‘Teen Mom’ Stars Maci Bookout & Taylor McKinney Are Married! Get Wedding Details & See Pics of the Big Day

maci-taylorTwo kids and four years after they met, Maci Bookout and Taylor McKinney have finally tied the knot!

The Teen Mom OG couple got married on Saturday at the Honey Lake Resort in Greenville, Florida. The wedding, which was filmed for an upcoming episode of ‘Teen Mom OG,’ was attended by the couple’s co-stars, Tyler Baltierra and Catelynn Lowell.

Although we will eventually see the wedding on TV, The Ashley has grabbed all the details she can find about the big day, for those of you who can’t wait until the wedding episode airs!

Dress: Maci wore a floor-length, strapless Riki Dalal Haute Couture gown, but she chose to forgo the whole white dress thing. She accessorized the gown with pearls and a cathedral-length veil. She chose to wear her hair up in an elegant bun. She wore white rhinestone tennis shoes under her dress.

A close-up of Maci’s bridal look during her reception. (That’s one of Taylor’s relatives with her, by the way.)

Taylor wore a gray suit accessorized in burgundy.

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Maci gave all of her eight bridesmaids custom-made plaid shirts to wear before the wedding.

The eight bridesmaids, which were Maci’s long-time friends as well as Taylor’s sister, wore floor-length silver dresses.

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Guests: According to Us Weekly, which had the exclusive on the wedding, 165 people attended the wedding. This included Catelynn and Tyler, as well as Jen and Larry Edwards, the parents of Maci’s ex, Ryan Edwards. (From what The Ashley can tell, Amber PortwoodMatt BaierKail Lowry and Ryan were all invited but ended up not attending.)
Naturally, Maci’s son Bentley attended (and wore an adorable black tux), as did Maci and Taylor’s kids Jayde and Maverick.

Check out Bentley in his tux!


Ceremony: Maci and Taylor got hitched inside the resort’s chapel. (Wanna see inside?!) The couple wrote their own vows for the ceremony, which was officiated by Maci’s grandfather, who is apparently a pastor. Maci told the magazine that it was “a very traditional religious ceremony.”

After the ceremony, Maci and Taylor took a ride in a horse-drawn carriage around the resort.

Reception: The reception featured a photo booth, centerpieces made of babies’ breath, sunset roses and white hydrangea, a traditional wedding cake and donut display.

maci bookout wedding
They even had a custom-made cake with their T-shirt company’s logo on it. (Watch the video below to get a peek inside the reception!)

Maci and Taylor danced to John Legend’s “All of Me” for their first dance. Watch a snippit of that dance below:

Beer: Naturally Maci and Taylor had to incorporate one of their greatest loves– beer–into their wedding. The couple passed out custom-made beer kozzies to their guests that featured their wedding date, as well as the quote, “Hands Full, Hearts Full, Beers Full.” As you do… Needless to say there was plenty of bruskies to keep the bride and groom and their guests, um, quenched.

Many producers for ‘Teen Mom’ attended the affair, as you can see from this picture. Dia Sokol Savage, Morgan J. Freeman and other long-time producers are shown enjoying the reception.


Honeymoon: Maci told Us that she and Taylor will soon be leaving for their honeymoon in the Caribbean (which was just hit by Hurricane Matthew).

“Eight days with no children and beer and a beach, it’s going to be awesome,” she told the magazine. “I’d say by day five, though, we’re probably going to be missing the kids a lot! But we’ll try to enjoy it.”

Finale: Maci and Taylor’s big day ended in style– with a full-on fireworks display over the resort. Check it out!

(Photos: Instagram, Facebook)

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  1. Why do people take it so personally and get so upset when complete strangers do things in their own wedding that they wouldn’t do? It never made any sense to me. It’s their wedding, so why are you so insulted and/or bitter about what colors they used, or what dress she wore, or what the cake looked like??? If it’s what they wanted and it made them happy, then just relax and let it go.

  2. I guess I’m the only one who hates the look. I think she’s beautiful but the top of the dress is way too small/low. All I notice is fake boobs. And the giant pearl earrings just scream “I’m wearing pearls I’m classy!!” Just an odd choice for her in my opinion. Not that she doesn’t look nice, but just not what I would have guessed her to look like as a bride, at all.

