Aftermath of ‘Teen Mom OG’ Reunion Brawl: See How Each Cast Member is Reacting

Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!
Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!

It’s been a few days since the cast of Teen Mom OG got into an epic brawl while shooting the Season 6 Reunion show. (Read all about that here!) While the fists have stopped flying and the cast has all returned to their respective homes, the fight is still continuing via social media and jabs in the press!

Here, The Ashley reveals how each of the involved cast members of the brawl have reacted to what may be the most epic fight in ‘Teen Mom’ franchise history.

Farrah Abraham: 

Farrah, whose salty comment that Amber Portwood‘s fiance, Matt Baier, “looks like a pedophile” reportedly started the whole on-stage fight, has taken to the press to announce that she will be pulling her daughter, Sophia, off the show. Farrah claimed that her three co-stars are dangerous.

“Due to the three stooges, I now will not have my child around an unsafe envirnoment,” she told Radar Online. “Production is just as much to blame as the girls.”

According to Real Mr. HousewifeFarrah did not show up to the taping of the “Ask the Moms” special that was taped the day after thr brawl.

“Due to the events that had taken place the day before, specifically with Maci screaming she wanted to kill her the day before, Farrah felt unsafe showing up the next day for filming,” a source told the site.

Simon Saran:

Since the fight, Simon has continued to tweet about the fight and cast. He has also called out the show’s executive producer, Morgan J. Freeman for “making criminals rich.”

Amber Portwood:

Amber, who has been criticized for allegedly trying to punch Farrah, has released a series of videos on her Instagram account in which she discusses the fight and insists that she is still a changed woman.

“I just want everybody to stay open-minded and understand that 90 percent of what you are reading isn’t true…I’m not really allowed to say things contractually about what happened on the show,” Amber says in the video. “Know that a lot of things you are reading from [Farrah’s] side are false and they are all negative and it is just not true….It’s just sad that when the video comes out they are going to look like nothing but liars which makes me kind of excited actually.”

Michael Abraham:

Farrah’s father inserted himself into the fight between Amber and Farrah (for some reason) and as a result was injured. According to an interview Michael did with Radar Onlinehe claims he attempted to get in between Farrah and Amber and was screaming at Amber to distract her from hitting his daughter. That’s when he claims Matt came after him.

“I was protecting myself,” Michael said. “I had a raging person coming after me. I was thrown into the audience.”

Michael claims he suffered bruises, burns, scrapes and an injury to his back. He also says his hearing aid was broken.


There are so many potential lawsuits here that The Ashley’s head is spinning! Stay tuned!

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81 Responses

  1. Amber and Maci will have to do that cruise now to pay their legal fees after they feel the wrath of Farrah and her father. Farrah will walk away with even more money now because she knows how to spin anything into another dollar for herself.

  2. I understood where Maci was coming from when she took Bentley off the show for not wanting him on the same show as a trashy porn star, although a bit dramatic..but what the hell is the point of Farrah taking Sofia off? Not that I mind, but I’d rather see that whole f*cked up clan of clowns go. Instead of taking her off the show Farrah should take Sofia out of her house and away from her family so MAYBE she has a shot at a normal life. MTV needs to cancel this crap..enough is enough.

    1. You’re kidding, right? This fight is going to boost ratings for them. Why in the hell would they cancel it now? You’re thinking too much like a human being and not enough like an executive producer.

  3. As the oh so wise and intellectual Farrah stated in the last episode.. “Everything is figuroutable” words to live by girls… Words to live by.

  4. As much as I can’t stand Farrah, I’m so sick of the other girls acting like they’re so holier than thou….like Maci, you’re a certified whore. 3 kids with two different men and you had to beg your second baby daddy to marry you. Pathetic….Amber, your self esteem is obviously low as hell or else you’d realize you’re with a scumbag loser who’s just using you to suck as much money from you as he can….and Catelynn, I feel bad you’re struggling with mental illness, but the people around you are losers and clearly not helping you or motivating you to better yourself.

    All of the losers on this show are trash and I wish they would realize that none of them are any better than the others lol

    1. This show needs to be cancelled. It’s not helping anyone except MTV. You have young girls getting preggers on purpose thinking they have a shot at reality TV. Where are your scruples MTV?

