‘Counting On’ Stars Jill & Derick Dillard: Saving Souls & Spending Money Wisely While In the United States

"I hope there's enough time to make another baby!"
“I hope there’s enough time to make another baby before we go back to the jungle!”

Counting On stars Jill and Derick Dillard are currently in the good ol’ U.S. of A, spreading God’s message to the masses and eating some tator tot casserole. The couple, who has been living down in Central America doing missionary work for over a year, recently took advantage of having unlimited access to WiFi to post an update on their family website.

In a post from October 6, Derick assured their fans that all of the money that has been donated to the Dillard Family Ministries charity has been put to good use. Derick and Jill, who, in the past have been scolded by fans for taking frequent trips back to the United States and possibly misusing charity donations, stated that they have paid for all of their travel expenses (except for one trip there) without having to tap into the donated funds. Derick assured us that all donations they’ve received have gone directly to helping the “spiritually dead of Central America.”

Now that they are back in Arkansas, Jill and Derick are both taking Bible classes, sharing their stories with others, and preparing to return to the jungles of Central America. In addition to all the studying, Derick stated that he has been working a “number of jobs” to support the family, including substitute teaching.

Derick then rambles on for a few paragraphs about how difficult it is for the couple to take care of their toddler son, Israel, while working and studying the Bible.

“Everything in life becomes immensely more complicated when you have a child,” Derick wrote.

Derick assured us that just because he and Jill are temporarily back in the United States, that doesn’t mean that they’re not still trying to save “spiritually destitute” souls. As you do.

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  1. I think Jill and Derick are true Christians and they are following Christ. People need to stop judging them, there are a lot of haters out there, but one day when the Good Lord comes, I would hate to be in some of your shoes. We are to love one another and lift each other up, not down ground some one. I prey for all of the ugly people out there, and you know who you are, so the next time anyone wants to say something ugly about the Diggers or Jill and Derick, ask yourself is that what Jesus would want me to say. The ones that are out there that yet have not found Salvation, I urge you to do so, before it’s to late. I love you Jill and Derick and your family, keep following Christ and God bless y’all. We will all be in Heaven soon, and I can’t wait. Love y’all.

    1. You’re exactly the type of bigoted, judgmental, “Christian” that turned me completely off any sort of Religion.

      1. She sounds like Carrie White’s mother.

        First the blood, then the boys!

        I wonder if she calls boobs, “dirty pillows“.

    2. Kimberly-

      You can read everything else I’ve written below in response to some of these other posts and apply it to yours. Most of it applies.

      However, let me address this statement of yours:

      “We will all be in Heaven soon, and I can’t wait.


      I can’t wait.”

      No time like the present.

    3. If they were “true” Christians they wouldn’t look down upon anyone who didn’t believe what they believed. They bash Catholics that’s why they went to Central America to convert already religious Catholics to their way of thinking, their constant this is a sin that’s a sin. Judging and not associating people who have kids out of wed lock and so on. Love thy neighbor as you love thy self is the number one teaching of the Bible and that cult oh sorry family is not doing that. So they are just as much of sinners that they are trying to save.

    4. Jesus would want you to hold them accountable for their words and actions, despite accepting them as a person. Try having that mentality, rather than judging others for judging others in the same breath judging everything those judgey judgersons say….Good for the goose, good for the gander, right?
      The duggars do not follow Christ in the way(s) you seem to believe.One creating his/her own version of Christianity, does not make him, or her, a Christian 😉

  2. This is most phoniest people in the world the are using the people there fans for more and more money I will not watch theshow and the oldedt brother is a rapeist go to go jail forever thats where u all need to be people take this show off the tv station on tbs ur devil people

    1. They recycle houses through the family. I believe the one who just got married (cannot remember her name but they just had the kid named Spurgeon) lives there with her husband and kid. Jim Bob and follower own several houses which the kids live in after they get married until they “get on their feet.” I believe only the eldest pedophile son and his wife have been able to purchase their own home.

  3. Derick assured us that all donations they’ve received have gone directly to helping the “spiritually dead of Central America.”

    Nothing worse than a sanctimonious bible thumping prick.

    Look at “saving” your own tortured family and washing away their sins before worrying about the eternal salvation of those who haven’t embraced the screwed up teachings the Duggars follow.

    If being “spiritually dead” means brothers keep their phucking hands to themselves and if they don’t, your parents won’t cover it up for you, providing you with more touching fodder, I’m sure there are many who would like to remain “unsaved”.. you sucked up looking POS. Ugh.

    Stay sweet, Derik!

  4. You two look in really bad health. Since your wedding you have aged. Stay in the States, all of those people are trying to get in here. If Hiliary gets in just wait at the Boarder. You won’t have to travel as far. You can minister to them as they cross our boarder freely.

