized in Moroccan women include gratitude, grace and modesty. She is displaying the opposite. I think she could have turned things around if she had been more respectful, less whiney and maybe offer to help his mom around the house (you’re a guest in their house for 5 weeks and trying to impress your in-laws, you could at least offer to help cook or do dishes. That is what I would do and I’m not Moroccan).
    * Finally, I am not trying to bash Nicole here, I am sticking up for Azan. I like him and I think he had good intentions. I understand it might more easily look like a scam or a pre-conceived plan if you are not aware of the cultural background and context surrounding it. I think we are watching the rapid unraveling of a relationship that both of them would have liked to see work out. I think he had good intentions, but just became more and more put off the more time he spent with her. I do think she is sweet and can find someone that will make her happy, but I don’t think it will be Azan. Maybe someone she has more in common with.

    Sorry about the length of this post. Thoughts?

  2. So happy that 90 Day Fiance is being recapped on The Ashley! Now I’ll have others to share this guilty pleasure with.

    I feel more and more sorry for poor Azan every day. Even his sweet family seemed to like Nicole but he’s obviously repulsed. She acts like she’s a tween and her ignorance of the world is just cringe-worthy.

    I keep waiting for Anfisa’s real Russian boyfriend to show up…

  3. I’m so happy to see you back again, Holly! I’ve missed recaps of shows like this. Funny and right on the money as always.

  4. the ashley: just fyi, chantel said before she told her parents they’re filming for a show about ‘young love’ lol. and jorge gets whatever he’s got coming if he marries that bitch now. she’s shown him exactly who she is and he’s using her as much as she’s using him so they’re perfect imo. the new woman is insane, she really thinks he’s not lying anymore? sure, tell yourself that. i’m sure it’ll work out great.

  5. I’m not sure if you missed past episodes but Jorge says in the first episode that he is a Marijuana grower. And Anfisa knows what he does for a living just not that he has a felony. Also, Chantel explained in the first episode that her parents think she’s on a show about young people dating foreigners. This season is wonderfully messy. I think Azan did like Nicole until he met her in person. She’s not just big but unhealthy which is the real problem and she acts like a toddler. He is disgusted by her now but I don’t think he was when they dated online.

    1. I 100% agree that Azan probably did genuinely like Nicole before she came. But dang, is she making it a really long 5 weeks. She’s just terrible.

      (When she blurted out “WE HAD SEX” and giggled, I thought “um was she a virgin?” Then I realized “Jesus God she has a daughter, no she’s not!”)

  6. 90 Day Fiance is my guilty pleasure too, and fun to read your recap. One thing you mentioned about why aren’t Chantel’s parents wondering about all the cameras around – I recall that being answered in an earlier episode (maybe the first one), when Chantel said she’d told her parents it was about dating someone long distance or something.

    Meanwhile, I’m enjoying finding others who are also cringing so hard about Anfisa and her severe, gold-digging ways.

  7. I love that you recap 90 Day Fiance! No one I know watches it (I’m embarrassed to admit that I do, to be fair), so it’s amazing when I come across other people that do.

    There are so many things to comment on with this trainwreck, but it irked me a bit that Matt was so insecure about Alla. Homegirl wore jeans, a long-sleeve shirt, and a faux fur vest to go get a drink with one friend and he’s over here saying she’s going to get the attention she wanted. Yikes.

    1. Yeah, Matt seems like he’ll be pretty controlling with Alla. Kinda creepy 🙁

      Also love how Matt seems to take no responsibility for the demise of his THREE other marriages. (Aside from saying he was ‘too trusting.’ Please.)

      1. Oh dude seems SUPER controlling. I get the insecurity after you’ve been cheated on – I’ve been there – but you best get over it if you want to have a decent relationship with your next spouse.

        And the rest of Matt’s family refuses to acknowledge Matt having any responsibility in his divorces either. They grilled Alla immediately as if Matt’s some poor special snowflake who keeps getting burned. Nah, we’ve hardly seen any of him, and we can already tell he’s definitely not innocent.

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