      1. I’m sorry, haven’t you heard? Teen pregnancy has gone down in the U.S. after this show starting airing, and it’s all because of Teen Mom. They are clearly providing a valuable service to this country.

    2. So if you have children with two different men that makes you a whore? She should have stayed with Ryan or never had another baby?

  5. It’s pretty transparent that Simon is using Farrah for fame. I mean this whole thing is absolutely about drawing attention to himself.

  6. Feel grateful Matt didn’t get to you Michael cuz you would most likely have gotten your ass handed to you. And you Simon are such a panty waste you could fight your way out of an opened wet paper bag. I can hardly wait until Sophia starts act out toward Farrah like Farrah treats everyone. The entire Abraham family is a waste of oxygen.

  7. If MTV is smart it’s part of their contracts that they can’t sue each other. I’m not sure if Sophia will be missed. I find her unnerving.

    1. I find Sophia more than unnerving. She is downright terrifying. Her mother is horrendous but Sophia seems to have the potential to out do her without a proper intervention. And given that Deborah is the way she is, I don’t know that there is much hope.

    2. i definitely wouldn’t miss Sophia….i hate it when kids are enabled entitled brats and that’s exactly what she is.

  8. I mean would anyone REALLY be upset if this shot got cancelled? These girls are NOT teen moms. They are 25/26yr olds that really need to grow up & be productive members of society instead of getting paid thousands of dollars to sit on their couches & collect baby daddies, animals & throw pity parties for themselves. This goes for the TM2 girls too.

    1. I’m with you on that. I watch it because its still on TV…but if all these shows were to be cancelled, the only one I’d probably check in on would be Chelsea…or Amber just to see if she ever finds it in herself to stop putting her happiness in someone else’s hands. This show just shows, it doesn’t matter how much money or fame you throw at someone if they are going to end up trash…that’s how they’ll end up. They’ll just be trash with a bit more money.

  9. Quite possibly the smartest thing Farrah has done in her entire life was remove her daughter from this show. If only she would remove herself and the rest of her disgusting family as well.

  10. This show just needs to be canceled. Period. All it did was leave these four moms emotionally stunted at 16. It’s not teaching anything anymore. Pull the plug.

    1. Didn’t mean to downvote!! I 100% agree. The mom’s and their families have not moved beyond acting like and treating these women like children, like 16 year olds.

  11. This shows cast consist of unemployed drug and alcohol addicted, violent, mentally ill, porn star, convict, serial baby mommas. Jerry Springer did it first.

  12. The only problem with all this drama is it’s making me feel bad for Matt. Then I have to remind myself that it’s MATT. These people are all terrible.

    1. exactly! by no means do i like Matt….the sight of him makes me nauseous and I think he’s a moochin deadbeat…This previous episode made me hate him even more…and his look alike son…but I guess we all sympathize and empathize with anyone who becomes a victim of a Farrah Abraham verbal attack. The girl is such a vile human and the scum of the earth.

  13. Burns Michael?? BURNS?!….unless he means a rug burn what in the actual hell is he talking about?? And unfortunately the lil demon spawn Sophia isn’t going anywhere….Farrah is going to use this to try and get MTV to pay her more money to let Sophia film again. That entire family is just so….I seriously have no words. No wonder the sister has become completely estranged.

  14. I can’t help but lol that Michael claims he suffered burns after the fight. How the hell would that have happened. Matt pulled out a lighter and started waving it around?

  15. Sorry amber. You’re acting like you did in your fentanyl induced haze. That “test” dr drew did? Yeah you could have been sober for this segment. You’re acting like you always have. Stop trying to be like ms. monroe

  16. So Maci (who weighs approximately 87 lbs), caused such fear within Farrah that Farrah no longer thinks Sophia can be on the same tv show as Maci. Can anyone find logic in that statement/decisions? In a Maci/Sophia throw down, sadly my money is on Sophia.

    And again, I would like to point out that only a few months Farrah threw a twitter bitchfit about “feeling threatened” by Dr Drew. Get over yourself, Farrah. No one gives an actual rats ass about you. Sorry

    1. Right lol. She likes to twist things to her advantage. She is hands down the worse reality “star” on television.

  17. Kee, Michael, quit crying, you grabbed Matt by his troath, you made first contact.
    Farrah, Amber is not on your paylist, unlike your parents and Simon. She won’t take the crap that comes out of your mouth.
    Yes, she had no business walking into your segment to call you out but you turned it into violence by yelling at her to hit you. You and your dad are the ones that are violent.
    Sophia doesn’t need to be pulled from TM but from your house to be safe and healthy. You need to be pulled from society and spend some time in a closed facility to sober up and receive treatment.

