‘The Willis Clan’ Star Toby Willis to Remain Behind Bars Another Month Due to Hearing Being Rescheduled

toby-willis-arrestToby Willis seems to be doing his best to avoid appearing before a judge.

For the second time since he was arrested in early September on a charge of child rape, the The Willis Family patriarch requested that his hearing be postponed. Toby was due to appear at the Cheatham County courthouse on Tuesday, but according to Tennessee’s NewsChannel 5, the reality star’s attorney was able to get Toby’s court hearing moved to November 2.

Toby will remain behind bars for at least another month until the November 2 hearing. He is currently behind held without bond. Toby’s bond amount will be set at the upcoming hearing.

While Toby’s attorney did not publicly provide a reason for requesting that the hearing be rescheduled, but there are several reasons that a defendant would do this. (The Ashley provided some of the common reasons in a previous story.)

As The Ashley previously reported, Toby was arrested on September 9 on one count of child rape. According to court documents, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation had been investigating Toby since late August, after it was revealed that Toby had allegedly had a sexual encounter with an underage girl 12 years ago. It was later revealed that the alleged victim was someone related to Toby, although no victim has been specifically named.

Toby’s wife, Brenda, and his 12 children have not made any publicly statements, except for one statement Brenda released right after the news of broke of Toby’s arrest. In that statement, Brenda made it clear that she was siding with the District Attorney’s Office, rather than her own husband.

The family band’s Twitter, Instagram and Facebook pages were taken down shortly after Toby’s arrest went public, and they have not been live since.

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  1. I think Toby is Innocent till proven guilty don’t think he done this I meet the family personally and Brenda I found them so well mannered and well brought up ,I find it very hard to believe I hope this will help his family and Brenda I just love u all AMB ,Irish house hope this will work out I don’t think he would hurt his family like this .

    1. Get the phuck out of there with that sympathizing with the Devil shit and learn to English while you’re at.

    2. Just because you met them personally doesn’t mean squat. Everyone (especially those in the pubic spotlight) will all seem cheeky, nice, and smiley but there are always skeletons in everyone’s closest and there is always plenty going on behind closed doors that little know about. Don’t ever forget that lots of people thought that Ted Bundy was such a great guy and when his crimes came to light many thought he couldn’t of possibly committed those crimes because he was “such a nice guy.”

  2. Sad for the mother and children, they were absolutely blindsided! Shame on Mr. Willis……..PIG!!!!!

  3. Don’t forget innocent until proven guilty. It’s horrible when people feed off other people’s pain. Hang in there Brenda, your a strong woman, God Bless, Robin Massillon, Ohio

  4. Not at all defending Josh Doucher but he was underage and didn’t rape anyone. I feel like he was never taught appropriate sexual behavior as an adolescent but this grown man deserves to get butt raped by a large inmate!

    1. I don’t think that sexual assault is ever okay. Being molested is just as harmful as rape. No child should ever be violated. However, I don’t wish rape on anyone, even sex offenders. No one deserves it.

    2. I’m sorry. I never implicitly told my son not to diddle his sister. I always assumed that was just understood in my family and others.

      My bad.

  5. Or the jerk is trying to stay in small local jail instead of being sent to prison and risk wrath of other cellmates. I.e. time served.

    1. This.

      If he was innocent, he’d not have hitch-hiked to run in the first place.

      People need to just quit it.

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