  3. How redneck and tacky to incorporate their lame pleather pocket over priced t shirt line on their cake like it’s some office party for the company and the beer bottle holder. Damn that’s tacky

  4. Wow Maci looks beautiful. I’m impressed. I love her vail.

    I don’t mean to critize but I really thibk Maci has some issues with alcohol. Maybe not an alcoholic but definitely has some dependancy issues. That’s just my opinion but it seems like alcohol was refrenced a lot at her wedding.

  5. I like the dress. It’s a shame Taylor forgot to bring his razor and that Tallahassee doesn’t have any stores to buy one so he could tame that hideous beard. Though maybe that’s where they store the bottle opener.

    1. I’ve heard Maci say she likes his beard and he looks like a little boy without it. I guess that’s all that matters!

  6. I guess I’m not understanding the color scheme because the bridesmaids dresses were like baby blue?! Baby blue bridesmaids dresses, her dress looks very ivory, gray tuxes & maroon accents for the guys?!

    The colors are making my OCD go crazy.

    Maybe the lighting in the pics I saw was just really bad & the bridesmaids dresses were gray.

  7. Her hair would’ve looked gorgeous down with the strapless dress but at least her bun has some style to it.

  8. I keep looking at this and I can’t decide if I like her dress or not…I guess if she did though then that’s what matters ?

  9. Honestly…from the photo we’ve seen…she looks beautiful. I never would have thought she’d opt to go classy with pearls and a bun, so I’m pleasantly surprised. And that dress is truly elegant and gorgeous. I love it in general and I’d say it’s one of the best (if not the best) I’ve seen a reality star look on their wedding day! IDK what I was expecting exactly, but she looks really nice cleaned up like this!

  10. I don’t like the color of her dress and having her hair in a bun makes her look even bonier than usual. She has beautiful hair. Should’ve worn it down.

    1. Yea I wasn’t impressed by her look either. I don’t like the color of her dress at all

  11. “Eight days with no children beer and a beach, it’s going be awesome.” Good thing Maci has her priorities right. I thought a honeymoon was to spend time with your newly-wedded spouse. I guess it’s actually to get drunk for a week straight on the beach. These girls from the whole Teen Mom franchise know how to always keep it classy! 😉

    1. I like how she added “by day five though we will probably miss the kids a lot.”

      ??? Most regular moms miss their kids by day two. It seems like Mace just tacked on “oh yeah the kids. I’ll miss them eventually”.

    2. Let’s be honest, this is their regular life with like 10% less time with their kids, on a beach.
      It’s literally the normal-person equivalent of a day-trip out of town for them.

    3. There is nothing wrong for a parent to get away for awhile and get a break from the kids. It’s their honeymoon for crying out loud lol.

    1. Technically, it was the other people that posted them – I don’t think The Ashley was invited. Looks like Taylor’s relative (brother? cousin?) posted something. Maybe one of the bridesmaids. And even the venue posted pictures.

      If you were so upset that the pictures were pointed out here, you should have stopped scrolling once you saw the request that people not post pictures. My guess is you didn’t stop scrolling. Which, by your definition, is an invasion of privacy and lack of respect. Welcome to the club.

  12. I actually appreciate the non white dress. But I find her hair choice odd. I don’t know I just figured she would have her long hair down in waves. She always has it down.

  13. I wonder why Amber and Matt didn’t go? Did all those child support payments make it difficult for them to buy plane tickets?

    1. Ambie just had her mommy makeover surgery, so she is most likely lying in bed high.

      1. Yeah, I don’t understand why she did that right before the wedding. I think that was kinda rude. She was basically saying getting her plastic surgery was more important. I mean why couldn’t she wait until afterwards? Weird.

        1. The world doesn’t revolve around Maci and T-Money’s free, forced wedding. Maybe she tried to get another date but the doc was booked or maybe she didn’t even care that that Maci’s wedding was scheduled around this time. What Maci eats doesn’t make Amber shit

  14. What will Macy’s storyline be for MTV now??? She’s popped out kids , started a t shirt business , bought a house , engaged and married …. she’s covered all the bases …. and divorce rumours in 3…..2……1…..

    1. Maybe she’ll start worki….ahahahahahaha, no, I can’t finish this sentence with a straight face.

      Maybe they’ll show some of her partying? Other than that, there honestly isn’t much. Maybe MTV can stuck a GoPro to baby Jayde so we can at least see the kids while they’re being babysitted by Ryan’s parents, because mommy is too busy being drunk or dicking around doing nothing.

  15. Can we please stop the trend of people wearing shirts or jackets with their names/nicknames on the back before a wedding?? It looks so dumb! But I wouldn’t expect anything less than tacky from Maci.

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