    1. Um…the one who throws the first punch is the one who got physical. Not trying to defend Farrah, but Amber is the one who progressed it from verbal fighting to physical. She hasn’t changed one bit –> she still hasn’t learned not to HIT PEOPLE.

      1. Yup! I can’t believe people excusing her getting violent! Farrah should have kept that trap shut, but regardless of what was said Amber shouldn’t have been violent. Same old ambie

      2. Oh come on, like you would not be tempted to take a swing when Farrah yells at you to hit her and Michael is in your face calling you a bitch. They knew how to push her buttons. They were friends remember.
        Amber was very wrong to go up there. She should have stayed where she was and maybe even shut up, let Farrah and co(ns) dig their own grave.
        However, Maci wanted to attack Farrah too so… we don’t know what has been going on backstage that caused Amber to have an outburst. I think they have been bullied for too long by Farrah. MTV should not have allowed that.

        1. Oh of course I’d love to sock that horse faced nuts-o, but I have restraint and I know how to pick my battles. Ive gotten drunk and in screaming matches, but never fought because I enjoy FREEDOM lol

          1. Yup, but you don’t have anxiety issues like Amber has. Scare a cat and corner it and see what happends to you.
            Yes, Amber should make sure she controls whatever her problems are. She can absolutely not hit people. She should get of her ass and work on that.
            It’s not okay or healthy to be in bed for two days cause you are so upset, that’s a sign you can not deal with your condition yet and are not in remission.
            But this is what I mean… Farrah and Mike knew this too and used it to their advantage and that is just plain nasty. Amber is 60% responsible but Farrah is for 40%. She yelled at Amber to hit her after being a bully for months and especially that day while she knows Amber isn’t there yet.
            She tried to make this happen and counted on security. Where were they by the way?
            Pinning down Maci… oh please. MTV did not manage this well. They did not protect their employees from being bullied by Farrah and they did not protect Farrah.

          2. Says who about anxiety? Lol I have anxiety and that’s not an excuse to hit someone. I seriously can’t imagine how people defend this! Neither are in the right and they both are deplorable humans, and MTV needs to close down production

  18. Is it wrong that I want to see Farrah’s reaction to Michael getting hit and or thrown? Normally it seems like the guy could be lit on fire right in front of her, and her only reaction would be to be annoyed because the flames could melt the plastic off of her face. But seriously, I wanna see if she cares.

    1. And to clarify, there are never any ‘real’ moments with Farrah. Everything is about her brand now that they broke the fourth wall. I don’t care what MTv , it’s still staged even now. It’d be nice to see more of Farrah the person, not ‘the celebrity ‘ . I think this whole fight was horrible, especially since the kids were there. I wonder what this means for Amber, considering Dr Drew himself even said, and I quote “When Amber’s not being nice, you can guarantee she’s not sober. That’s how it works. Her being glued to her couch, openly drinking, and being violent? If it walks like a duck, and sounds like a duck, it’s a duck. Poor Leah, and really, I feel terrible for Sophia, Farrah is all she has, and it’s not her fault, she’s her mom. I hope she especially, as well as rest of the kids didn’t see anything.

  19. I’m still convinced that Farrah is compensating Simon to be her “boyfriend” and say all this crazy shit on social media. He seems to level headed to be with a woman this insane.

  20. I hope Michael does sue matts ass, see what that douche really does, you know, owning a business sitting on his ass on the couch

    1. Michael put his hands on the mooch first.
      Hope the moocher sues Michael, this isn’t the first time mr abrahams been violent.
      Maybe he needs to knock his daughter and her pimp on their butts

    2. Hm.. unlike the waiting line at Froco FF, there’s a very long line of people before you when you need to get money from Matt. There is no point in taking him to court.
      Besides that, Michael should and would have pressed charges when he is so innocent.

  21. Well, if Michael was injured I wouldn’t be surprised if he filed a lawsuit against Matt. But if Michael put his hands on Matt first, he has no case.

