Cash-Strapped Tori Spelling Announces She’s Pregnant with Fifth Child

"Ohhh you know what babies are good for? Getting you another season of your reality show!"
“Ohhh you know what babies are good for? Getting you another season of your reality show!”

It’s been a while since Tori Spelling has been in the news…so naturally, it’s about time the former True Tori star pops out another kid and regains the spotlight!

The television heiress announced on Wednesday that she is expecting her fifth child with husband Dean McDermott. Tori told People that this baby was a complete surprise. 

Tori and Dean currently have four other young children—Liam, 9, Stella, 8, Hattie, 5, and Finn, 4. Dean also has a teenage son from a previous marriage.

Tori said Dean told her, “We just got Finn out of diapers; I thought we were in the clear.”

“It was a total surprise,” Dean says in a video posted on “We didn’t think that we were going to have another one, or could have another one, because it had been four years [since the last pregnancy].”

“Oh my god!” Tori jokes. “We’re going to be the Brady Bunch!”

Tori has been in the spotlight ever since she appeared on her father, Aaron Spelling’s show 90210 when she was a teen. Dear Old Dad famously stiffed her in his will (leaving her only $800,000 of his $600 million fortune) and she’s been forced to pimp out her personal life on television in the convening years to make her (high) ends meet.

Tori’s terrifically awful reality show, ‘True Tori’ followed the couple as they struggled to keep their marriage afloat after Dean was caught cheating on Tori in 2013. Naturally, the couple milked the drama for all it was worth on their reality show. But Tori says that is all in the past.

“We’re in such a good place going into this pregnancy,” she told People. “We’re not just still here, but we’re bonded and solidified as a couple…It was one of the worst times in our lives, but it was also one of the best times. I wouldn’t change anything because if we hadn’t started talking and opened up those lines of communication, maybe we wouldn’t be here today.”

While Tori’s drama with Dean may be over, her money troubles are just beginning. It was recently reported that Tori was ordered to pay American Express the nearly $38,000 she reportedly owes them in unpaid credit card debt. (In addition, Tori and Dean had a $259,000 tax lien placed against them in July.) They are currently in litigation over the credit card matter and Tori’s mother, Candy Spelling, has had to help out her daughter.

Earlier this year, Candy told TMZ that she pays for Tori and Dean’s house, the kids’ schooling, and even puts food on the table for Tori and her family.

Um, why can’t Dean and/or Tori work? (Tori, of course, does hawk random products on Instagram for profit.)

It’s awfully coincidental that this “surprise” pregnancy pops up right at the time the couple is strapped for cash. Could baby mean another season of the reality TV tragedy that is ‘True Tori?’

Stay tuned!


  1. He was a billionaire. He left her brother millions. I’m not saying she’s not a spoiled brat I’m just saying her inheritance wasn’t fair. I don’t think he was mentally sound because Candy changed the will at the last moment after T said in an interview that she never had a healthy relatioship with her mother.
    Oh and on the last episode of True Tori Dean said he refused to do anymore reality shows, but that could change.

    1. Aaron Spelling left BOTH of his kids about 800 thousand, each. It’s a ton more than most people will ever receive. He left the bulk of HIS money to his WIFE. Which is the norm in n our society.

      He was under no obligation to leave ANY of them a cent if he didn’t want to.

  2. Oh I bet she’s hoping for bedrest because there is nothing she likes better than being hospitalized. Probably already getting cameras for a new show set up in her bedroom .
    Maybe they will build a behinanas grill around the bed so she can eat there.

  3. Think I’ve read somewhere that she has tons of vintage stuff she could sell sitting in several storages.
    Her dad knew his daughter apparently, he knew he had to give her as little as possible and leave the rest to his wife so she could safe Tori and their grandchildren from the gutter every now and then.
    Maybe she allows her financial problems to escalate so her mom has to help out, again, as a way to get her inheritance and live the life after all. That is really sick when you have 4 children.
    Girl needs to grow up and grow a back bone or needs a financial guardian for the sake of their children.

    If I were Candy, I would send the bailiff to her storage units. That way the children won’t be affected.
    Think I would actually get so fed up that I would only pay for the house. Your kids are hungry? Fine, let them come over here, I’ll have a healthy dinner ready for them but not for you and your husband.

  4. She’s an anemic, anorexic, closterphobic, hoarder, shopaholic,and hypochondriac… You name it, she’s got it. She is always scaring the kids by spending weeks in the hospital. I feel bad for them.
    Candy is a a biatch though. She helped her dad make that money so she deserved to have it easy financially. They don’t have a relationship but her mom is happy to blab about persol family finances to tabliods? Not cool. Go play with nutzo Taytum O’Neal Candy.

    1. Candy Spelling doesn’t owe anyone, anything. Her father(Tori) left his kids more money than most of us will ever inherit, it’s her (Tori) fault she squandered it away. He left the bulk to his WIFE, which is what happens in most situations where a spouse passes away (your parents too!).

      I only sympathize with the children, but that may change if they too develope an over inflated entitlement attitude towards their grandmothers money.

  5. Seriously?! If I was her mother I’d be pissed. Her mother flat out admitted that she pays their bills and tuition for her kids. She says she is making sure her grandkids aren’t out on the street that’s why she pays the bills. Her dad didn’t leave her much (well compared to how much he was worth) cause he knew what a POS Dean was and still is. Plus she just got sued by Amex for $38,000 and now she is going to pop out her fifth and I think his seventh kid!!! Her excuse is she is accustomed to a certain lifestyle. What a selfish spoiled brat and she is in her 40s! UGH BARF!!!

  6. This family reeks of desperation. She’s 43(!!) and had major complications from the last pregnancy, they have well known financial problems and no steady income. I’m sure they’re hoping this “surprise” baby is enough to get them back on tv. What losers.

  7. Baby=Paycheck. I hate Hollywood. She’s in her forties and she’s acting like Jenelle. Baby fixes everything and gets attention. Maybe she should focus on her other four kids that are CLEARLY MISERABLE.

      1. I’ve never been up on them beyond The Ashley’s superb recaps, but presumably because Tori is their mom. That’d bum me out.

  8. how about if you don’t have your tubes tied, use protection! she can’t handle the 4 she has now. she has some nerve being on dean’s ass about drinking while she’s popping pills left and right. her mother, along with her father, created her, in every sense, so yeah, dole out that money candy. it’s not like YOU earned it or anything. i don’t feel sorry for either one of them. candy created a monster raising her the way she did and tori can’t live anywhere close to within her means. when you owe thousands, you don’t go blow $500 a pop at hobby lobby and target. despite what tori seems to think, crafts are not mandatory.

  9. I was more worried about her health at first, didn’t her uterus almost fall out last time? Or maybe she just made that up for a payday now that I think about it, who knows

    1. I think she was on bed rest in the hospital for at least 4-5months of her last pregnancy. She is going to be so high risk, how reckless of her to get pregnant again “by surprise” and that whole Emily Goodhand scandal was such made up crap! I remember multiple celebrity news outlets saying they could find no one by that name in Canada where Dean claims the “affair” happened! That’s all she talked about on her show too, it was all for publicity, she has no shame!

      1. The name even sounds made up lol. Nobody in the world is that off the grid that NO ONE can find them, hell they even found Bin Laden eventually.
        You telling me this “Emily” lady was more elusive than Bin Laden?

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