’90 Day Fiance’ Season 4 Episode 8 Recap: A Fake Beach Wedding & A Five-Carat Ring

"I wonder if she would believe that diamonds are bad luck for American weddings?"
“I wonder if she would believe that diamonds are bad luck for American weddings?”

It’s time to check back in with the gang from 90 Day Fiance to see if any of these terrible relationships have finally gone kaput. Spoiler: They haven’t because, well…these people are pretty much contractually obligated to act like they like each other for at least a few more episodes.

We start things off with everyone’s least favorite Russian gold digger, Anfisa, and her lug-of-fiancé Jorge. These two are headed to—surprise!—a jewelry store because it’s time to shop for their wedding rings.

Oh, this isn’t going to end well for poor Jorge and his ever-lightening wallet…

They meet a very enthusiastic jeweler, who says everything like she’s auditioning for a TV show.

"Why not do a show about overly enthusiastic jewelry salespeople? Come on! If people watch this crap, they'll watch anything!"
“Why not do a show about overly enthusiastic jewelry salespeople? Come on! If people watch this crap, they’ll watch anything!”

Anfisa tells us she wants a ring that is “at least three carats.”

However, when Anfisa goes to the jewelry store she realizes that for a “love” as big as hers and Jorge’s, a measly three-carat ring just won’t do. Can you imagine what all of Anfisa’s Russian gold-digger friends would say if she posted a photo of a ring that was only three carats?! She’d be the laughing stock of Moscow!

She puts on a giant three-carat ring and can’t even smile at it.

“Nice,” she says, as she hands the ring back to the jeweler.

The jeweler is no fool. She knows a money-grubber gold-digger when she sees one. She quickly suggests that Anfisa try on a five-carat ring, you know, “just for fun.”

Get that commission, girl!

Jorge tries to play it cool as he contemplates eating Top Ramen for the rest of his life in order to be able to pay for this ring...
Jorge tries to play it cool as he contemplates eating Top Ramen for the rest of his life in order to be able to pay for this ring…

The ring Anfisa falls in love with is five carats and costs $150,000. Jorge is sweating at the thought of spending that much money on a ring. (Anfisa probably thinks he’s sweating because she’s just so damn hot and that being in her presence makes Jorge perspire.)

Jorge tells his fiancé that the budget for her ring is $35,000-$45,000(!)…and she is not happy.

“I think the ring shows how much he loves me,” Anfisa says. “If he proposes to me with some cheap ring, then I’m not going to marry him. Jorge and I need to have a talk about money. He made a lot of promises and now that I am here, he’s not coming through.”

"You don't even have to really like each other to get married, you know!"
“You don’t even have to really like each other to get married, you know!”

Over in Morocco, Azan and Nicole are still acting like that hate each other.

“Not seeing my daughter for five weeks is really hard. I just hope Azan is worth it,” Nicole says.

We get to meet Nicole’s sister who is stuck watching Nicole’s child for a month and she’s not very happy about it. Nicole mother, Robbalee, also isn’t too keen on the whole Azan thing. Go figure.

“It seems like it’s been a seesaw,” she says. “I think she’s in love, but it’s time for reality to set back in.”

"It wouldn't be the worst thing if Nicole left...like, right now...forever...just sayin'!"
“It wouldn’t be the worst thing if Nicole left…like, right now…forever…just sayin’!”

Azan and Nicole continue to fight over their roles in life. Azan tells her he expects the woman to stay home and take care of the kids and cook. Nicole says she doesn’t want to just stay home with the kids. (Clearly; she left her kid for a month to go meet some random dude across the world.)

Nicole says she would never convert to Islam and Azan says he would never convert to Christianity. So… they’re going to be having these arguments for the rest of their lives? Will their life together basically just be one big argument, with a few tent love-making sessions sprinkled in?

Later, Nicole meets with an American friend of the family who is also engaged to a guy from the Middle East. The friend gives Nicole a reality check, and it seems like she is finally considering the idea that this whole engagement may be a big mistake.

In Kentucky, Alla is talking wedding plans with Matt’s overbearing mother, Mery Anne. Alla tries on her wedding dress for Mery Anne and tells her future mother-in-law that she wants to have a beach wedding. Mery Anne has bad news, though.