  22. If Farrah pulls Sophia from the show I hope she goes right along with her she acts like she’s so much better than the show then don’t be on it it’s a little hypocritical

  23. He has also called out the show’s executive producer, Morgan J. Freeman for “making criminals rich.”

    Pre, Location, and Post-Production have taken this whole thing to a new level. There should be consequences for bad behavior and I can only hope that deep cable cubic zirconium ads are in his future (along with the TM cast smh). So much worthlessness. Along with Andy Cohen, he should be ashamed to be a minority that exploits others…continuously for his own personal gain. mazel tov 😉

  24. Farrah is so delusional it’s actually really concerning. I’m worried she has an actual mental illness. The sheer levels of delusion; case in point every time she announces she can’t deal with someone because she is such a “happy positive person” I mean really I don’t think she even knows what those words mean at this point. Also it is heartbreaking to see the difference in bentley’s level of development versus Sophia’s. Michael and fake-face Debra certainly don’t help treating “baby” Farrah as though she is god’s gift to the world (if so return to sender please!) and “baby-goo” Sophia as though she is an infant and having absolutely no limits or discipline for her. I physically shudder to think of Sophia’s future.

  25. the show clearly needs to be cancelled! They are all losers, every single one of them. Farrah is so mentally ill, watching her is disturbing. How can someone not be disturbed when they watch her, or Matt who purposely sought Amber out because she was on a TV show? He is still lying about the number of kids he has. Did anyone hear that he told the producer of the Dr. Drew show he had 5 FIVE kids???? That is such a lie.

    1. Show me a TV network that does…

      And all of these people are free to walk away whenever they want. But as we have seen time and time again, they love the money too much.

  26. This whole thing is disgraceful. I dont know how “Dr.” Drew and the producers are able to live with themselves. These entitled monsters are held up to the rest of the world as typical American “teen moms”. Its no wonder we are the laughing stock of the world.

    1. Umm, no, they are not held up as typcial American “teen moms”. Wtf kind of world do you live in?

      1. Sorry, but Alliekat is right at least for my part of ‘the rest of the world’. This is the stereotypical American teen mom. But please don’t be mad at us resties, we just base our opinion of what we see on tv, and American tv is great with suggestive cutting/editing and gluing some drama onto everything. These kind of shows and Hollyweird are about all we see from ‘Merica, I’m sad to say. And Trump isn’t making the stereotype going away 🙁 (I myself have actually lived abroad and got to know a broad international community and have met very lovely Americans, as long as we stay away from American tv there’s still hope)

        1. Why would anyone with a modicum of intelligence, use a REALITY SHOW as a measure of “what’s what”..anywhere in the world? That doesn’t speak highly for people with that opinion, lol. That would make all of ya pretty gullible idiots. But, I’d rather not assume you are 😉 Maybe I think too highly of people.

          And, wtf does Trump have to do with people assuming that TM, again, a reality show, is representative of all American teen moms. Hell most of America doesn’t much like his ass, even the people that want him in the white house don’t actually “like” him, lol.

          I really do have way too much hope for the world, and faith in people, don’t I? I guess I’d rather assume people are intelligent, until proven otherwise, than the other way around.

  27. I won’t believe anything Farrah says. But I do hope her daughter isn’t on the show. She looks like she needs help and not from her Mom. Farrah doesn’t know how to mother a child. It is hard to believe that she thinks so highly of herself.. She doesn’t treat anyone kindly and her daughter is going to be just like her. I feel sorry for all of those who have to work with Farrah.

  28. Farrah is single handedly going to get this show canceled. Least I understand how she got this appalling behavior, her father doesn’t possess any characteristics to admire.

    I wonder what the producers are considering, obviously anything that gets people talking about this show is good. They like to poke the girls, fathers, stepfathers, mothers, dads with the uncomfortable question stick themselves. So I assume they will want to keep Farrah and throw more money at her to film. But also many of these people want to quit the show, hence season 7b and not 8.

    60% of the world despises Farrah, the other 40% doesn’t know she is or they would also. All of them are in for a hard awakening when this gig is over, they’ll have to get jobs unless they managed their money responsibly. After all these seasons they have been paid enough to be millionaires.

    1. Amber and Jenelle will be the first to go flat broke. Then Tyler and Cate. It’s gonna get ugly. It’s only a matter of time…

    1. You mean reattached? That would be nice; then maybe he could grow a vackbone & stand up to that monster he created.

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