‘Teen Mom’ Star Larry Edwards Lashes Out At Son Ryan Edwards: Watch the Clip!

"I've got three letters for you, Ryan: J-O-B. Get one!"
“I’ve got three letters for you, Ryan: J-O-B. Get one!”

Papa Larry does not play!

In a new sneak peek clip of the upcoming episode of Teen Mom OGLarry Edwards, the father of Ryan Edwards, reveals his true feelings about his son…and he certainly doesn’t hold back!

While talking to ‘Teen Mom’ producer Jaala Webster, Larry unleashes the fury he’s been holding in, calling his son a “blood-sucking leech” and a “bum,” among other things. It’s revealed that Larry and his wife, Jen, have recently kicked Ryan out of their home, but do not state why they finally booted their unemployed 27-year-old son out.

“Good riddance,” Larry (who is hilariously rolled up in a blanket like a taquito) says in the clip. “It was a long time coming…I’m over his lies. I’m over his laziness, selfishness. I’m done with it.”

While we don’t know what Ryan did to send Larry over the edge, The Ashley suspects that Ryan’s cat-killing scandal this summer may have something to do with Larry’s anger toward his son. (The Ashley is not confirming this; however, it appears that this scene was filmed around the same time that Ryan was being investigated by Tennessee police. His actions caused Ryans’ parents’ home to be raided by police.)

“I’m done with him forever,” Larry says of Ryan. “I don’t want him anywhere around me ever. And I never wanna be around him ever ‘cause I’m tired of that bloodsucking leech. I’m over it.”

Ryan has been chronically unemployed throughout the six years that ‘Teen Mom’ has been on the air. While he has occasionally had jobs over the years, it does not appear that Ryan is currently working or going to school.

Jen's like, "Be right back! Gotta go tuck Ryan in at the new house and make him his good night snack!"
Jen’s like, “Be right back! Gotta go tuck Ryan in at the new house and make him his good night snack!”

Ryan’s dad says that Ryan has been staying at a home that is co-owned by his mother, aunt and uncle, and it seems that he is considering purchasing the house from them. Larry suspects that Jen may lower the price they were considering selling the home for so that Ryan can buy it, and warns his wife not to do it.

“And you better sell it to him for what you were gonna sell it for, too,” Larry tells Jen. “You better, you better. You better not damn lie about it either ‘cause I’ll find out eventually.”

Jen is moved to tears by Larry’s outburst, but that does not seem to make Larry soften.

“I’m not crying about it,” he says. ““Look, I was No. 2 [to Jen] from day one. Then I went to No. 3 after Bentley. I don’t mind after Bentley, but I’m not playing behind [Ryan] anymore. Hell, no. If [Jen] don’t like it, she can get her s**t and get out.”

Ryan’s dad then delivers what may be the harshest comment of the clip.

“I wouldn’t piss on him if he were on fire,” Larry says of his son.

Ohhh, burn! Watch the full clip below:

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  1. Lazy, narcissistic Momma’s boy is the kindest label for Ryan. Actually I think he & Farrah would be a perfect match. They could spend all their time sharing mirrors & Twitter.

    Somebody should have pulled the plug on this mind mushing show years ago. Now they are promoting the worst of the worst representatives of the millennials!

  2. I’m betting Ryan’s mother has struggled with secondary infertility, maybe even it was hard to have Ryan. She has all the same signs. I know from experience.
    She’s good with kids, she loves kids, & it’s less about enabling Maci & Ryan as it is her getting to love on children for hours when they all use her. Then there’s the bouts you swear you’re going to stop because you know your being used & just like Maci threatening all the time not to take Bentley bc Ryan’s not there….but she just says yes again & again.
    Maybe I’m wrong but there’s a story there. It’s also would explain why she has babied Ryan so much, put her husband behind all of the kids. Because that is what you do but it isn’t. You can love your kids/grandkids in a healthy way but still put your spouse on the same line as them.

  3. You would think Ryan killed someone and buried the body under their house. I know he’s a lazy fool but I could never see myself saying I wouldn’t spit on my kid if they were on fire.

