‘Teen Mom’ Star Tyler Baltierra Comments On His Dad Butch Going Back to Jail

"I wonder if my dad will grow the mullet back out while he's behind bars?"
“I wonder if my dad will grow the mullet back out while he’s behind bars?”

Earlier this week, The Ashley reported the sad news that Teen Mom OG star Butch Baltierra had landed back behind bars earlier this month after reportedly violating his parole supervision requirements by driving with a suspended license. While Butch’s currently location remains unclear (he is still listed online as being on parole, but it appears that he is, indeed, still at some sort of facility), his recent reincarceration has been upsetting to his son, Tyler Baltierra.

In an interview with Dr. Mike Dow for the “Dr. Mike Show” earlier this week, Tyler finally spoke out about Butch landing back behind bars, just over a year after he was released after a long prison stint.

“I’m so used to it when I hear something like that happen, it’s just kind of like, ‘Here we go again,” he told The Mike Dow Show , according to WetPaint.

The Ashley has not been able to locate additional details as to what caused Butch’s reincarceration, and it seems that even Tyler is a little unsure about what happened.

“It’s a little upsetting and unfortunate. Until I get more information on what’s going on, I can be mad, really sad, or angry,” he said during the radio show interview on October 19. “But for right now … it’s a waiting game to find out why he’s in there or what’s going to happen. It is what it is.”

Unfortunately, Butch being behind bars is nothing new for Tyler. Butch has been in and out of prison all of Tyler’s life. He was released in August 2015 after serving about four years for violating his parole stemming from previous charges. He promptly cut off his beloved salt-n-pepper mullet to show that he was a changed man. (RIP, Butch’s Mullet; you are so missed!)

After being released from prison, Butch was very vocal about maintaining his sobriety. Based only on his recent court records, it does not appear that the arrest had anything to do with Butch relapsing on drugs or alcohol (although The Ashley can’t totally confirm this).

Tyler told Dr. Dow that he has learned to deal with Butch’s lifelong struggles.

“This isn’t about me, it’s about my dad’s personal demons and the way he handles them,” Tyler said. “I went to therapy my whole childhood over this, getting an understanding that he is who he is. He has an addiction.”

Tyler and his wife, Catelynn Lowell, are currently filming for the next season of ‘Teen Mom OG’ so there is a very good chance that Butch’s reincarceration will be addressed on an upcoming episode of the show.

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  1. For all of you who are bashing Butch being stopped on a suspended license is one of the most common things people are being pulled over for the court system pulls your license for any little thing anymore it doesn’t even have to be driving or drug related. I know this for a fact because I had my license pulled a few years ago from an old court fine. Not only did they pull my license they also took away my voting rights. Honestly how do the courts expect you to get back and fourth to work to pay your court fines if you have no license. Because some people don’t live in towns with cabs and buses.

  2. Best line in this article hands down is “beloved salt-n-pepper mullet”. I snorted at work work reading that lol

  3. So anyone follow Cates snapchat? She just posted a video of nova completely naked in a shower. What’s she thinking?

    1. She isn’t.
      That’s the problem most of the cast members. They are not using that grey wet mass under their latest hairdo or neglected hairmess.
      There is a day after today and then some girls and boys, you need to think further.

    1. Ah the recreational users downvotes. You might be a recreational user and that’s fine (where I live it is).
      However, Tyler is not and he has a wife that really needs to lay of the green medicine cause it doesn’t combine with her medication. Even worse, she skips her AD’s to smoke. That’s the best recipe to create instability, tiredness and mood swings. You need to take anti-depressants and such every day even preferably at the same time.
      I’ve used them for over ten years and participated in research.
      There should be no drug of any sort in their house or habits, nor lots of alcohol until she is strong enough to use her medication as she should to get better.

      1. they are both chain cigarette smokers too, exposing their kid and poor dogs to their deadly habit. They don’t deserve a child or dogs!

  4. This goes to show how a cycle of abuse can affect generations of a family. It is very hard to break. One thing I will say about Barbara though, she got out of the abuse and she has worked hard. Maybe it was at the detriment of mothering her kids. Who knows? She did what she could and she’s trying to protect Jace.

