Physical Fight Breaks Out at ‘Teen Mom OG’ Season 6 Reunion Taping (Report)

I hope they gave Gary a microphone and he acted as the announcer and referee!
I hope they gave Gary a microphone and he acted as the announcer and referee!

The cast of Teen Mom OG is currently in Los Angeles filming the Season 6 Reunion show and, apparently, things got downright crazy during yesterday’s shoot, with things ending in a physical altercation between multiple cast members!

Let’s get ready to RUMBLE!

Sources for Real Mr. Housewife have stated that ‘Teen Mom OG’ cast members Amber Portwood and Matt Baier got into a brawl with Farrah Abraham and her father, Michael, as well as Simon Saran.

As you do.

According to Real Mr. Housewife, the hi-jinks started when Dr. Drew Pinsky was talking to Farrah and Simon onstage about comments Simon recently made about Matt. (In a series of Snapchats, Simon made fun of all of the ‘Teen Mom OG’ cast members while watching several episodes of the show. He basically called Matt a pedophile in one of the Snaps.)

“When Dr. Drew mentioned Simon had called Matt a pedophile, it seemed like he was heading in the direction of an apology, claiming it was all in fun,” the insider continued. “However, Farrah piped in and said, ‘Well [Matt] does kind of look like a pedophile.’”

Amber, who was watching from the sidelines, apparently stormed onstage and got in Farrah’s face. Naturally, Farrah’s dad, Michael, decided to insert himself into the brawl as well.

"Oh no she did NOT! I'm gonna give her a prison whoopin'!"
“Oh no she did NOT! I’m gonna give her a prison-style whoopin’!”

“At that point things got out of hand…Michael, Farrah’s dad, got out of his seat and got in between Farrah and Amber and was yelling at Amber and calling her a bitch,” the site’s insider claims.

Next, Matt stepped in to separate Amber and Michael. When Michael allegedly put his hand on Matt’s throat, things turned physical.

“Michael went flying into the audience and Farrah was yelling at Amber to punch her,” the source stated. “Amber tried [to punch Farrah] and just missed hitting her.”

Of course, the brawl caused complete pandemonium on the set. Since Farrah is none-too-popular with Maci Bookout and Catelynn Lowell, it’s no surprise that they were trying to jump in and help Amber deliver a whoopin’ to Farrah.

Seriously…you can’t make this stuff up!

“The other cast members were trying to get onstage,” the source stated. “You could hear Maci screaming that she wanted to come on and was going to f**king kill Farrah. They didn’t get on, though, as security seemed to hold them back.”

Eventually, Matt and Amber were removed from the stage by security. Real Mr. Housewife reached out to a rep for Farrah and Michael, who stated that the scene was the result of “Michael defending himself.”

As unbelievable as this story sounds, several cast members who were on-set yesterday have basically confirmed that an altercation occurred.

When Maci’s husband, Taylor McKinney, tweeted “Mic drop” in reference to the brawl, Simon piped up.

“Lol. Amber you should work on your aim. And Matt should have came after me. Pu**y,” Simon tweeted, later tweeting to Amber, “Thanks for the good laughs. Your clown act matched your makeup last night.”

On Sunday, Simon discussed the fight in another tweet.

“Recap of reunion: @amberportwood trotting around like a hippo,” Simon wrote. Matt and another senior citizen in a small scuffle. #teenmomog”

(In case you’re not catching on here, Simon is calling Michael the other ‘senior citizen.’)

This is not the first time Amber has feuded with Farrah and Michael. There have been several incidents in the past that have caused issues between the cast members. However, in recent months, Farrah and Amber seemed to have come to an understanding and were getting along better. That truce is apparently over, though, judging from the alleged events from yesterday.

The Ashley will post more details when she gets them! This is the most exciting thing that’s happened at a ‘Teen Mom’ reunion since Leah Messer yelled “MONKEY!”

(Photos: Instagram, MTV)

156 Responses

  1. This is why farrahs nasty ass should not be on the show. Simon needs to shut his monkey was up. He Can come for Amber but let’s farrah talk to him like her child. That’s what’s funny.