  4. I am so proud of Papa Larry for finally standing his ground. I don’t know wtf happened with Ryan either, but regardless I hope that Ryan is still living out of the house today. I agree 100% when he says that he won’t be second anymore, it’s one thing when it’s a baby/child involved… but when it’s a 28 year old man baby,fuck no! Jen and Larry need time alone. they raised their man child, now it should be time for them to be alone and enjoy being grandparents. Sometimes parents have to get to know each other again after having a kid in the home for so long. Ryan is a psycho cat killer with crazy eyes anyways, so they are better off without him living there. I can’t be the only one who notices Ryan’s crazy eyes? He is like the world’s laziest serial killer…. “I’d get off of this couch and cut your throat, but I’m too tired and don’t feel like it right now”.

  5. Omg when is someone going to ask Ryan what’s wrong with him?? When his mom stopped by on Father’s Day he was completely out of it! His pupils were completely dialated and he kept asking Bentley the same thing..his mom must know he’s on drugs it’s so obvious

    1. I’ve been thinking the same thing! He’s always white as a ghost with dark circles under his eyes. He never shows any emotion or facial expressions except the ‘deer in headlights’ look. He always looks like someone just jumped out and scared him or he’s being interrogated and he’s super guilty. He just doesnt act normal, I’ve been thinking for a while that his personality and actions point to drug use.

  6. I really hope Larry isn’t getting a lot of backlash for this. He was just saying how he felt and rightfully so. He’s sick of Ryan’s shit.

  7. I agree he should be on his own but I think it’s Dad it’s kind of bein crazy abt it not wanting to ever see your son again that’s not right but hopefully he will come back and want to see his son again and I’ll have a good relationship

  8. What about Bentley when Ryan is really on some kind of drugs? Is Bentley safe in his sole care, without his grandparents there?

    1. Sadly, I don’t think Ryan will take the time to come to his grandparents’ house to see Bentley. And Maci is smart enough to not leave Bentley alone with Ryan.

      On a side note, if you love platypuses, check out the Game Deponia. Part 2 has a wonderful Platypus poet, best poetry I’ve ever heard! Just a teaser: “Here am I. There are you. Platy-poo.”

      You’re welcome.

  9. Hey The Ashley, Is Ryan 27 or 28?

    I really hope he gets a job or start going to school. For Bentley’s sake. In a couple of years his MTV paychecks will be gone, then what?
    I hope Jen and Larry get to see Bentley even though Ryan’s moved out. Technically Ryan is the parent and could keep Bentley away from his grandparents:( I wish them all the best.

    1. Don’t worry, they’ll see him because they serve as Maci’s babysitters for all 3 of her kids.

  10. Well, it’s about damn time. If Ryan had his daddy’s foot up his ass about eight years ago, he might be a half way decent man today. Also, was that music from Brokeback Mountain they were playing in the background? “I wish I knew how to quit you, Ryan!”

  11. Papa Larry is absolutely right. There has to come a point where enough is enough. Ryan is 28 years old for crying out loud. He is almost 30. He needs to grow up. Jen is a very sweet lady but I think she’s a lot to blame for the way Ryan is. She obviously babied him and spoiled him his whole life and that’s probably why he is the way he is.

  12. Ryan is a perfect example of an immature capricorn man. His weirdo behavior and indifference to everyone and his desire to use and take advantage of people. He probably does have a dependency on some substance because Caps tended to get depressed and gloomy. Tough love should work well for him. Good luck with that.

    1. I disagree with you on the whole Capricorn theory. All that stuff is so gereralized any ways. But I am a Capricorn and I knew several and they are not lazy, irresponsible, gloomy, or depressed. Neither am I. What a stupid assumption. Maybe it’s because he was a pampered only child that probably but his dads repuation at stake for shooting cats?

      1. As loathe as I am to include myself in any category with “Rhine”, there’s a growing body of evidence that we onlies are….basically the same as people with siblings once factors such as parental age are taken into account.
        Yes, there’s coddled only children. There are also ‘coddled’ any other birth order.
        Jen ABSOLUTELY coddled Rhine but they wouldn’t have had a military academy running if they’d popped out another kid.
        Really, most only children I know had *less* of a ‘child-centric’ environment. Imagine a seven-year-old growing up in a family with four kids with 2/3 of the household under ten, and imagine one growing up in a household that’s 2/3 over forty.
        (Note: Provided it’s not Duggar-level ridiculousness I see nothing wrong with larger families and sometimes wonder what the sibling bond feels like. But I also don’t have to argue about my parents’ end-of-life wishes with a hysterical, deeply-in-denial hypothetical younger sister.)

