‘Teen Mom’ Jenelle Evans’ Boyfriend David Eason Sentenced to 60 Days in Jail

That face you make when you find out that your baby-daddy has to go back to the slammer...
That face you make when you find out that your baby-daddy has to go back to the slammer…

Well Juh-nelle…it looks like your boooooyfriend is going back to the big house!

Radar Online broke the news on Tuesday that David Eason, the boyfriend (and future baby daddy) of Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans, has reportedly been sentenced to 60 days in the slammer for violating a restraining order against him earlier this year.

As The Ashley previously reported, David– who is the father of the child that Jenelle is currently pregnant with– was arrested in March for violating a domestic violence protective order that was filed against him by one of his baby mamas. (Other than Jenelle, David has two other baby mamas.) This baby-mama filed the protective order against David back in October 2015 after David allegedly became physically violent with her while she was pregnant with their child.

David is not allowed to see the child– a little boy named Kaden–or the boy’s mother, due to the protective order. In March, though, David was arrested after he saw Kaden in the grocery store with relatives. Although the relatives reportedly told David not to approach them or Kaden, the warrant stated that David did anyway, hugging and “grabbing” the child.

David was arrested shortly afterward, and delivered a Class A mugshot.

According to Radar, David pleaded not guilty to the crime during his hearing on September 13, but a judge found him guilty and sentenced David to 60 days in jail. The site states that David is planning to appeal the decision to the county’s Superior Court.

It is not known when David is scheduled to report to jail to start his sentence, but The Ashley has confirmed that he is not currently behind bars in New Hanover County, where the sentence was handed down.

The Ashley will update this story when more info becomes available.

UPDATE: Jenelle has been tweeting a response to the stories about David being sentenced to jail time. In a series of tweets, she claims that David was the victim of a bad judge who hated him, and confirmed that David is appealing the decision.

“This is old news… lol he appealed the decisions in regular court and waiting on a court date. He does not have to do 60 days,” Jenelle tweeted. “The no contact order expires Oct. 22nd then he will be filing for visitation for his son that his ex is refusing to let David see. The judge found him guilty saying “an unwanted hug is a form of child abuse”, same judge that granted the no contact order and that wrote up his custody papers when he had no way to even fight against his ex, the judge even knew this. She hates David.”

Jenelle continued to claim that the judge was rude to David and Dustin Sullivan, Jenelle’s trusty attorney who she apparently loaned out to David for this case.

“[The judge] wouldn’t even listen to a word Dustin had to say while he was speaking and she rolled her eyes at Dustin. How respectful,” Jenelle wrote.

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  1. I got in a fight with my ex husband when I was pregnant with our first. We were young, hot headed and stupid but I still had him arrested. The judge ordered him to a few weeks jail time and anger management. I made it clear that if he ever touched me again that I would get a restraining order and only allow supervised visitation.
    I don’t know how bad he hurt her but I do think his son deserves to know him. Not for UBT but for the self esteem of his son.

  2. The Ashley, Jenelle just bought a new puppy. Do you have any intel on her other pets that have come and gone in the past few years?

  3. I think it will be interesting (in a morose way) to see which of Jenelle’s children turn out to be well adjusted. The outlook is not so good. It seems that the relationships Jenelle chooses are worse than the ones before.

    Idk…there’s no witty or humorous comment I can make. The snickering and eye rolling has long since past. I feel legitimate concern for the fact she continues to bring more children into the world that she is incapable of taking care of.

    I know Jenelle is a grown woman, Barb has tried everything, CPS can’t take away the children unless there is a legitimate threat…but I genuinely feel like MTV has a moral obligation to step in and stop enabling her. On one hand, having a crew around probably helps look after he poor children. But as her employer, MTV can give her an ultimatum or morality clause. I guarantee that Jenelle “follows the money” and perhaps the threat of MTV cutting off the funds would be what sways her to make better choices?

    Idk what other solution there is

    1. The horse has left the barn concerning Jenelle, if the MTV money dried up, she would just be poor while making the same bad choices and shacking up with the same male equivalents of herself.