    1. They can GTFO as far I’m concerned. We have enough crazy without these 2 adding to the gene pool.

      Further, I’m not sure who “those” people you’re referring to are, but I’m sure whoever they may be, they likely know the difference between border and boarder, They’ve got you one upped.

  5. They are doing what they believe the Lord is calling them to do. We as Christians should be praying for them and supporting them. They do have more training to be a missionary. What they do with their money and their time is between them and the Lord. I just do not understand why it is our business how they handle their marriage. They are bound to have disagreements in their marriage but I imagine they talk and pray about it.

    1. They made it our business because they CHOSE to put their lives on TV. They are constantly begging for donations and while I would personally never donate to them, they do owe some explanation of how that money is used to those who did donate.

    2. Who says I’m a Christian?

      Don’t presume to know shit about others or their belief system. You wind up looking like a jackass.

      What training do these 2 have other than being brainwashed from the womb? College courses studying religion? Theology, evangelism.. Any damn thing? No. Der-i-lict has a degree in accounting but never took a college level religious course. Oh! He was Pistol Pete! Yeah, look at his informative qualifications for ministering:


      Time spent actually ministering to those who ask for guidance versus trying to do what these 2 are doing.. trying to convert those who have their own religion, but are in need in 3rd world countries desperate for assistance just to be sure their children get a hot meal and some clean phucking drinking water?

      You’re daft and so are they.

    3. My experience with the religious, particularly Christians, contributed greatly to my becoming an Atheist, and raising my child as one as well.

      The Duggar’s aren’t really Christians anyway, they belong to a cult.

    4. It’s not their money, it never was, it never will be. So, yes, people have a say in what they donate to. Don’t like it? Don’t ask for money from perfect strangers. They’ve already had to issue thousands upon thousands of refunds…yes, from CHRISTIANS…because they are dishonest. Doesn’t that tell you something?
      They have NO training to be missionaries, it’s not even a requirement. Anyone can be a “missionary”, very few religions/churches actually train people for such a thing. They had ZERO training, and still don’t know what the hell they are doing. People down there, mock them, because they are trying so hard to demonize another religion, and the people, perhaps at times without even realizing it, all the while claiming they want to help. Maybe if they actually offered help instead of telling people they are demons, and filthy for having the beliefs they have…folks would be more accepting of their version of “christianity”..but they aren’t. Maybe if they helped the folks down there that are impoverished, and actually did something other than preach their holier than thou garbage, people would be accepting of them. As it stands..they are some of the worst “missionaries” christianity has today..and I don’t even subscribe to their version of christanity..but loads of others who do, are also holding them accountable for their dishonesty and inability to actually minister.

      What they do with others’ money..is between them and those who earmarked it for proper missionary work..the Lord doesn’t give two shits about what they are *claiming, he cares what they are doing. I’m quite certain he’d slap them across the face if they stood before him today, and send them to burn for all eternity for being blasphemous liars, and trying to claim anything they do or say, is in his name. Christians all around the world should be ashamed that people like this, are giving them a bad name. In fact..most are 😉

  6. Why in the WORLD do they keep going back to Central America? Surely there are heathens up in Canada or something. I wouldn’t want my little baby in a shaky and violent environment. But hey that’s just me.

    1. Don’t you know that Catholics aren’t real Christians to some (Duggars cult included) Christian sects?

      I wish I was kidding.

  7. So they are going to Central America which has mostly catholics and Christians and trying to convert them to what exactly? They look miserable and unhealthy. Of course having their child in a third world country sucks, stay in the US. It’s like they are trying to prove their godliness to the masses.

      1. Try telling that to the Duggars and their cult. They’re kind of assholes when it comes to Catholics (and anyone different than them).

      2. Don’t I know it. I was raised Eastern Orthodox. You wouldn’t believe how many stupid people, claiming to be Christians, asked me “what type of Jew are you?”

        Catholicism is an offshoot of Orthodoxy, both churches are older than most other religious offshoots combined.

        You’d think once these Gothardrite kids enter the real world (and, all of them have to at some point or another), they’d look around and see NO ONE is like them, and they’re part of a cult, not a church.

  8. I wonder how many fights or arguments these young couples have. Their tv relationship would be different off camera…I suppose. Also with her parents. Do you think they really got along? Did they have an intimate relationship just for having kids? Or do they also enjoy their alone time not just for breeding.

      1. And too put out whenever he wants it no matter what. Those words were straight from Mama Duggar’s mouth.

        1. Really? No disagreements with the husband and put out whenever he wants it? Hmmm….why was I so anti-Duggar religion before? It’s starting to get hazy…

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