  13. Oh wow finally Papa Larry has put his foot down. Now to find out what and why it has come to this. I have always thought that Ryan was on something. Bentley don’t need to see this.

  14. I think the reason he’s been acting this way is Ryan’s on drugs. People have suspected him of using drugs over the years. It would explain a lot of his behavior and the way he’s babied by his mom. She’s probably codependent and enabling him out of fear of what might happen to him. Ryan started straightening up there for a minute and now he’s slipping back. Sounds like a relapse. His dad is probably angry and doing some tough love.

  15. Looks like they may have found out he’s on drugs. I can’t imagine what else would make Larry react this way.

  16. Between the cat killing stuff and Ryan just being a deadbeat dad while living in their home.. I’d kick his ass out too. Go to school, take more interest in Bentley and lay off whatever drug you’re on to make you a zombie. He’s selfish and they were enabling it. Hope for Bentley he gets it before It doesn’t matter if he’s around or not. So happy he’s got a good stepdad.

  17. If Larry had a huge problem with Jen putting Ryan & Bentley above himself, it probably should be dealt with privately and prior to 27 years of this occurring.
    Granted Ryan needs to grow up but I don’t know any mother or grandmother who doesn’t put their kids / grandkids first.

    1. He did say he wasn’t going to come after Ryan anymore. I interpreted that to mean he expected it, and was ok with it before, but now that whatever happened, happened, he doesn’t want to be behind him anymore. I really think something massive had happened for him to say these things, and I think he wants Jen to back off Ryan for her own sanity. I know mothers would move Hell and Earth for their child, but at the end of the day, you can’t save anyone who doesn’t want it, and you’re only hurting yourself with the effort.

      1. I took it to mean, he doesn’t mind coming behind a child but he’s sure as hell isn’t going to come behind an adult who can take care of himself. He was fine being second to Ryan while he was a child because that’s what you do–but now he’s an adult and can–and should–stand on his own two feet.

        These are Jen and Larry’s golden years. Their days should be filled with spoiling Bentley (and Jayde and Maverick, let’s be honest they enable Maci as much as Ryan) and enjoying their time. NOT cleaning up after an adult’s mess.

        1. Why the he’ll doesn’t her parents watch her kids? Maybe she wore out that welcome really quickly. It is strange that they are as much involved with Jayde and Maverick as they are with Bentley. Maci sounds like a user. It was infuriating listening to her say that if Ryan doesn’t step up Bentley won’t be going to Jenn and Larry’s but it’s okay for her to call them up for babysitting when it’s on her terms. Ryan mentioned that and he wasn’t wrong in that statement.

          1. I read something about Maci’s dad going to jail for fraud (I think) a few years ago and that’s why they don’t appear on camera much anymore. From what I remember, Maci’s mom was strict and straight forward with her, def not the softy that Jen is. I imagine Maci’s mom helps her w the kids too, they just don’t show it. But Maci’s mom is disapproving of a lot of things lol you can totally tell in the “wedding dress shopping” episode by the look on her face the whole time. Not pleased ?

          2. I remember hearing about her dad’s arrest for passing bad checks. How embarrassing lol. I thought it was just me who thought Maci’s mom looked pretty sour during the weddinf shopping.

  18. The fact that Larry is calm and cool as he says these things makes me think he is at his wits end. He may be pissed at Jenn for co-signing a lot of Ryan’s behavior over the years. He probably sat back patiently hoping things would change but he has had enough. Id love to know what finally broke the camels back. Usually when people are calm in these situations, it’s more serious than you can imagine.

    1. It’s always the nice ones who are scary when they’re pushed over the edge. If someone as nice as Larry gets that pissed off then you know it’s real.

  19. Wow, that’s intense! I’m really hoping Larry and Jen can work it out between the two of them now Ryan is out of the house, imagine Bentley having his grandparents, the only stable ones from that side of his family, ripped apart as well, all thanks to Ryan. Nuh-uh, I won’t have it! And maybe (I have a lot of imagination here) this will help Ryan to finally become an actual adult? That last one is a stretch, I know

  20. Daaamn… papa Larry’s really fired up. Not sure about the mean comments towards mimi Jen, but Ryan has needed a figurative (and perhaps literal) kick in the pants for awhile now!

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