EXCLUSIVE! ‘Little Women LA’ Star Christy McGinity Discusses Her Upcoming Neck Surgery: ‘I’m Breaking Barriers for Little People’

Christy in costume at the Avant Garde Magazine Masquerade Ball...
Christy in costume at the Avant Garde Magazine Masquerade Ball…

Christy McGinity is known for bringing her share of the drama to Little Women: LA, but soon, the reality star says she will be recognized for playing an important part in little person history.

In a red carpet interview with The Ashley, Christy revealed that she will be having a ground-breaking surgery on her neck very soon.

“I’m breaking barriers by having this surgery,” Christy told The Ashley during the recent Avant Garde Magazine Masquerade Ball. “I will be the first little person ever to have this type of neck surgery. Instead of getting [my neck] fused, I’m getting a disc put into my neck.”

Little people often have neck issues, Christy explained, and she hopes that other little people will eventually be able to benefit from this surgery. Christy says that she will continue to film ‘Little Women: LA’ fans during the time she has the surgery.

“You guys are going to see me film through it,” she said, adding that she will be having the surgery very soon. “I am going to show what’s happening.”

On Twitter Christy recently mentioned that she is preparing for the neck surgery by getting MRIs and going to see Los Angeles-based orthopedic surgeon Dr. Michael Kropf.

“I hope it will help other little people,” Christy told The Ashley. “If you’re the first person [to have it], you never know what’s going to happen. But if I am able to open the door for other little people to have this surgery, it’s worth the risk.”

(Photo: The Ashley)


  1. That’s so brave and I hope it go well for you. .I had relatives that had neck surgeries but they but not little people..so I hope it goes well

  2. I will have to wait until I see it on the show as she’s a liar face.
    Just like the concussion that was actually Post Concussion Syndrome.
    There’s a difference.

    Btw, I’m not saying that she’s the only liar face on this show, as there’s plenty, more than not.

    I could make a rude comment about what’s ground-breaking about Christy but I won’t. I just can’t believe Christy by her word of mouth. I need to hear it from a believable source, preferably not from the show.

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