  2. This is for Mr. Farrah, Simon you’re a bitch too just like that nasty whore you date to get on TV. You’re no better then Farrah bitch ass!! Go after Amber and say shit to a woman. How about man up and say shit to Matt you fucking coward. Yay Amber, and yay Matt! So happy you ladies are FINALLY standing up for yourselves against that fake ass bitch Farrah.

  3. Simon was smiling during the whole fight! Farrah should be aware that when her father fell to the floor, her boyfriend thought it was amusing. He caused the entire fiasco and since you said he is just a friend, and not your boyfriend, I have to ask why is he even there? And Farrah, you can’t tell a pedophile by looking at someone, an apology is definitely in order. Joan

  4. Well hell FREAKIN Farrah needs to get her ass whoop just maybe it might knock some sense into her she is fawl a BITCH a down right nasty person she is so rude mean to her parents don’t know why they put up with her I hate she’s even in the show glad she’s leaving

  5. I want to no why the father’s family hasn’t stepped in along time ago when Farrah first started showing sign’s that she has real mental issues I no that lil girls daddy died but wouldn’t you think with Farrah doing porn bouncing her child from her self to here n there her mom who ever just to me seems like the father’s family would step in n I think they should at least try I bet they would win Farrah’s nuts up stairs n every one can see it from the first season

  6. Really @amber and Matt I wouldn’t waste my time on 2fake ppl Farrah and Simon ,Farrah buys her own engagement Ring,Who does that..Only the fake ass Farrah and Simon you don’t even want Fareah,Pathetic fake ppl..Amber and Matt keep doing you cause they are fake ass ppl with no life..Disgusting that MTV even had Farrah back on after what she’s done and keeps doing

  7. Simon must enjoy the tv exposure AND the services I’m sure Farrah provides. Hope it’s worth it, dude. The American public thinks you’re a gutless, big mouthed, ignorant poser. And now you’re disliked as much as UBT.

    Good job, dumb axx.

  8. Amber and Matt should have kept their cool and instead sued Farrah and Simon for all they are worth for defamation of character, if they were smart! Calling someone a pedophile is definitely defamatory and can cause them a great deal of personal issues! I still want to see them sue her. And the names Simon is calling people online- even my 6 year old wouldn’t speak that way to another person! Simon is bullying her. And he is the pussy… has to tag along and be told what to do by Farrah.

    1. Suing for ‘defamation of character’ is borderline impossible in this case, especially for public figures. People throw that term around a lot, but have no idea about the legal requirements. They would have to prove actual malice and that Simon’s statements were actually meant as fact (and not just him trying to stir up TV drama), and it caused Matt irreversible damage (ie; financial/lost job, etc). Matt would also have to be ok with getting his past exposed even more during depositions and the exploratory phase. That’s the main reason celebs don’t go after tabloids. The lawyers do some DEEP digging. The law libel/slander laws are VERY different for private citizens vs. those deemed public figures, as Matt/Amber would be.

      1. Also meant to say, even if Matt/Amber did take legal action (which wouldn’t happen), they can’t “sue them for all they are worth”. Lol. This isn’t a wrongful death case. The average payout for cases like this are several thousand dollars. Take a look at Kiera Knightly’s recent case–several MAJOR newspapers reported that she was anorexic, and was responsible for killing someone. THAT is an accusation that could ruin and life and prevent movie roles for liability/insurance reasons. She won, and was awarded just over two thousand dollars….and went after one of the biggest media agencies in the word, not Farrah freaking Abraham, who probably has what, a million in assets if she’s lucky? A decent house and a yogurt shop, which can’t exactly be raking in the dough!

  9. It’s sad how farrah thinks she’s so gorgeous and she’s ugly as hell now since all her plastic surgeries. She is so fake it’s pathetic. And her boyfriend looks so goofy and him and farrah are a good match their both a joke. I wish they’d take her off for good!!

