‘Teen Mom’ Maci Bookout’s Wedding Is Still Happening– Not Cancelled Due to Hurricane Matthew

"After all I did to get this man to propose, we are gettin' MARRIED tomorrow, y'all!"
“After all I did to get this man to propose, we are gettin’ MARRIED tomorrow, y’all!”

Even a hurricane isn’t going to stop Maci Bookout from walking down the aisle tomorrow!

The Teen Mom OG star is scheduled to get hitched to her fiance, Taylor McKinney, tomorrow near Tallahassee, Florida. Unfortunately for the couple, they chose the weekend in which Hurricane Matthew was blasting through Florida, making some fans wonder if the wedding is still happening. 

It is, indeed, happening!Luckily for Maci and Taylor, they chose to have their wedding in Greenville, which was not in the hurricane zone. (In fact, many of those Floridians in the hurricane zone have been evacuating to Tallahassee and the surrounding areas.)

“The film crew is already on the resort property and getting things set up for tomorrow,” one of The Ashley‘s production sources tells her. “It’s safe, no one is concerned that the hurricane will come near here or affect the wedding.

“The weather isn’t bad, actually,” the source added.

Unlike recent newlyweds Chelsea Houska and Cole DeBoer, Maci and Taylor have elected to have their wedding filmed for the show.

Maci’s ‘Teen Mom’ co-stars have already started making the trek to the Honey Lake Resort in Florida for the festivities (although some guests and film crew members have had to deal with cancelled flights and other travel hassles due to the hurricane.)

As The Ashley previously reported, Maci and Taylor’s guest list included Amber Portwood and Matt BaierTyler Baltierra and Catelynn Lowell, and Larry and Jen Edwards. (Maci’s ex, Ryan, and Kail Lowry were also scheduled to attend, but The Ashley hasn’t confirmed if they are still planning to go to the wedding.) Several ‘Teen Mom’ franchise stars did not receive invites to the wedding, though.

Wanna see Maci and Taylor’s wedding registry? Of course you do! Click here!

The Ashley will keep you posted on Maci and Taylor’s wedding events!

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  1. Congratulations Maci, your one of my fav moms an I look up to u when it comes to parenting. You only deserve the best with love the Patton family Tammy Jade an Ashlynn

  2. But Amber is recovering from her “mommy makeover” (byatch…Leah has been around for 7 yrs..this is a matt makeover) so doubt she is going

  3. No surprise here. Maci is so desperate to get married, not even a hurricane can get in her way. Hell of high water (literally), Maci is getting married.

  4. I live in Jacksonville. This hurricane is nothing. Tallahassee is on the west coast of Fl. The wedding will be fine! I’m sure this will get blown out of proportion for the show though.

  5. They registered for a “Save Water. Drink Beer” shadowbox that holds bottle caps. I take it they exceed what the magnetic bottle opener can hold in between recycling runs

  6. I wonder what Maci’s answer will be when Dr. Drew asks her why Farrah didn’t get an invite???

    Probably…..”I”m not gonna have my son at a wedding with someone that did porn on tv!”

    1. or maybe Dr. Drew won’t even ask because Farrah is already pissed at him for the strangling her comment

  7. Her guests could be blowing away by 100 mile an hour winds and she still wouldn’t cancel anything. She was so desperate to get married to him that nothing will stop this. She’s got him right where she wants him, if she cancelled this even for a week she’d be scared he’ll use this as a sign and back out. Ehh, I give them less than 5 years. Tops

    1. I know we only see a snippet of their relationship, but the episode where they visited their wedding venue was weird. For someone who was SO excited about getting married, she looked exceptionally miserable! They both did!!! They are very tactile with each other, plus he’s a bit too relaxed about her odd relationship with Ryan x

      1. If I said that was my ex’s perfect soulmate my fiancee would go ape s**t Taylor is like Kay where’s the bud light?

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