    1. Tyler broke the cycle ages ago, he has all the tools necessary. He’s choosing not to employ them, though.
      It can be very difficult to break such cycles, especially when you have neither the resources, nor the knowledge, you need. Tyler has both, so he has no excuse at all for this.

    1. Nothing just happens..we make choices, and not always wise choices. Butch put himself where he is, no one did that to him.

  5. Is it any wonder why the Teen Mom cast are they way they are ?

    We laugh at Butch and Babs, but can you imagine having these crackpots as parents growing up. Why should any of use be surprised half of the decisions they make are bad, despite their young ages.

    1. Larry is the only parent (finally) doing what needs to be done it seems. Maci and Ryan are both used to getting away with anything.
      The rest of them had parents who where (partially) absent, otherwise engaged (drugs, drinks, dudes/ladies, da big house) or not in a state of mind or capable to raise a healthy and functioning child.
      Sorry to say but they (the teen parents) all have a screw loose and some of them lost the whole toolbox.
      Demographics show that teen moms don’t finish their education, have a higher chance of becomming poor, get arrested, etc. But maybe 70% would have the same issues without becoming a teen parent.
      It boils down to having been neglected or spoiled emotionally by one parent or both.

  6. I mean yeah it is really disappointing but Tyler has no place to talk either. What exactly has he achieved since the 16&Pregnant episode? NOTHING. No education, no job, no career. Oh and they had a baby who they only see 3-4 times a week. He’s super strict about his father’s and now Cate’s sobriety but he can’t seem to quit smoking pot himself. What. A. Loser.

      1. Actually, Tyler half time is a pretty perceptive kid. If you plucked him off his couch, gave him a real haircut and dropped him on a college campus, you’d think he was a smart, well spoken young adult.

        Too bad he didn’t have a uncle or another male figure he really respected, that had his life together to call him out on his bullsh*t and know-it-all attitude.

        1. He did go to some sort of college for awhile. And then a few seasons ago he thought film school would make him a whole lot of money; it was the season he made and posted the video of Carly. Then he was going to finish his counseling degree when they found out about Nova. It’s just in the past two seasons he’s become a big hypocrite with a roadkill helmet on his dome.

          1. “Counseling degree”? What kind of non-accredited program was he in? Even a crappy certificate is two additional years beyond undergrad…

        2. “Tyler half time is a pretty perceptive kid.”..he *could* be, but he makes the conscious choice not to be, at least now. We all know that he has been, in the past, so capability exists. That is the problem. Yes it would be fantastic if he(hell, all of us) had better role models in his life, but, in this case, he DOES know better, he DOES know how to “break the cycle”…and he’s choosing not to.
          He has absolutely no excuse, whatsoever, for not doing better himself. You can only blame those around you for so long before it simply becomes another excuse.
          Tyler isn’t stuck in some cycle brought on by a shitty childhood, he’s making the choice to do nothing with his life. He doesn’t have anything at all holding him back, except Tyler.

        3. I actually think if the show never happened and the money making them so complacent, Tyler would be doing something successful and grabbing life by the balls. He actually didn’t seem like he was blowing hot air when he said he wanted college and a successful future, Catelynn was never motivated and was always a talker with no action. The money made them lazy. I hope Tyler does something with his life before the years keep passing him by. He has a lot of potential I think.

        4. This is a very articulate comment. Tyler has no male success story to look up to; no father type figure to follow. Caitlyn’s bio dad isn’t really around (I believe?).

          I agree with another users comment on how the cycle of abuse/incarceration affects multiple generations. If anything, I find Teen Mom so much less about “don’t get pregnant as a teen” and more of a sociological pertspective about how unstable adults produce unstable children who produce unstable children, wash/rinse/repeat.

          1. Yep. Small town America sees itself in 16 & Pregnant and Teen Mom. But unfortunately, the actual participants don’t. They’re too busy trying to find a boyfriend or girlfriend and having their own family to love them.

            I still remember Kail’s comment from many years ago about how shocked she was to find out that very few teen mom’s had a father in their life. DUH? A stable family has EVERYTHING to do with it.

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