‘Teen Mom’ Stars Tyler Baltierra & Catelynn Lowell to Take Part in New MTV Series About Reuniting People

"See? We DO do things!"
“See? We DO do things!”

It may not seem like Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra do much, according to what we see on Teen Mom OG, but the reality stars have apparently been keeping themselves busy behind the scenes.

On Saturday, Tyler announced that he and his wife will be part of a new show that will be airing on December 5 on MTV.“HAPPY TO ANNOUNCE that my passion project will be airing DECEMBER 5th @ 10pm on @MTV I worked really hard on it, can’t wait! #Reunited,” Tyler tweeted.

While MTV has not yet released any official press release on the show, The Ashley was able to find a casting notice that was likely for Tyler and Catelynn’s new show. That show, listed as ‘Reunite,’ is being produced by 11th Street Productions, the same production company that produces the ‘Teen Mom’ franchise, as well as several other MTV shows. The company was formed by ‘Teen Mom’ producers Morgan J. Freeman and Dia Sokol Savage.

Anyway, the casting notice states that the show will feature people who were recently reconnected with an estranged loved one, as well as people who are looking to reunite with someone after a long absence. It will also feature people who were adopted, which strikes a chord with Catelynn and Tyler, who placed their firstborn daughter, Carly, for adoption.

“Are you looking to reunite with a loved one?” the casting notice reads. “Have you recently reconnected with someone from your past? Are you adopted? Is someone you love about to get out of jail and you haven’t seen them since they went away? Have you had a long estrangement from a family member and are looking to reconnect?”

It is not yet known what role Catelynn and Tyler will have on the show, or if they will appear on camera or not.

As Tyler stated, the show will air on MTV on December 5 at 10 p.m. on MTV. The Ashley has reached out to the network to get more information, and will update this story when she gets more details about the show.

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39 Responses

  1. Hi I am 46 yrs old lobe yalls show
    I also was a teen mom 3 times
    I am also am adopted I do know my birt mom but can’t get any info on my dad I would love any ideas on how to find out who he is! Things were very different when I was adopted please I know y’all are very busy and I’m old lol but I still have a hole inside

  2. Love what u guys do. I myself was adopted and i had to put a child up for adpoton. Crazy being on both sides. But happy what you guys are doing.

  3. Can’t wait to watch show comes out I love you both we live in n the same state I live in Brighton no if i could meet u and ur families that would be so awesome

  4. Ow! Outch! Presenting a show like this while having to hope you will be reunited with your biological daughter when she turns 18.
    B&T finally did it, they are denying visits to Carly to protect Carly. Good and sensible folks.

  5. Is the show broadcast via satellite from Cate’s bed, go on location and film from the couch? Is she gonna be screaming to waredrobe to find her zebra hoodie?

  6. I agree with you K-S. At least they are doing something. I wish them both the best. My heart breaks for Caitlyn, I have suffered from anxiety and depression for more than 40 years, I understand how hard it is.

  7. I don’t understand. Maybe is cate ever actually got the counciling degree she always talked about it’d make more sense for Her to do this. But Tyler the aspiring writer has no place in this maybe it’s just because he’s so controlling and won’t allow cate to do anything herself. I really just don’t like them tyler the wife shaming pot smoking idiot and cate the mental illness is my crutch so I can’t get out of bed and stop smoking pot sorry excuse of a mother. I hope they cancel teen mom so these people can stop buying new houses and cars every season and generally thinking they’re special. It’s come full circle they went from immature poor drug doing teens to immature wealthy drug doing adults. Congrats mtv great idea.

  8. I hope it tanks and I hope TM & TMOG gets cancelled. It’s time for these trashy, ungrateful, dipshits to get a damn job.

  9. These two are pathetic and now I see why Carlie’s parent protect her from this mess. That child is about 7 or 8 years old. The same age as the other kids on the show and her parents keep reliving and dramatizing her adoption on TV. Imagine how tramatic or embarrassing it could be for her if the adopted parent allowed her to be exposed to it.

    1. BrandonandTheresa know them better than we do, trust me. They made the right call having Carly no longer shown. If I were the parents Id make it so they only see Carly when they aren’t filming. I think they will eventually close the adoption when the show is done. There’s nothing positive about Cate and Ty for Carly to see. She doesn’t deserve to be around people like them. Nova will one day think to herself “why the hell wasn’t I put up for adoption. Cate and Ty’s whole existence revolves around Carly. Remember the creepy shrine they had of her in their old trailer? Lmao it was so weird, hundreds of pics of her on their wall. Any stranger would look at that and assume that was their child that lived with them because there is so much Carly around them. It also sucked seeing them delivery hundreds of dollars worth of toys to Carly when poor Nick probably didn’t even get a Hot Wheel from them.

    1. Thank You, Omg I feel the same way. Depression is no excuse to neglect your kid and have them looking like shit.My mom had depressions growing up and my sister and I never ever look filthy, the house was messy yes, but us as a family were always clean & kept.

  10. Catelynn really needs to lose some weight. She needs to eat food that’s not takeout, fast-food, her nails or skin. She just disgusts me! She’s a horrible mother also. She doesn’t take care of Nova. Nova always looks filthy and she has no fucking excuse. She does not go to college, or have a job, she only has her kid half the week and can’t even take proper care of her! Catelynn is the laziest human being there is!

  11. Yawn…… another show with these 2 laying on couches , eating junk food, catelyn gnawing on what is left of her finger nails talking about ‘ how hard their lives are’

    Remember back when they gave Carly up for adoption to go to college and do something with their lives ????

  12. Everything they do somehow relates to the fact that their childhood was crappy and that they gave up their first daughter. I hope one day they can finally let all of that go.

  13. Any idea how this show got approved for production when a show with the same premise already exists on TLC (Long Lost Family)? Isn’t it essentially copying?

    1. They do have a lot of experience in the area of being reunited …. just sayin … the catfish guy only had to be catfished once before he became an expert with his own show and helped other people who were catfished.

  14. Uhhh…ok.

    Maybe this will help them get off the couch?

    In all seriousness, maybe this will help Cate turn her energy to something good and help her mental well being out.

    That all said,
    I won’t watch.

  15. I think they need to get her mental illness under control before they start a new project, just saying….

    1. I’m probably going to get down voted like crazy but I feel like this would help with their metal health. It will give a sense of purpose and giving back to people. Especially for Tyler. And in turn it will help improve the way he interacts with people, especially Catelynn. And while she should find her purpose in mothering Nova, this isn’t always as easy as it sounds.
      What a double standard. When they sit on their butts and do nothing we criticize and say “get off your butts and do something” and when they get off their butts and do something we say “don’t do that you gotta fix yourself before you do that”

    2. K-S You’re rationale and it appears to me that many commenters are not. They are just here to put these people down, which at times is warranted, but they fail to see the hypocrisy/irony of their comments. I’m not sure why the people that hate all the moms on the show keep watching it. Doesn’t make sense to me.

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