    1. She resembles a ‘special needs’ muppet imho. I really can’t wait until her and octomom end up roommates on a reality show where they dispense parenting advice from the service window of a taco truck that they also live in. Actually, I should figure out how to pitch that to an exec 😉

  10. Farrah is a worthless pile of garbage. I wish they’d take her ass back off the air. I fast forward through her scenes because she’s so delusional, ignorant and just downright disrespectful to everyone around her. She has balls though. For being such a huge piece of shit she sure thinks she’s God’s gift.

  11. I thought Farrah refused to be in the same room as Dr Drew after he “threatened to strangle” her. Didn’t she claim to feel unsafe around Dr Drew?

    Legitimate question: Did Farrah get ass implants, too, or is her booty real? I feel like she is trying to look like and be like Kim Kardashian.

    Finally. Farrah dear, the word is SEVER not severance. SEVER means to cut ties with. Severance is the money an employer pays to a former employee. That was driving me crazy in tonight’s episode.

    1. oh Farrah got a butt job for sure…the girl is trying to be Kim Kardashian and is failing at it miserably…The sex tape, the plastic surgery, believing that she has this “empire”, now the butt shots….she’s is so delusional and it’s so frustrating because she’s such an asshole

    2. The “severance” thing drove me insane, too! And you know that she thinks she is using “high class” vocabulary words when she speaks like that. It’s kind of hilarious to watch her mangle the language, thinking she’s demonstrating her intelligence when she is actually undermining it- but it’s also infuriating as well.

    3. Honestly? It’s hard to say a definite yes. Farrah is still small framed compared to most women but she also put on weight. If you look at her from years ago, especially the James Deen era, she was anorexic looking. She made Maci look like Catelynn and we know Maci is 80 lbs soak and wet. Ferral looks pear shaped like Debra with all her weight being in her ass and hips, so it MIGHT be real.

  12. Go Amber!!!! Farrah has no respect if I was in the audience I would of jumped on stage and kicked Farrah in the face . We should start a petition to kick her off the show. Even her mom tried to stab her in an early season . I hope her yogurt shop fails.

  13. Amber just posted some videos on her IG talking about it….. I couldn’t focus because of her, um, well….you’ll see….

  14. WTF!!! Are the getting that desperate for ratings that they have to turn it into a Jerry Springer hour?!

  15. Since I cant get the show in NZ, I wait in anticipation for your updates The Ashley………..this one is Epic…….so hilarious!!!
    Thanks for my Tuesday laugh

  16. Farrah and her damn outhouse. This bitch thinks she’s something. Her poor daughter acts like the Tasmanian devil, just like her plastic mom. She has zero chance.

  17. What in the world?? Where is all of this coming from?? Simon has transformed into the male version of Farrah and it ain’t cute…When people are favoring MATT over you, it’s time to re-evaluate your life and life choices….I’m team Amber and Matt on this one, which I never thought would happen….must be a cold day in hell. Simon and Farrah just hit a new low, and I didn’t think that was possible. Talk about 2 scumbags. Farrah just keeps building up more and more bad karma, and it’s gonna be a sad day for her when it finally catches up. It won’t be pretty.

  18. I don’t condone violence and I’m not a fan of Matt at all but Farrah, her dad and her fake tv boyfriend all needed an ass whooping but too bad Matt and Amber could’t really deliver.

    1. YES. Although I do wish Amber would’ve whapped Farrah upside the head, I am glad that Amber’s fist didn’t connect with Farrah’s face….you already know that Farrah would’ve pressed charges and she is DEFINITELY not worth jail…..she’s not worth anything. Simon needs to go…he’s morphing into the male version of Farrah, and one Farrah is enough.

  19. Please take this awful show off the air. Stop supporting these shit heads and make them get real jobs. They all act like uneducated hillbillies (sorry hillbillies).

  20. Um it’s not okay for people to just run up and try to instigate physical violence. Amber went to prison for being violent and the fact that she is getting applauded for something she supposedly did her time for is appalling. Why is she getting so worked up over something they always say they won’t give any attention to (gossip, rumors, accusations)? This show is a sad, twisted joke.

