MTV Introduces the Five New Stars of ‘Teen Mom UK’: Meet the New Moms!

Meet the new Teen"Mums!"
Meet the new Teen Moms…er…”Mums!”

MTV UK is preparing for the premiere of its newest reality show, Teen Mom UK! After seeing how much money their sister network in America has been able to milk out of knocked up teenage girls, MTV UK is releasing its own version of ‘Teen Mom!’ The show, which premieres in November, will follow the stories of five young moms from the United Kingdom and today, the names and background information of the girls were released! (The Ashley also did a bit of investigating to get even more info on the new ‘Teen Mom’ girls for you!)

Let’s meet the new gals, shall we?

megan-teen-mom-ukMegan Salmon-Ferrari

Age she became a mom: 17

From: Essex, England

Baby: Son Mckenzie born October 2015

Baby-Daddy: Dylan Siggers

Story: Megan is the youngest of the five girls on the show. After discovering she was pregnant with her son Mckenzie, Megan moved into a camper. She is currently engaged to her baby’s father, Dylan. She is described as “loud and bubbly” and according to MTV UK, we should “prepare for emotional scenes” with Megan.

Possibly the Next: Maci Bookout (Based on the story line provided by the network, this is The Ashley’s best guess as to which U.S. ‘Teen Mom’ star she is most like.)

chloe-pattonChloe Patton

Age she became a mom: 17

From: Nottinghamshire, England

Baby: Son Marley born January 2016

Baby-Daddy: Jordan Edwards

Story: Chloe is still with her son Marley’s father, Jordan, but she has struggled since giving birth. Chloe, once an aspiring actress, has dealt with post-partum depression, which will be covered on the show. She is an A-student with aspirations to travel the world.

Possibly the Next: Kail Lowry

naomi-teen-mom-ukNaomi Konickova

Age she became a mom: 17 

From: London, England

Baby: Daughter Kyanna

Baby-Daddy: Raphael

Story: Naomi and her daughter currently live at home with Naomi’s mother. She works as a makeup artist and counts herself as a “proud feminist.” She is described as “humble” and “reserved.” It does not appear that Naomi is still with her baby’s father, Raphael, but that’s not confirmed.

Possibly the Next: Leah Messer or Briana DeJesus

amber-teen-mom-ukAmber Butler

Age when she became a mom: 17

From: Blackpool, England

Baby: Son Brooklyn born February 2015

Baby-Daddy: Ste

Story: Amber is a single mom to son Brooklyn. (It’s not known if the baby’s father, Ste, is in the picture at all at this point.) According to MTV UK, Amber is “mature and responsible” but she does enjoy glitz and glamour.

Possibly the Next: Chelsea Houska

mia-boardmanMia Boardman

Age when she became a mom: 19

From: Southampton, England

Baby: Daughter Marliya, born April 2016

Baby-Daddy: Manley Geddes

Story: According to MTV UK, Mia is a “drama queen” who is full of hilarious one-liners. She enjoys singing and dancing. Former Catholic school girl Mia is still with Manley, the father of her daughter. (Manley has another young daughter from a previous relationship. She was born eight months before Marliya.)

The eight-episode season of ‘Teen Mom UK’ premieres November 2 on MTV UK.

Watch the first trailer for ‘Teen Mom UK’ below!

(Photos: MTV UK)


  1. Megan and amber are complete morons
    Mia is a bunny boiling idiot, Chloe will end up pushing her bf away, Naomi I like
    Other than that, the rest are an embarrassment to the Uk.

    Amber is not a nice person in real life, she trapped her baby’s father, just to get a kid, she treats him like shit.

    They make the British look like fools

    1. Your right their as dumb as Farrah but not as nasty as her.
      Amber on teen mom Uk has the makings of a Farrah wannabe tho.

  2. Wait….hold on. One of the girls has two kids by two separate fathers that are only eight months apart? Wow…and I thought Jenelle had it bad!

    1. No, it’s one of the dad’s that has two kids by two different moms. He’s maybe on his way to being the UK version of UBT. Lol

        1. That’s how I read it at first too! glad I got some clarification….That baby daddy sounds like a DOUCHE…like hes a possible mixture of Adumb, Nathan, and Lurch. Yikes. She picked an a-hole to procreate with

          1. Watch it before you make ridiculous assumptions,your a typical Yank

            This guy is a decent good father not like those morons onthe states

      1. No way.

        This guy is a nice caring guy,nothing like that twonk ubt.

        Don’t make assumptions based on the men of America

  3. Can we just take a moment and appropriate that girls name? Megan Salmon-ferrari. It is just so great.

  4. I really hope I get to see your wonderful reviews of this show. I can’t stomach to watch the show anymore.

  5. sounds like its going to be less train wreck trash then the us one lol. The girls are all a bit older then the teen moms were when they started on the show so for that reason as well. I will give it a go

  6. Well, lets get the popcorn out darling!
    See what all those lasses and their chaps have been up to.

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