"My mom will always be my Number One Gal!"
“My mom will always be my Number One Gal!”

“As we all know, this wedding will be the fourth one for Matthew,” she says. “The third one was on a beach in Cancun that’s why we try not to talk about it too much because that was the beach wedding,” she says.

Um…this dude has basically already had every type of wedding there is, save for nuptials that take place in the garden center at the Wal-Mart. When you start hitting four or more weddings, you’re gonna have to budge and do a “repeat,” Matt.

Later, Matt and Alla meet with Matt’s family to celebrate the birthday of Alla’s son Max. The conversation turns again to the upcoming wedding, and Mery Anne mentions that she thinks the beach wedding is also too expensive. Apparently after you’ve helped pay for your son to get hitched three times before, you’re kind of over shelling out the cash for “dream weddings.”

"I'd always dreamed my wedding would take place in a homemade sandbox INSIDE the house!"
“I’d always dreamed my wedding would take place in a homemade sandbox INSIDE the house!”

Mery Anne then suggests the wedding that every woman surely dreams of: a wedding at home in the living room. But wait! Just because Alla’s getting hitched in a ratty living room, that doesn’t mean she can’t at least feel like she’s at the beach. Mery Anne suggests they just put sand on the floor of the living room and have the wedding there.

W.T.F. Can you imagine if Jorge’s mom had suggested this to Anifisa? She seriously would have burned the whole house down, future-mother-in-law in all!

Alla agrees to the living room wedding but seems very disheartened.

“If you have a big family, they might be involved in your life a little too much,” she says.

"I'll just get a CD of ocean sounds to play in the background during the wedding. Instant beach wedding! DONE!"
“I’ll just get a CD of ocean sounds to play in the background during the wedding. Instant beach wedding! DONE!”

Well that’s the understatement of the episode.

Matt senses that his fiancé is unhappy about getting married next to a Lay-Z boy chair covered in sand, so he takes her to a local wedding venue that his mom has found.

“The other day, my mom laid out that we were not having a destination wedding and Alla was sad,” he says.

In the end, they decide to go with Mommy Dearest’s suggestions.

Chantel's brother kind of looks like a cartoon character, but he makes good sense...
Chantel’s brother kind of looks like a cartoon character, but he makes good sense…

Over in Atlanta, Chantel’s parents are still not happy with her for springing the news on them that she’s getting married to Pedro in a week. Chantel’s brother, River, is extremely upset as well. In fact, he’s so upset that he skips school and calls Chantel over for a one-on-one meeting. River says he doesn’t like Pedro and he doesn’t want to see him ever again. Chantel doesn’t understand why her family isn’t happy for her.

“You’re making a mistake and some mistakes are permanent,” River says. “Pedro turned my sister into a liar.”

"Geez, you lie about one fiance and you never live it down."
“Geez, you lie about one fiance and you never live it down.”

Uh, dude, your sister was the one orchestrating this whole lie. Pedro wanted to tell the truth from the beginning. Maybe keep Pedro and kick Chantel out of your life instead?

Finally, we check back in with Jorge and Anifisa. Jorge decides to take Anifisa out to lunch to tell her that she has to stop demanding so many expensive things. As you can imagine, this conversation goes very well…

“He says my expectations are too high and that I want too much, but that is what he promised me when we started dating,” Anfisa says. “Of course I’m gonna expect it.”

So it sounds like Ol’ Jorge inflated his wealth to lure Anfisa over and now that he’s got her reality is setting in.

What do you expect, Jorge? You're dating a freaking MODEL, remember?
What do you expect, Jorge? You’re dating a freaking MODEL, remember?

“So you’re basically saying that you’re just dating me because I can buy you things?” Jorge asks.

“Yes,” Anfisa replies. (Hey, she may be a gold-digger but at least she’s an honest gold-digger!)

Jorge looks like he’s about to cry.

“That’s not right,” he tells us. “I don’t think that’s love.”

Um…ya think?! She just kind of gave you a sledgehammer of a hint there, buddy.

“I don’t understand what’s wrong about it. If I was ugly and fat would you be dating me?” she asks.