  21. I can’t believe how violent and uncivilized they are! Especially Maci screaming “I’m going to fucking kill you”, I mean what is this? They’re adult parents and they act like this? Is this normal behaviour in certain parts of America? We all know Amber has anger issues and Farrah seems to be struggling with some kind of mental illness, but I kind of expected more from Maci. This is sad:(

    1. You are right, I was a bit surpri… err no, I wasn’t surprised but I expected more from them by now.
      I know this is Farrah, I would like to yell at her too, I would like to punch her too when I had to spend many days with her.
      But you can’t let yourself go like this. Besides that, you are giving Farrah what she wants, attention, drama, playing victim, point her finger at them and call them trash.

    2. YOu expected better from Maci? That girl went all back woods hood rat Tenneessee on em. I expected nothing less haha.

  22. All these people are awful. There is, LITERALLY, no one to root for. This, and TM2, need to be cancelled. These idiots need some perspective on how life really works. All of them are spoiled, overpaid premadonnas.

  23. Simon of all people… He’s an attention seeking little bish how sits there and stomachs Farrah’s nasty ass so that he can be on television. In reality he’s going to attack Amber on her looks but look at who he’s messing around with, a cheap manufactured plastic blow-up porn star that who’s personality is about as real as her boobs. Farrah’s storyline is so played out and pointless. Like why does MTV continue to pay her and show her. All she does is stomp around yelling and living in her own misery… That’s why she’s not married and is probably never will be. No one takes her seriously and I fast forward through her segments. And honestly her daughter is not far behind her… There were so many other teen mom’s from the first season of 16 and Pregnant that I would have rather see than Farrah… I wish Amber had beat her ass. Clearly, Simon deserves her two fame whore people who have no emotional range.

    1. I’ll never understand how anyone thought Simon is, in any way, a good guy. A good guy would run as far away from Farrah, and her family, as quick as possible (and has. Remember that guy who Farrah insulted his mother, calling her a “lone bird”. He dumped her the next day while on vacation?)

      None of these”girls” is ever going to find a straight up”nice/Good” guy.

    1. This will never happen. She’s all bark and no bite, she runs her mouth when Farrah’s not around but when confronted face-to-face she backs off. She only pretends to be a tough chick.

  24. Amber never changes, still trashy, still gets phyical when angered.

    Bitch stop with your “sending lover farse”

  25. I literally cannot understand why MTV continue to allow Farrah to be part of this show. She is a hideous human being, and is an abusive bully. If they fired her from the show (and meant it this time) maybe there would be a better chance of her disappearing into oblivion so we would never have to look at her vile face again. Seriously, fucking fire her aleady!

  26. If Michael did choke Matt he should be arrested. Why is he having physical altercations over events that his daughter started

    1. Michael’s just as F’d up as Farrah and his defense of her, especially when she’s wrong, is sickening. While he sometimes calls her on her BS, he basically still enables her craziness and he’s just another person in a long line who is party to Farrah’s horrid bad behavior and actions. If Michael and Deborah would put their foot down w/their daughter and stop defending her, I think she might have a tiny chance at change. But, we all know that’ll never happen.

  27. They need to CANCEL this show. All of them are classless. It’s time to get real jobs and show us how “professional” they can be. It’s pathetic that 70% of them on the show sit on the couch and not do anything. It’s time to move on especially since these girls are shit shows.

    1. I suppose it’s good that Amber missed. She probably would have broken her hand getting a good lick in all that hard plastic surgery

  28. I just looked at the source article for this article and at that site, the next article is about Amber, Maci, and Catelynn walking off because that nasty skank Farrah was acting her usual prima donna self and the 3 of them got fed up. Good for them.

  29. First mic drop in history to receive a standing ovation.
    Congrats girls, well done.

    Work on that aim in case MTV still continues to work with Farrah, Amber. You’ll receive another standing ovation when you succeed next time.

  30. I have to DVR it nowadays as I just cannot tolerate Farrah the ferret face and her bratty, evil spawn. I wish Amber knocked her fake teeth down her throat ?

