Catelynn Lowell Confirms: ‘Teen Mom OG’ is Coming Back for Another Season

"I'm gonna milk this cash cow as long as I can!"
“I’m gonna milk this cash cow as long as I can!”

The Ashley never doubted that MTV would be wheeling out the gals of Teen Mom OG for yet another season, but on Monday, Catelynn Lowell confirmed the news that the long-running MTV reality show will, indeed, be back for a seventh season.

Catelynn, who was in Los Angeles with her family to see Sia after the singer personally invited her to a concert, chatted with TMZ about the future of ‘Teen Mom.’

“We are planning on [doing another season], yeah,” Catelynn said. “I feel like it’s always going to be a part of my life now!”

When the TMZ cameraman asked Cate how long she planned to continue doing the show, Cate couldn’t help but poke fun at the fact that she’s still on a show about teen parenthood, even though she is not actually a teenager (or even close to teenager) anymore.

“What’s it going to be, ’30-year-old Mom OG?'” Catelynn joked.

Catelynn’s mother, April, piped in to suggest that MTV could possibly continue to follow the cast member’s kids when they have babies (hopefully not at the age of 16 though…right?)

Catelynn’s husband, Tyler Baltierra, jokingly(?) suggested that MTV may try to keep the show running until “Season 42!”

It’s no shocker that MTV is doing a seventh season of the show, but this marks the first time anyone connected to the show has actually confirmed it. As The Ashley previous reported, MTV cameras were on-hand to capture Maci Bookout‘s recent wedding (which will likely be one of the highlights of next season). Amber Portwood‘s plastic surgery will also likely be featured on Season 7.

During the interview, Catelynn also gave an update on her relationship with Tyler, which, judging by the current episodes of ‘Teen Mom OG,’ appears to be in trouble. According to Cate, things are much better these days.

“We’re doing great,” Catelynn told the TMZ cameraman. “We are, we’re really doing great.”

MTV has not yet officially confirmed that ‘Teen Mom OG’ Season 7 is happening, but The Ashley is thrilled to know that she will be recapping the hi-jinks of Catelynn, Amber, Maci and Farrah Abraham for at least one more season!

Watch Catelynn’s interview with TMZ below:

(Photo: TMZ)

61 Responses

  1. I love Tyler, and I think he loves Nova so much that Cate Lynn knows she can use this depression thing to just say I am going away to work on myself!

    1. Tyler’s an asshole lol just because he’s not an alcoholic like Butch doesn’t mean he’s a saint. He’s immature as hell and had no life goals.

      You can take the man out of the trailer park but you can’t take the trailer park out of the man….

  2. I don’t understand why Caitlynn hasn’t hired a nutritionist and a personal trainer yet – it’s not like she can’t afford it.

    I don’t think their marriage is going to last. Tyler obviously resents her and she doesn’t give a shit about anything.

    I honestly think Nova would be better off with Tyler having sole custody of her.

  3. Good luck to Cait and Amber when they’re 35 and searching for their second jobs ever in their life. Maci has a husband and a job she can come back to, at least. Nobody is going to hire someone who sat on their ass for 15 years and all of a sudden needs a job. That’s the only thing I can’t stand about this show, is that they’re giving them the platform to be lazy as fuck. When people on other boards say “you wouldn’t work either if you were making $250,000 a year.” Actually, I absolutely would be. I’d be working part time doing something I enjoy and set aside my paychecks knowing that I will have some leg room in the future when my “tv career” is dunzo. I KNOW that tv money won’t last, and I KNOW nobody will hire me if I haven’t got any work experience when I’m going on 40, which these girls will be at this point. This is the show that never ends. Amber will be the worst off financially. She’s got no work experience, no desire to do anything, no desire to wake up and drive to work, or even work for that matter, and goes and spends $900 on four things that Leah will outgrow. Matt has no work lined up either. Remember the episode where Amb’s bro asks her “has he gotten paid?” and she goes “Well, he hasn’t gotten paid yet. He does have the job though.” Yeah, they never saw that check, because he wasn’t ever working. He’s a lazy piece of shit. In his 40s and not working or paying child support. He’s bleeding you dry, Ambien. You’ll find out soon

    1. I agree except the part where you said Maci has a job. Maci hasn’t left the house and had a REAL job since her part time gig when Bentley was a baby. Tweeting about companies is not a job, neither is running that pleather pocket tee biz real work. It’s a get rich quick vanity project