      1. And she’d probably get her wish granted of being one of those welfare moms because no way would she be able to get a job with 16 mugshots and all the shit shes done for the world to see on TV. Unfortunately MTV has helped create this monster by not stepping in sooner and she will continue doing what she has been doing after mtv pulls the plug.

  4. Any mother that takes the child away there father is a piece of s*** my book these guys have no rights and if it wast for the man that child would not be here I’m sick of that I’m watching my son suffer right now he was close to his kids and just because he wanted a divorce she went nuts crazy ass girl sorry I had to say something

    1. Some of us have good reason to!

      My kids sperm donor went nuts when I was five months pregnant, started a fight with the words “I can’t deal with being a father”, and walked out on us to become a homeless drug addict after we were together for 12, yes TWELVE, years. Nope, he’s never paid one red cent in child support.

      David beat the crap out of his kids mother when she was pregnant.

      You’re an idiot.

      Sorry Ashley, I try not to flame, but that comment is just too idiotic ti ignore.

    2. Yes, Rebecca. I’m sure a judge would keep your grandchildren away from their father for NO good reason. Just like people can get restraining orders at the drop of a hat. You are delusional….

  5. And I know this is neither here or there but why does Jenelle look like a cast member of Mob Wives? Did witness protection bring her down South?

  6. ‘But luckily I’m staying out of trouble!’ – Jenelle when Nathun got arrested.

    I hope PETA gets the dogs a restraining order against Juhnelle when he has to serve while she is still pregnant. She has a history of loosing her cool with dogs when the baby daddy is in the big house and she is left alooone.

    One day some guy will ask for a transfer to another jail cause Jenelle thinks it is crazy that the courts think it is reasonable to ask her to bring just one child to see daddy to some other jail while the other three already have to be taken to another jail (dude!).

  7. Seriously, how delusional is Jenelle???

    First of all: I would not date anyone with a no contact order that has been approved by a judge. I work in the legal field, and yeah, some judges are hard asses and others are more lenient, but they would never approve something like this unless it had merit. Jenelle makes it seem like anyone can just go down to the courthouse and get whatever you want by just filling out a few forms. You need something called evidence, sweetheart, and Uncle Bad Touch’s ex must have had it.

    Second of all: That little boy does not even know who his father is, so the fact that David hugged him is a form of abuse. You’d best believe I’d be kicking some ass if I turned around and some stranger was hugging my kid.

    Third of all: How is Jenelle okay with letting this go on around her children? I have a 5 month old with my boyfriend (we’ve been together years – actually years, not 2 – and wanted to get married before having kids but sometimes accidents happen – we’re still very happy and very in love) and when we found out we were pregnant we both quit smoking. And sometimes he’ll have a cigarette at work if its a particularly stressful day. And he gets a stern talking to every time because I do not want my kid thinking it’s okay to smoke. And my boyfriend never does it in front of me or our son. If he was anything like UBT, he’d have been out of my life before I even got pregnant. And now that I have a kid, I’m even more up tight about what I’m going to put up with. I just don’t get how Jenelle can allow this type of behavior around her sons and expose them to it. It’s honestly just horrible.

    Fuck that.

    1. You sound awesome. I was seeing a guy who turned out to be bat shit crazy, like nuts. I knew he had a 4 yr old son but he told me the mom wouldn’t let him see him, etc. That was a red flag for me. The fact that the mom didn’t want him seeing the child, his crazy, irrational, abusive behavior towards me made me do a criminal check on him and I found out he had a restraining order on him and the dates coincided with the time his son was very young and he was still with this girl. He had everything from the restraining order to assault, battery, disorderly conduct, dui, public drunkenness, posession of a controlled substance. I was horrified! But grateful this tool never had my address or met my son before. That’s the difference between you and I, our kids come first. Chinelle wouldn’t have clue what that meant. Her first priority is her dicks. She will fight tooth and nail to defend her men but don’t put in a tiny fraction of that effort to loving and taking care of her kids. Her kids always come last to everything else.

