’90 Day Fiance’ Season 4 Episode 7 Recap: Desert Hiking & Ditching Your Fiance to Become a Model

"But I just exercised...in 2003!"
“But I just exercised…in 2003!”

It’s time to get your online dating profiles updated and settle in for another episode of 90 Day Fiancé.

We start out with Narkyia, who is shopping for a wedding dress. (Unfortunately, ol’ Lowo doesn’t quite have the cash that Anfisa’s fiancé, Jorge, does, so Narkyia can’t buy a $45,000 dress like Anfisa wants.) Her family is there for her but they can’t help but offer up plenty of snide comments.

“She’s shopping for a wedding dress and her fiancé isn’t even in the country,” her sister quips.

"He told you he was a prince? And you believed him?!"
“He told you he was a prince? And you believed him?!”

Still, Narkyia picks out a beautiful lace dress and even her doubtful sister is impressed.

“Even if Lowo is a polygamist, he’ll marry you in that,” her sister says.


Meanwhile, Nicole and Azan are still on their romantic overnight desert campout in Morocco. After dancing by the fireside, Azan finally bites the bullet and proposes to Nicole. She is overcome with emotion.

“I never in my dreams imagined being proposed to under the stars, completely dark, in the Sahara Desert,” she says.

They retire to their tent. Bow Chicka WowWow. Also…ew…

"One night of tent-dwelling unbridled passion should equal enough exercise for a year!"
“One night of tent-dwelling unbridled passion should equal enough exercise for a year!”

“The question of us getting much sleep tonight is unknown…. it’s up to your imagination now,” Nicole giggles.

Did you hear that? It was the sound of the stomachs of every viewer turning at the thought of these two fornicating.

Over in Kentucky, Alla is missing her sister, but of course her fiancé Matt is unable to handle his fiance’s perfectly normal emotions. He is bummed out that he isn’t enough to fulfill her every need.

Alla says she would like to bring her sister and nephew to the U.S. because they have no other family and they are very close.

In Florida, Anfisa is being her usual spoiled self and dragging Jorge with her to a photo shoot. Anfisa is apparently convinced that she has what it takes to become America’s Next Top Model, so she is trying to shoot some sexy pictures so that she can become famous and ditch Jorge for a life of Tyra Mail and “smizing”…or something.

"Pssh, gurrrl....I've got a better chance of being a model than you!"
“Pssh, gurrrl….I’ve got a better chance of being a model than you!”

The breakout star of this scene is by far the makeup artist. She’s amazing and hilarious. Jorge and Anfisa are bickering, as usual. She wants to model in lingerie, but Jorge thinks it’s too revealing. Of course, Anfisa loves that she’s getting all of the attention, and is even taking it as an ego stroke that Jorge is getting upset.

“I think it’s cute when Jorge gets jealous, it shows he cares about me,” she says. (Well…that and the fact that he’s spent almost $100k on crap you don’t need or deserve.)

She tells us that she came to America to be rich and famous. I guess Jorge is just the transportation that got her here.

When it all starts to hit you that your fiance is a money-sucking leech....
“I wonder if I could be a model, too?”

“I hope fame and fortune isn’t more important to her than me,” he says.

Why would he ever think that?! It’s clearly true love and true love only driving Anfisa to Jorge! Duh.

Over in Florida, it’s six days before Chantel and Pedro’s wedding and they still haven’t even told her parents they’re getting married. Chantel, ever the child, tells us that she’s not good with pressure so she’s just gonna make Pedro tell her family the news.

In the next scene, they all head to a gym where Chantel is performing as a cheerleader and her dad is a coach…or something? I’m very confused as to what is happening in this scene. Is Chantel auditioning for “Bring It On Again and Again?” Is this what they do for a living? What the hell is going on here? The only thing we know for sure is that Chantel’s mom is still trying to pull off that cowboy hat look.

When you realize your storyline is the lamest on the show...
When you realize your storyline is the lamest on the show…

After they finish…whatever the hell it is that they were doing in the gym…Chantel gathers all of her family in the parking lot and breaks the news. Her family just stands there in stunned silence for a few seconds. Chantel’s dad wants to know why they are just now hearing about the couple’s plans to get married. Her brother feels lied to.

“I’m not mad or upset at Pedro…” Chantel’s dad says.

“I would never recommend getting married that way, but what can you say,” her mom asks.

Her parents are surprisingly calm about the whole thing. Why the hell was her whole story line about her being worried to tell her parents?

"Don't make me get waxed for no reason, boy!"
“Don’t make me get waxed for no reason, boy!”

Meanwhile, Narkyia is still planning for her wedding…and wedding night.

“I might go get waxed later…you know…get ready,” she tells us.

Again, TMI. Stop making us picture gross things!

Narkyia tells us that she and Lowo have only spent a total of nine days together.

“In normal circumstances I would say that’s crazy,” she says.

Luckily, she met her catfishing lying, non-prince fiancé online so we aren’t talking about normal circumstances here.

Just when she’s getting ready to vajazzle herself, Lowo calls with bad news. There’s a hold up with his visa. Lowo tells her there’s a delay with getting the police report that is required for his visa but Narkyia doubts this story. Remember, she questions everything he tells her because he has a history of lying to here…a lot. Lowo tells her they will probably have to delay the wedding and Narkyia isn’t happy. Well…on the bright side…at least she didn’t get her, um, nether regions waxed for no reason!