  31. A little advise for Amber. As one of the great thinkers of our time once said, “you need to grab them by the pussy”.

  32. Simon and Farrah deserve each other. Wackos.
    Simon would rather share Farrah with the world and has the nerve to say ANYTHING about Ambers weight?? Now…lets be real. Amber is beautiful no matter what size she is. Farrah needs plastic surgery to be hlf a woman

  33. This whole group is trashy, but this is entirely Simon’s fault. He says whatever vile nonsense he wants just to get attention and then can’t deal with the consequences.

    And, Michael, FFS, you’re a grandfather. Grow up.

  34. Farrah is nothing but drama no one likes her no one wants to watch her on TV she causes drama everywhere she goes remove her from the show and the drama will end Point Blank

    1. I really can’t watch her segments anymore so I dropped the whole show.
      Also, Im not watching as long as MTV sponsors and enables this horrible person.
      Farrah and Sophia should be taken of screen and into some kind of guardianship so both will receive the help and treatment they need.
      Farrah is voilent to co-workers while the camera is roling and the whole world can watch. That is not a healthy sign. This is the second time!

    2. Good heavens, while I might agree with what you said, it was so hard to read your comment with no punctuation, I quit after what I think was the first sentence. Even if you’re using a phone, it’s not that hard, nor does it take that much extra effort to hit a comma or period.

  35. They just need to remove Farrah from the show no then they wouldn’t have any problems,,, Farrah is drama and she causes drama everywhere she goes,, so remove her from the show an the drama will end point blank

      1. I agree. The truth is that the other three moms, as much as I love them, have become fairly boring (which is a good thing, imo). Maci, Catelynn and Amber have all more or less straightened themselves out and settled down. For this reason, I do agree that without Farrah there would be no show. Which is why she gets away with her behavior and why the other three have reached their breaking points. It will be interesting to see how next season plays out (if there is one) because I get the feeling that the three will refuse to do the show if Farrah is included. And, IMO, without Farrah, there is no show.

  36. Is it bad that I smiled and laughed maniacally on the inside hearing this news? Too bad Amber didn’t make her fist connect with Farrah’s face. Yes it was immature, but dang Farrah needs a reality check and even though Matt is not the greatest person, I don’t think he is a pedophile so all of it was uncalled for. Farrah likes to stir the pot so she should have to lick the spoon as well as anyone who had their head stuck so far up her backdoor they can see the next wiener entering her mouth!

    1. So uncalled for. Matt is a piece of shit, that’s for sure….but it wasn’t Farrah or Simon’s place to speak on it. That was an unprovoked attack against Matt and pretty messed up to be honest. Farrah has no room to judge shit ever since she flung her backdoor wide open for James Deen….and Simon has no room to talk because he’s “dating” her, and she’s one of the most vile humans on the planet.

  37. Matt has his problems, but at least on the show he does seem to treat Amber well and she loves him. I have a soft spot in my heart for Amber. To call someone a pedophile is a serious accusation, especially when there’s nothing to base this on. Farrah looks like a porn star and there IS something to base that on. Her father is so disgusting. Farrah treats him like sh$% and he still defends her. He is really riding the money train. I so wish Amber hadn’t missed hitting Farrah and would have loved to see Michael get a whooping too!

    1. Of course Matt is going to treat her well in front of the cameras! That’s his meal ticket! Why would he mess that up smdh. He hasn’t cleared her bank account yet. Duh

    2. I know hating Farrah is a priority here, but let’s not avoid calling Matt what he really is: a truly reprehensible vicious women-using lazy greasy turd.

  38. Cmon Amber, you gotta make the punches count!! This has been a long time coming and I don’t feel bad for Farrah at all. She’s such a terrible person that she deserves every bit of it. I realllllly hope none of this gets cut!!

      1. I’m glad Amber missed! I wouldn’t want her to get in trouble or go to jail over hitting Farrah. It’s so not worth it. And we all know Farrah would totally blow this situation up.

  39. Well Farrah is a who’re, she has a couple pornos out that she gets it in the a@@, she poses nude also so she had no respect for herself or her family she just wants money and lives sex, wait until her daughter sees this later in life. Ugh

  40. I can’t stand ferrah she is a stuck up snob Simon and Michael had no right talking crap about amber and Matt I watch every Monday

  41. Ummm I would say Matt is the complete opposite of a pedophile.. He literally runs away from children.. Well his own anyways.

