‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Debra Danielsen is Reportedly Engaged

Deb and her doctor fiance...
Deb and her doctor fiance…

File this one under “Report” until The Ashley can completely confirm it.

Farrah Abraham already has an engagement ring for herself purchased and ready to go, but it appears that her mother, Debra Danielsen, will be heading down the aisle before Farrah ever does! According to a new report from Real Mr. Housewife, Deb is engaged!

Although Debra hasn’t confirmed the news herself, a source for the website claims that Deb wasted no time committing to her new boyfriend, Dr. David Mertz.

“The pair have been dating for a few months and have been on only a few dates, so it’s definitely a fast-track engagement,” a source told Real Mr. Housewife.

Earlier this month, Debra talked to Starcasm about her boyfriend David.

“He specializes in infectious diseases and lives in Marquette, Michigan,” Deb told the site, adding that she has been dating David since July.

“David and I met on a great dating site called Elite Singles,” Debra told Starcasm.

Debra and Farrah’s father, Michael Abraham, have been divorced since 2010, but remain on good terms.

Anyway, David will apparently appear on the next season of ‘Teen Mom OG.’ According to a separate source for Real Mr. Housewife, Farrah, is none-too-thrilled that her mother is getting hitched again.

“Farrah is not happy with Debra’s engagement and there has been a lot of drama about it since the announcement,” the source said. “Farrah feels that it’s way too early. Debra and her fiance have only dated a handful of times and have only known each other four months.”

Farrah and David have met, but apparently Farrah doesn’t like her mom’s new squeeze. (Can you imagine Farrah not liking someone? She’s so warm and loving!)

As The Ashley previously told you, Farrah, Debra and Michael are currently in Los Angeles filming a “Family Bootcamp”-type show for WEtv, so the topic of Deb’s engagement will most likely come up on that show. The Ashley is not sure if David will appear on that show as well.

Perhaps Farrah can come out on top on this deal? Maybe she can sell her already purchased engagement ring to the Good Doctor to give to Deb? Just a thought…

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  1. Farrah is so jealous that her mother is engaged after 3 months of dating someone, and Farrah can’t even find a legit boyfriend. Mind you it is pretty foolish to get married after only a few months, but they may be engaged for a while….and hopefully this means Deb will move to Michigan and not be on our TVs anymore ?

  2. So sweet Debbie is engaged, lol nothing but crazy gray matter in that brain. I kinda feel bad for pops. Anyway Farrah and her backdoor still isn’t engaged to Simon or that poor soul that saw the writing on the wall. The one that she was again buying an engagement ring for her to give for her. Don’t remember that guys name but lol she wanted to take him on a relationship show, he didn’t show up. Loved when he took her home to meet family and treated her the way she treats most people. Anyway the next new headlines EXTRA EXTRA READ ALL ABOOUT IT-Deb Danielson gets ripped off by grandfather who sold her Ahem love tape. Debbie Danielsons backdoor exposed!! Debbie literally does Dallas!!!

    1. Lmao Debbie Does Dallas. Deb is crazy as a loon but whoever did her surgeries did awesome. She looks 10 years younger. Those bags under her eyes were so distracting along with those dated Farrah Fawcett layers. I hope Ferral and Sophia inherit the baggy eyes lol. It’s a shame when your 60 year old mom looks better than you.

      1. ITA @catelynnsstripofhair one could only hope the baggy eye thing is genetically passed on to the Abraham gals, lol . And yes a big shout out to debs plastic surgeon. Oh I can only hope Farrah trolls this site. This would definitely make her piss in her Cheerios this morning…knowing that we’re saying good old deb looks better than her horse faced self!! ? Just. For the record if Farrah was any kind of a true nice person I’d never be slamming her like this but you get what you put out there. And she puts not only that nasty backdoor out there but a nasty attitude to boot!!

      2. The bags under her eyes were legendary!! She looked like the crypt keeper in the first seasons of the show, it was hilarious

        1. Those bags needed their own torn piece of paper along with….

          Those dated Farrah Fawcett flips and dye job

          Catelynn’s zebra hoodie

          Whatever Ferral was using on her hair in seasons 1-3 to make it crunchy.

          Amber’s couch

          Gary’s old Beldmn Lineman t shirts

          Sophia’s passy.

          All of those things should go in a time capsule

  3. he looks like her grandfather

  4. A dr of diseases and infections.
    Well he will pick up a few from that fucking family

  5. I’m surprised Farrah feels that it’s way too early. If I remember correctly, she tried to force that poor guy from Texas to propose to her on their third date.

  6. Wait…how well does Lil Debbie know this guy? Because he doesn’t even live in the town she says he does. Such a small world, but a friend I went to HS with who’s as TeenMom obsessed as I am sent me a link to an article when Deb first started talking about him and said she couldn’t believe it, because he lives three houses down from her (moved there in 2015 according to her, and property records confirm that). It looks like he *works* in the town she mentioned.

    1. Hmmm, smells like another scame. She got burned out of money a few years back by some dude. I laughed hysterically when Ferral got burned back in season 2 when she wanted to buy a car on Craigslist lol

  7. “Elite Singles” lol isn’t that where creeps scam women into thinking they’re successful and then rob them blind? Sounds super sketchy…Deb is a nightmare though so I wouldn’t exactly shed any tears of this is what ends up happening

    1. You’re behind! Deb was already scammed on that site for over 250K–she wrote a book about it called Vapor or something like that, and did interviews. As the old saying goes, “Fool me once…”.

  8. Don’t want to be too cruel with my comment but this guy must be pretty desperate. Debra is one can short of a six pack….just sayin’.

  9. Farrah is probably looking ogre green with jealousy. Just a few dates and engaged already. She has been trying to make that happen for seven years and nothing.
    Deb and her doctor are out of their minds when they actually marry very soon. Maybe they will be engaged for a longer period of time.

    1. I would have to question his morality and ethics if he hooked up with this bunch! I sure wouldn’t become a patient of his. Mama Goo Goo is a candidate for the Looney bin

    1. Exactly. Farrahs annoyed because she thinks she is the most beautiful woman in the world and someone lowlier than her, her own MOTHER, dared to get engaged and she hasn’t managed to strong arm Simon into proposing yet.

    2. The reasons she gave are BS as well. I don’t think Farrah cares enough about Debra to worry if she is getting scammed/doesn’t know the guy well enough. It all comes down to Debra getting engaged before her.

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