    1. Lol when Nathan went to jail for like 15 days, didn’t she get in trouble for talking to an ex? It’s ridiculous!

  8. soooooooo the judge is out to get him…even though he violated a restraining order? OK Jenelle….He shouldn’t have done anything to get him a restraining order in the first place. NOBODY in this franchise has ever held themselves accountable for their actions. NOBODY.

    1. More like can SHE go 60 days without getting her beef flaps pounded. I’m thinking Keiffah might make an appearance!

      1. I hope not. Keefah made it out alive without a kkd from her and his sanity. I hope he’s gotten straightened out by now.

  9. Some of these teen moms, I really kindof root for even though the train wreck is entertaining to watch…Caitlyn…AMber, Leah…I really do hope for a good turnaround from them…everyone loves a good redemption story.

    Jenelle…I’m pretty sure everyone on earth is on the same page. Every single person wishes she would get locked up in prison and just go away.

    1. and stop creating babies with these LOSERS! Not a single one of her baby daddy’s has NOT been in jail. Not a single one! That girl is seriously such a lost cause

  10. You know I suppose that Jenelle is at least sometimes, perhaps late at night , is aware of the horrific mess she is and what she’s doing to these kids …… Hahaha just kidding this is Jenelle we are talking about. Of course she doesn’t . That would imply some maturity. And selflessness. And stable mental health and behavior . And many other things that self centered train wreck does not have . At all.

  11. So what’s 60days for these repeat offenders. Firstly 60 days means what a weekend. Secondly they’ve been in and out of jail so many times it’s like a class reunion for them to see their peers and the staff they know do well

    1. Is this psycho crazy gayle, with all the conspiracy theories, from Twitter? If so, shut your trap, you old hag. Good fucking gah.

  12. Is anything ever their fault? Jenelle gets a drug arrest, blames it on a friend. Assults someone, they shouldn’t have made her mad. He violated a protection order. But he didn’t do anything wrong and this is happening because the judge hates him? Doubtful. Jenelle has proven by now she can’t tell the truth about anything.

    1. Jenelle goes so far as to blame inanimate objects. Hit Jessica in the head? Oh, the water glass shouldn’t have been so wet. It never ends. She would trip over her own two feet and blame the grass.

  13. So jenelle and David have been together over a year according to her twitter but this occurred a year ago?

    And yes, yes Jenelle, an unwanted hug from someone youve never met is a form of abuse. Can you imagine if someone gave her an unwanted hug in the grocery store? We’d never hear the end of it.


  14. Janelle+Dustin=4 ever! Dustin is the longest relationship Janelle has ever had; so glad she’s found someone she can pay to stay with her.

    1. Man, I hate that you can’t undo an upvote/downvote that you hit accidentally. That’s supposed to be an upvote, but I’m on mobile, have fat fingers and was busy laughing… God, Dustin really is her longest relationship

    2. I’m pretty sure Janelle has paid for Dustin’s kids to all get college educations, at this point!

  15. Of course Jenelle’s life is back to normal. Where her or her soulmate of the week is in jail due to injustice and they are the victim (in her eyes). It’s sad that normal for her has to do with breaking the law one way or another. Well she is heading towards her dream come true of being able to be on welfare.

    1. Except that she never actually learns anything. She just thinks this is all part of a normal life that most average people experience.

  16. These two are a match made in hell. So he has two (now three) baby mamas, and she has 3 baby daddies. It’s like the modern day Brady Bunch. This time with lots more STD’s!