  42. First of all, it’s ignorant to say anyone “looks like a pedophile”. Pedophiles come in all shapes/sizes/colors/genders. For all I know, Simon could be a pedophile…What we dislike most in others is the shadow within ourself. Amber has come a long way. No one is perfect, but it seems Farrah and Simon are stuck at age 16. Will she ever grow up?

    1. Not attacking you but how has she come a long way?

      No education, no job (yes yes I know about the house flipping), not exactly sober (drinks), engaged to someone who is only using her and still has violent tendencies..

      Look I think the ‘ looks like a pedophile’ comment WAS uncalled for. Dang Farrah can’t seem to keep her mouth shut but how is reacting the way she did going to help?

      I honestly don’t think she has changed at all.

  43. Real classy people!!!! This is what happens when you give a group of uneducated drop kicks a bunch of money to sit on their couches and eat …. I don’t watch the show .. just read these recaps … MTV are the biggest bunch of enablers out there … oh and Maci?? Sit your drunk ass down .. a cool breeze could knock her over

  44. I definitely do not like Matt but Simon really has no room to talk since he’s basically a paid escort. Why does Michael always have to be involved? He’ll punch random people but won’t stand up to his mentally unstable daughter?

  45. I’m actually surprised that so many people are defending Matt and Amber and are on their side with this. Don’t get me wrong I don’t like Farrah either but watching this season and everything Matt has done has made me really hate them even more than Farrah. I just think he’s gross and think Amber’s gross for staying with him and defending him.

    1. I agree to some extent. Matt is obviously a con artist and a dead beat father but as far as I know he’s not a pedophile. That’s serious and not the kind of accusation people should throw around.

    2. People are defending Matt bc the accusations are unfounded. He does enough terrible things, if you want to insult him you can easily stay with the truth.

  46. Smh, you’d think they’d all be a little more mature by now. But, Farrah does need a good punch in the face. I never liked how she treated her parents on the show. She’s rude and thinks her shit doesn’t stink. News flash bitch, it reeks.

  47. And what exactly does a paedophile look like? Farrah you’re a freakin psychopath and shitty parent. But that’s no surprise given the asshats who raised you.

  48. Sounds more like a taping of Jerry Springer lol. I want to see them all knock each other out, they’re all trash- every single one of them

    1. I wouldn’t say Catelynn and Maci are trash but Farrah definitely is. Amber on the other hand wouldn’t be trash if she would mind her temper and stopped dating losers.

  49. I’d love to get tickets to a teen mom reunion taping! I literally can’t think of a better use of my annual leave/flights to the US ? #loser

    Simon deliberately winds up Farrah, which I really enjoy watching, but he’s also an ass, which winds ME up. It’s a bittersweet feeling I have towards him.

  50. Matt is a damn creep, they should have called him out on being a low life moocher. Him and Simon have no place on this show. They don’t even parent those poor kids. What a train wreck. Maci needs to sit down and tend her baseball team of children but let me guess Jen and Larry are watching them. She is probably taking advantage of Mtv’s open bar before she gets knocked up with another oopsie baby.

  51. I would love to see amber beat Farrah to death! Farrah is the most disrespectful spoiled brat I’ve ever seen. It’s literally disgusting how she acts and how the parents fall at her feet. She’s turning her daughter into a mini Farrah.

  52. I’m not a huge fan of Matt, but I don’t blame him and Amber one bit for being pissed off. Simon and Farrah are horrible people. I can’t watch when they’re on the screen. I really wish they would be kicked off.

  53. Simion should never been put on the show in the first place.amber I wish you would have hit her she needs a good ass kicking

  54. WOW! Well, I don’t even know what to say except I’m not that all surprised that these people finally went ape shit crazy on Farrah’s ass.

  55. Farrah is a nasty piece of work, Simon and her family are not much better, god help her daughter. Amber and Matt ??????????

  56. Farrah’s father should be ashamed of himself
    His daughter is a grown ass woman, he had to speak to a female like that, yet can’t put his own daughter in her place

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