"Um...yeah, sure, Jorge, I'd stay and take care of you. Of...course...."
“Um…yeah, sure, Jorge, I’d stay and take care of you. Of…course….”

Jorge straight-out asks Anfisa if she will leave him if he gets hurt or something and can no longer buy her things, and she basically says yes.

“I’m beautiful and I like nice clothes, nice shoes and nice dresses so I expect him to pay for all that,” Anfisa says.

Jorge seems like he’s regretting getting into this mess. Seriously, bro, head to Kentucky. Alla is willing to marry Matt standing in a living, shuffling sand under her feet! That’s real love!

Next week, Chantel’s parents call for a prenuptial agreement, Matt celebrates his bachelor party, Nicole and Azan try to figure out if they should get married, and Anfisa kicks Jorge out and says she wants to go back home.

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  1. I’m in the process of adopting a girl just so I can name her “Punkesher!” Then I will raise her to become fat, lazy, ungrateful and just as much the academic type as Devar’s Sister!

    I agree with some of the others that you should recap the “Happily ever after portion.” Not only are Mo and Danielle TV gold, but so are Russ and Pao.

  2. Anfisa has managed to pull me over to her team. It’s very clear they had agreement – unattractive Jorge gets a pretty young lady (who he would never get if he didn’t have money) and he gives her everything she wants. He’s just trying to back out on his end of the bargain and she’s holding him to it.

    I feel bad for Alla. What a lonely life it must be for her so far away from her family.

    Nicole needs to be taken to Syria so she can witness the stoning of an adulterer. Maybe that will get thru her thick, spoiled head and convince her that the laws of Azan’s culture are serious. She’s just dumb.

    Chantell….zzzzzzzz. I don’t even watch.

    Why doesn’t The Ashley recap the Happily Ever After portion of this show. Danielle and Mohammed are television gold. I am totally team Mohammed. Danielle is crazy!!! I would be afraid of her too.

    1. i agree! I like Anfisa for the simple fact she’s not hiding what she is….she’s letting Jorge know whats up, and he STILL wants her. He still caters to her so what he gets he gets….Cant be mad at her, because she has let it be known from before she got off that airplane that she her motivation is money. They for sure had a deal…..She was the “beauty” and he was the “money”” and ironically she’s not beautiful and he’s not wealthy. They’ve played themselves

  3. I force my boyfriend to watch this show with me. He’s obsessed now. He’s been to Morocco and was telling me that the laws over there are serious. He went over there in the past with his ex girlfriend they basically had to lie the entire time and say they were married to be able to go places in public together, according to him. Nicole is very closed minded. She doesn’t seem to understand that she’s not in America and just because she is American doesn’t mean other rules don’t apply to her. The constant neediness is exhausting just to watch. Azan must be losing his mind.

    The fact that she’s willing to leave her daughter like that should attest to the fact that she’s probably not in any mindset to be married. She definitely in my opinion is putting herself ahead of her daughter.

    I love Alla. She’s the only real one on this show, and I’m including Matt in the group. I think he’s just in it because obviously he’s shit at marriage and relationships and is desperate. Alla should run. If a guy is on his 4th marriage that should be a HUGE warning sign.

    Chantel’s storyline is played out, fake and annoying. She’s caused all of her problems and is NOT ready to be married. If you can’t tell your parents about your marriage then obviously you’re not mature enough to get married. The fact that she’s been crying on camera for the past few episodes about how she’s not going to have anyone at the wedding or can’t pay for the dress because she hasn’t told her family goes to show that she has no business marrying Pedro. How are you going to go dress shopping and then tell the sales person you don’t know how much you can spend because you haven’t told your parents yet? The very fact that you are relying on your parents to pay for large portions of the wedding shows you shouldn’t be doing it! I honestly think Pedro loves her but I’m not convinced she loves him truly. I think it’s more of a lust thing and definitely the splendor of being engaged. She’s a child.