    1. And mugshots and court cases. Imagine Carol’s ex trying to break the door down to her and Mike’s nifty digs while the cops are being called with poor Cindy screaming in the background

  17. That’s what I said…Supreme Court??!! Is that the next logical step? No other courts between the county and the Supreme Court…lmao! And is he fighting to NOT go to jail or find a way to earn his way into his son’s life??!!
    You would think that when this restraining order was placed he’d drop everything and get a lawyer immediately and try and see if he could see his son somehow. It seems to me that although what he allegedly did is outrageous and unforgivable, that the courts would not want a boy to go through life w/o getting to know his father. Even if he had to go to rehab/anger management, anything!! He’s so big on family, you’d think he’d do ANYTHING to have a relationship with his only son even if supervised. But I guess he was too worried about getting into Jenelle pants and spending her $$. He put so much effort in taking care of someone else’s son, mediating his care & visitation with Nathan, taking care of Jenelle and her mysterious diseases, traveling with her…if only he just took half the energy he did in all that to fight to see his son. Dude, jump through hoops for your own son! Sickening and sad.

    1. I don’t think he’s caring for her, but is keeping his eye on her every move so she can’t run away with someone else. It’s always been about himself (doesn’t that sound familiar).

        1. Thanks! I came up with it after one of The Ashley’s best screen caps ever, of Kaiser on a slide trying to slide himself to freedom. Unfortunately I had to update my name, because the House of Horrors is expecting another poor soul to torture and Lurch is not letting them run away 🙁 I’m starting to think Lemony Snicket wasn’t fictional…

  18. Hahahah…just curious isn’t south Carolina being evacuated? That might be why he’s not in jail yet??

    1. Certain parts near the coast of South Carolina are being evacuated but he’s in N.C and as much as I’d like to see this s.o.b in jail the court may have gotten to go free until his appeal goes thru. Apparently N.C. doesn’t take violating a protection order seriously and since he’s appealing the guilty verdict he gets to roam the swamp and swap stds with Jenelle.

    1. How is that ridiculous? He has a restraining order against him. He isn’t supposed to be anywhere near that child. And chances are the kid doesn’t even know who he is!

    2. Do you know what is ridiculous? Physically abusing the woman who is carrying your child to be. Little late to start hugging now, isn’t it?

    3. The court most likely deems him a danger to the child. Given his violent history. So even if it was just a hug that’s a big No No.

  19. She has a type doesn’t she….my guess is they’ve changed and come so far since then….maybe he was edited to look like he violated the order….wonder if she will get lonely in those 60 day’s and find a back up soul mate

    1. I secretly hopes she will find her way back to Nathan again. Not only because that will cause great drama between the three of them (I’m evil) but also out of spite to Always-Leering-Lurch. Even more secretly I hope their baby isn’t David’s, so when their relationships breaks up, he doesn’t have a child to hold onto. Because let’s be serious, this man should not be around children with his “uppercuttin the street”. Better Jenelle has 3 children by 2 dead beat dads than 3 children by 2 dead beats and an angry monster who likes to hit people.

      1. Only issue now is Jenelle was stupid enough to put Lurch’s name as a Co-Owner om the land she bought that’s on Moneyhole Rd. (Still can’t get over the name) so when the break up happens she’s still stuck with him unless she chooses to leave the land with him or finds a good lawyer which she isn’t that smart. So although part of me really wants her to go creeping back to Nate too because it’s so obvious she still wants him even though shes carrying Lurch’s kid for the drama the whole land thing will be as messy as a divorce when the shit hits the fan. I’m probably going to hell for this because I can’t wait.

        1. I’m sorry, I couldn’t continue after reading ‘Moneyhole Rd’. Is that real? I’ll have a very long laugh about that and I’ll read the rest of the message 😉 MONEYHOLE ROAD?!

          1. Yeah I had a good long laugh about that too when I saw it all over twitter. It’s fitting considering how many things have been in her money hole/gloru hole… Oops dear God I’m seriously damned to hell tonight. But yeah I’m afraid she’s seriously messed things up for her kids, don’t care too much for her putting his name on land to put their double wide on because now he’s free to stay there.

        1. I tried giving Tinder a chance, TWICE. It’s just a site for people looking to fuq. It’s not where you’ll meet your future spouse. It’s where you go if you want a one night stand

          1. Somehow I’m not surprised reading that.

            I’ve always been afraid of dating off an app/internet, I know I’d end up with the serial killer.

  20. This means ol’ Kieffa’s gonna be back! She always hooks up with him when her current soulmate goes to jail.

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