Finally, we head to Morocco one last time to check on Nicole and Azan. They are just waking up from their night of tented lovemaking, so we are “treated” to seeing them with, um, afterglow.


Maybe it would have been better to start her on a brisk walk...rather than a death march through the desert, Azan...
Maybe it would have been better to start her on a brisk walk…rather than a death march through the desert, Azan…

Later, they trek up the sand dunes and Nicole almost dies. Seriously, she is huffing and puffing and about to pass out. Azan encourages her by saying, “Stop being lazy and go to do some workouts honey.”

It’s so sweet when lovebirds encourage each other like that, ain’t it?

Azan tells us that he is surprised to see that Nicole is not a healthy person and that she needs to do “a lot of workouts.” Nicole doesn’t see the need, though.

“I don’t exercise. This is not a thing for me,” she says.

"...and she can start by walking away from me...far, far away..."
“…and she can start by walking away from me…far, far away…”

Nicole is not happy that Azan wants her to work out and be healthy. She says that makes her feel like he’s trying to change her. Why would anyone want to change Nicole? She’s just a fantastic specimen of human all the way around!

Next week, Anfisa is still using Jorge, Alla meets Matt’s enabling mother, Chantel’s brother is mad, and Nicole and Azan prove to be the worst match ever.

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15 Responses

  1. I wonder if Chantel’s parents knew all along-I know tlc isn’t the most integrity filled channel but did the girl really think her parents would be given a fake TV show contract prior to filming?

  2. Anfisa is such a bi ch. Each modeling profile of someone else she declares “ugly” But she thinks herself the most gorgeous thing every. Notice her lips and Farrah’s look alot alike. QUACK QUACK

  3. My question is, how is Anfisa only 20 years old and already had so many plastic surgeries? She looks like a 30 year old bimbo and acts like a 15 year old girl. It’s really cringe-worthy to watch

  4. Nicole is a perfect example of ignorance. When you are a guest in an other country, behave like one! We have expectations when visitors come, so do They! It’s very obvious she hasn’t traveled much, nor took any time learning about his country or culture. Her personal appearance should not be an issue, it’s the person inside that matters and her person inside is not very nice, she is very imature and childish.

    1. a little googling would’ve done nicole a world of good. unfortunately, she’s not the sharpest knife in the drawer. but azan is telling her and she’s not listening, or caring. They Could End Up In Morrocan Prison over her BS!! he looks scared to death sometimes and she doesn’t have sense enough to be concerned. she has a lot of growing up to do. i’d say the same for anifisa, but i have a feeling she’ll be even worse later. she’s a farrah. no, nicole’s Appearance shouldn’t be an issue. but the fact that she’s so young and can barely walk half a mile is concerning. she’s very unhealthy and although azan could certainly be nicer about it, he’s right to voice concern.

      1. omg you hit the nail on the head! all of that constant PDA that Nicole wants from Azan could wind them up in a prison! And I could not believe that she ran away from him, went to his parents and then plopped down on the floor like a child. People over there do not behave this way! His family must be mortified….and they had to put up with her for 5 weeks…She is so naive it’s annoying.

  5. I definitely appreciate & enjoy the recaps, but it’s the comments to the pictures that keep me coming back:

    “Maybe it would have been better to start her on a brisk walk…rather than a death march through the desert, Azan…”

    Lol! Thanks for the creativity and chuckles!

  6. Crazy group this season! Jorge, grow a pair and send that self-centered, money hungry, twat-waffle back to Russia. Narkiya, wake up from that dream where there’s a guy waiting at the altar for you…Lowo ain’t there and won’t be showing up so take the dress back and maybe use the money for a spin class. Nicole and Azan…the hottest mess of a couple EVER…SOMEONE pull the plug on this dying duo! Why, why, why would ANY guy propose to an overgrown, immature, over-sexed Baby Huey look alike, when he could, no-doubt, find a more suitable woman in his own country that had the good sense not to get them both arrested for groping in public? No strong opinions about Matt and Alla or Chantal and her guy, whose name escapes me…they aren’t much better but less offensive than the others.

  7. Alla will not be staying she is miserable and I don’t blame her. Nicole is an absolute moron to be away from her baby that long, especially after that fight where she almost broke her fiancé in half. Go home captain chunk and be a mother.

  8. Narkiya is pitiful. It’s clear to anyone with half a brain that Lowo is using her, but she is so sure of herself (and him). According to her, she has everything figured out. Sure thing! No offense to Vietnam, but who outside of that country goes their to get a business degree? How does Lowo get approved for a visa, then he needs to a police record after the fact??

    1. He had to submit police certificates from every country in which he resided for more than six months after the age of 16 before the consular interview. Police certificates are not valid indefinitely though, and before the consul issues the visa, he or she will always check to ensure that the certificates are still current. If one of his certificates had expired, he would have to get a new one before he could get the visa.

      The consulate would have also run his fingerprints through various databases to check his criminal history and for any security/terrorism concerns. He obviously passed those.

  9. Chantel is so phoney and a bad actress. Can’t stand her. Jorge must be pretty darn desperate for a woman that he’s allowing the ice princess from Russia to walk all over him. Maybe if Alla’s sister comes to the states the marriage might work. And as far as Nicole and Azan….I can’t stand to watch them anymore. It’s like waiting for a train to crash

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