    Finally, Anfisa! That tramp is seriously deluded. She thought she could come over here (America) and just live like Kim Kardashian. She criticizes everything Jorge is doing for her but, in Russia she wouldn’t be living much better… She lived with her Grandmother… probably meaning she didn’t pay for anything. I personally don’t thnk she’s pretty enough to be the kind of model she’s expecting to be and doesn’t have the body to be high-fashion. For her to expect the kind of lifestyle where Jorge is going to drop 150,000 dollars on a damn ring is ridiculous. She’s definitely not worth that much. Jorge needs to get a grip and grow a pair. I don’t doubt he can buy her the nice designer things but all at once on a regular basis is totally different. He’s an idiot if he keeps this up. She comes over here and expect a specific lifestyle but the reality is not everyone lives like that and she’s a dime a dozen

    end rant.

    1. I don’t think Matt is a bad guy, he just doesn’t have a clue!! Example: You don’t show up late to a dinner with friends and leave your poor fiance to entertain skeptical people who don’t know her. I agree with the majority that Matt and Alla are the only ones with any hope at all. I wish someone would introduce Jorge (or Andrew) to Alla’s sister iryna!

  4. Am I the only one that fast forwards though certain couples? I could watch an entire series just about the money hungry ‘model’ and her pot bellied pot salesman, sex obsessed Nicole and her Moroccan hostage, and bat crap crazy Danielle and her visa wanting ex. The rest all bother me.

  5. -Nicoles immaturity is very frustrating. Her constant want for PDA in a muslim country shows how naive she truly is. It’s a whole other world over there, and you can’t go off making out with people in public. She smothers that poor boy. She always cuddled up on him, all up in his face…and he always has this look on his face like he’s about to scream GET. OFF. ME!!! There is no doubt in my mind that he’s gonna dump her as soon as he gets that visa…Especially when it comes to her daughter. He’s not ready to be a father, you can totally see that….That situation is gonna be just like Danielle and Mohammad part 2.

    -At least Anfisa is honest lol….She tells it like it is….Jorge is extra dumb for putting up with her. He wants a trophy wife, and she’s gonna have him far in debt….and when he goes broke you better believe that she’s gonna leave him and find someone richer. Can’t be mad at her….she has told him she’s only using him for his money and the visa because of the opportunities in America lol, if he wants to stay with her after that, then all the crap she puts him through is on him

  6. Anfisa is awful, but she never lied about her motives. They both got scammed. He ordered what he thought wast a hot mail bride she got what she thought who is a rich guy. Both got shafted.

  7. ANY valid or logical points in Chantal’s conversation wit her brother were lost on me when they both referred to their parents as “mommy and daddy”.

  8. I love watching Anfisa! Jorge didn’t want a feminist so he can enjoy not being with a feminist 😉

    1. I find her to be a feminist, in ways I don’t agree with, but still a feminist. She’s not letting him push her around. She stands for what she believes in and she knows how to get her way… I don’t agree with what she wants, how she gets it or how she represents women but I’d consider her feminist.

      I’m actually shocked that Jorge seemed to want a submissive woman he ended up with this delirious dominate trash.

    2. yup! he got a complete nightmare! in the beginning he just kept saying she’s so pretty, she’s beautiful…..and now look. be careful what you wish for!

    3. yup! he got a complete nightmare! in the beginning he just kept saying she’s so pretty, she’s beautiful…..and now look. be careful what you wish for!

  9. I feel bad for Alla. I think she’s a nice and honest person. Matt’s past weddings shouldn’t influence her dream wedding. That’s horrible that they are expecting her to be ok with a living room wedding. They can’t even have an outdoor wedding at a park in their town? And Chantel’s brother is young and immature. He needs to look at his sister’s decisions.

  10. I absolutely loooooove the screen shots of Anfisa in this recap! Especially the one with the caption of her being a model.

  11. I got news for you Anfisa, you’re not that pretty. You’re an over-inflated blow up doll that needs to grow up.

  12. Anfisa doesn’t even like expensive things, she likes things because they’re expensive

    She’s the person buying that hideous but insanely expensive designer crap. I always wondered who and it’s the anfisa’s of the world

  13. I think it was the most telling when Matt said “The other day, my mom laid out that we were not having a destination wedding and Alla was sad”. He seems to believe that whatever mommy says goes. We’ve all questioned what’s the deal with Matt, and it seems like the problem’s not just Matt…

        1. Give the guy a break. There’s only so much housework you can do when the umbilical cord can only stretch so far.

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