    2. Not to mention Amber is a felon so that’s another road block when it comes to finding a job. I died laughing at that scene where she said he was a “DJ”, has a job but hasn’t gotten paid yet lol. Even Amber knew that was stupid when she said it. But the real fun will begin when the show is done and people like Cate and Ty have no choice but to get off the couch and get a job. I can see them being reality tv jumpers doing everything from magic tricks, celebrity boxing, swimming with sharks, ice skating, eating roaches. The only ones out of all them who will be okay when the show ends is Ferral (because she’s an escort) and Chelsea, even if she decides to be a stay at home mom, Cole will make sure that they have.

  4. Ok so let’s see how many more houses are going to be bought on money that they are all pissing away!! Not saving for the futures of their children, paying taxes or putting money in saving more season is simply ridiculous!! As I’ve given up watching these horror stories anymore. Just coming to read @TheAshley is good enough for me…:D

  5. Can they at least get a new editor? The editing on this show is quite awful, like a high schooler peiced it together. The shots are spliced horribly.

    1. That Cate Panic Attack Scene was so funny lol. All you saw was random shots of smiling kids, Cate scampering off, and weird guitar music lol

  6. So Catelynn is too depressed to get off the couch to watch her child or to get out of bed for a Drs appt out of bed…but, wow, she sure bounced back when invited to LA for a concert…it’s a miracle.

  7. The teen mom girls need to know what real world is… need to work or go to college, the show is not real anymore, is just a bunch of people with lazy ass living in a bubble… and this season is boring to hell, i hope it ends soon.. i know Maci, Kail and Chelsea gonna be good, they work, Farah will be back to porno and the rest gonna had to move the ass!!

    1. Maci DOES NOT WORK. Tweeting and plugging businesses all day is not work. Neither is running her soon to be defunct pleather pocket tee biz a real job. I doubt Bloomingdales or Macy’s will be fighting to have TTM shirts in their stores

      1. i was surprised to hear taylor say jayde goes to daycare 5 days a week. i can understand, especially with a newborn, her going maybe 3 days, or half days. but every day, all day? while maci’s at home? sorry, i don’t respect that. that t-shirt crap isn’t a full time thing. and she needs to stop moving and let bentley settle into a home. he’s probably moved 15 times in his 7 years. ridiculous.

        1. Once Jayde is two or so I can see her going a few days a week part time to get that interaction with other kids and be social but really there is no reason for the babies to be at a daycare all day everyday when both parents don’t work. They just wanna lie around and pop Buds all day.

        2. I don’t want to underestimate having a webshop. I think it is a lot of hours. However, Maci made a lot of money doing Teen Mom, she is in a position to work part time and hire a cheap help. Or they could outsource the shipping.
          She will be sorry she missed seeing her kids grow up later.

      2. At least Maci’s kids are taken care of. Poor Nova is eating pennies off the floor, plays with a can of razz-ber-rita and is left unsupervised with a mistreated Doberman who’ll probably snap at some point while Catelynn and Tyler are busy sleeping and getting high.

  8. Not gonna lie….I’m ready for more foolery and antics from these hot messes. Bring it on! I’ll be watching!

    1. Have you noticed that she’s slowly transforming into Farrah with the way she’s parenting Leah?? They baby talk, the shopping sprees. Thank God Gary has sole custody. If Amber did, Leah would probably be just as big of a terror as Sophia.

      1. she can already play her parents like fiddles. did anyone hear leah say thanks for the $900 worth of clothes? and gary looked at the tag on what kristina bought and said, but you didn’t pay $12? she said no, it was on clearance. let’s send the kid in walmart clothes just to spite amber why don’t we?

        1. She’s been playing both of them since the dawn of time…with her whole telling one parent they don’t want to go to the others, etc. I think Leah is really sweet and a great kid, but she’s got the whole parent manipulation thing down

    2. Like it isn’t true. When you “accidentally” get knocked up, the nickname “Boo Boo” is disgusting.

      This show is beyond boring. I haven’t watched much this season, I forget it’s on.

  9. While Farrah drives everyone nuts, she is the only one with any entertainment value anymore. Catelynn cries and sits on the couch, Tyler has lunch and complains about her, Amber and Matt shop and eat and sit on their couch, Maci and Taylor hold babies and sit on their couch and talk about Bentley playing baseball, and then there’s Farrah. At least her outrageousness is mildly entertaining. And why do we need another season of this?

    1. Maybe make larger proportion of Maci’s segments be Bentley playing baseball?
      I’ll take watching first-graders play tag with baseball gloves on their heads in the background over beer chugging and those weird leather pocket shirts, tbh

    2. She’s also the only one with a career, let’s be honest lol. She sells herself and makes millions doing it, the others literally just sit on their couches wasting their MTV checks on micropigs and random new houses….Farah is a certified nightmare, believe me I can’t stand the bitch, but at least she’s doing something with her life lol

  10. I will be so mad if this show ever gets canceled before Amber figures out Matt is a leach and a con. I cannot stand that mans face!

    1. He looks like he has roadkill on his head…and don’t forget the dumb feather necklace and hat! God he looks so stupid.

  11. OMG We’re fine! We’re seriously fine! We are totally fine! WHY DOESN’T ANYONE BELIEVE ME?!?! That condescending asshole and I are completely and totally FINE!

  12. Yea, another year they don’t need to find jobs and can pound the shit out of their couches with their asses. FML

  13. Meanwhile Matt is rubbing his greasy palms with glee…

    I don’t watch OG but I do enjoy reading the recaps. I just wish somebody would for once call these people out for what they really are on camera. Tyler is a narcacisstic asshole, Cate really needs legitimate help and away from her enabling circle, somebody PLEASE save Nova and Sophia, maybe Maci should have to check into her infertility morphing into a fertile myrtle, and for the love of God just drop Matt off in the middle of the Sahara somewhere.

    But that’s not going to happen.

  14. It makes me sick to think of what will become of Nova should Cate and Tyler divorce. There’s no way in hell Cate can even pretend to manage that kid on her own. She’s full of excuses!!!!!

    1. Let’s face it, Tyler is mom and dad. Kinda reminds me of when Gary was the sole provider for Leah while Amber was tweeked out of her mind

    2. Only if they divorce? I’m terrified for Nova’s upbringing living in the constant shadow of Carly. These two should never have been married. When letters & visits to the child you placed is pretty much all that is keeping you together, it’s time to part ways.

  15. Of course she’s happy it’s another year of not having to do anything and getting paid for it. This show is just getting sad. She joked about it being 30 yr old mom….but that’s what it is they’re nearly 30!!!!!

  16. I’m kinda glad they’re coming back! It’s my guilty pleasure!
    Also I’ve been thinking this for a while so I have to get it out lol… does anyone else think that Catelynn’s therapist sounds exactly like Merri from Sister Wives?!?! When I look away from the screen while she’s talking I jump shows in my head!

    1. It’s definitely my guilty pleasure. I was watching last night and my 10 year old said “You STILL watch this?” Lol. Ive been watching since he was 3. Idk how much of a good thing this is. Another reason for Cate to be lazy and complacent. Im surprised she isn’t on her couch and in her zebra hoodie asking Sia to show her the concert via satellite from her bed

  17. Oh my… Another exciting season of Cate biting her nails while Tyler criticises her weight, Amber sitting on her couch defending Matt, Maci and Taylor drinking and Farrah lashing out at her creepy parents and her paid-by-MTV boy toy.

    1. Gary asking Leah for the millionth time “you like going to Mommy’s”

      Maci still bitching out about Rhine.

      Wash. Rinse. Repeat

      1. I can’t wait.
        Rhine saying IDK every other episode, at least.

        Deb pushing her sauce and sex doll daughter.

        All of them lying. Like when they say ‘I think…’, no you don’t, obviously.

        But we might see Maci in a doctor’s office with her mouth wide open. Possibly cause she just heard about another mystery baby, hopefully cause the birds and the bees are explained to her again and she finally gets it.

  18. This is such a terrible picture of Cait…goodness. But I really hope they don’t continue on with Farrah. I fast forward through all her segments. She grates on my nerves.

    1. I feel like tmz uses terrible pictures on purpose. They seem to do that with many of their stories for whatever reason. The Ashley was just probably trying to use the same images with the same story when she posted.

      1. Oh I wasn’t blaming the Ashley!! To be fair, I don’t think there ARE any good pictures of her. She looks terrible fairly consistently, which is pretty sad. 🙁

        1. Well at least we get to see her comb that strip of hair to the side of her head to cover that receding hairline

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