Anna Duggar’s Sister Attempts to Squash Rumors That Anna is Divorcing Josh Duggar

"See how happy we are?!"
“See how happy we are?!”

Priscilla Waller is doing her best to squash the recent rumor that her sister, Anna Duggar, is about to file from divorce from Josh Duggar.

Last week, a report from In Touch Weekly stated that Anna had recently decided to “rid herself of Josh,” and was planning to have legal divorce papers drawn up within the next few weeks. However, Josh and Anna’s actions at the wedding of Jinger Duggar this weekend, as well as a recent Instagram post made by Priscilla, seem to be telling a different story.

Josh and Anna joined Priscilla and her husband, David, on a double-date after the wedding festivities, and hardly looked like a couple on the verge of divorce.

“Thank you, Josh & Anna, for a wonderful weekend together topped off with a fun #doubledate this evening! You’ll are doing great!” Priscilla captioned a photo of the happy looking foursome.

The conveniently timed post seemed to be serving as a way for Josh and Anna to quell the rumors that they’re divorcing, without the couple actually having to make a statement to directly address the tabloid rumor.

A source for Us Weekly stated that Josh and Anna were getting along great at Jinger’s wedding on Saturday.

“Josh and Anna seemed happy,” a source told the magazine. “He had his arm around her. They were talking and smiling.”

While Anna has admitted that she and Josh have sought marriage counseling since Josh returned home from rehab this spring, she previously seemed very unwilling to divorce Josh, despite his confessions that he had been unfaithful to her. When it was discovered that Josh had been maintaining profiles on numerous dating websites, including the made-for-cheating site Ashley Madison, he called himself “the biggest hypocrite ever” and checked into a rehab to deal with his sexual demons, which included an alleged addiction to p0rn.

According to In Touch Weekly (which, if you’ll remember, was the outlet that revealed in 2015 that Josh had molested four of his sisters, as well as another young girl, while in his teens), Anna was being encouraged to divorce Josh by a group of “new friends” who thought she had been turned into a puppet by the Duggar family.

“They were horrified that she’d been persuaded to talk on-camera about Josh, and then wheeled out with the children, looking like everything was fine,” the magazine’s source stated. “Hearing those outside views changed Anna incredibly… [she] agrees and feels angry that Josh has treated her so appallingly for so long.”

While it’s possible that Anna could just be putting on a happy face until she can lower the divorce boom on Josh, it’s unlikely. Divorce is very rare among the Duggar family’s circle.

Anna and Josh celebrated their eighth wedding anniversary in September. They currently have four children together.

(Photos: TLC, Instagram)

20 Responses

  1. The saddest thing is, these girls are now raising another generation of girls to believe that a man rules your life. You make no decisions for yourself, you are ruled by your parents before they hand you off to another form of control. This isn’t the teachings of Christ, that’s for sure. They hide behind the name of their faith to justify this way of life, and its so sad for a new generation to be brought up with such backwards ideas.

  2. Oh please, she’s not going anywhere. It goes against everything she was raised to believe in. And her sister Priscilla is married to a gay man and isn’t going anywhere either. These girls are even more deep in the religion than the Duggars. They’re married for life no matter how many people try to knock some sense into them.

    1. She married this creep knowing he was a child molester/ sexual predator and her parents knew too and were fine with it as well. Joshy was send to a place where they slapped some more bible into him and he was fine.
      Now he cheated on her, that’s actually not such a big deal anymore compared to being okay with your husbands predator’s past. This is ridiculous.
      Oh and she is to blame for his cheating as well, because she did not feel like sex when she was ill, too pregnant, too tired (young kids) or whatever. She is just a body, nanny, house slave and baby hatcher to the Duggars. I suppose feelings and self respect have been knocked out of her with the wooden spoon or god knows what they use after the children are too old voor blanket training.

  3. I’m terrified to think about this but I think next year she will be pregnant again if she not already is. *shivers*

  4. Pretty sure it was Anna’s brother-in-law David who posted the photo- he posts all of the pictures on their Instagram, mostly to promote Gothardism. Priscilla seems to stay off of it for the most part.

    1. There is no way I would let them even near our goldfish. We probably show more respect and love for our goldfish then Anna receives. Darn… that’s sad.

  5. Sometimes, when I’m having a really bad day, I remind myself that at least I’m not Anna Duggar.

    This is actually an effective method for cheering yourself up

  6. I knew that story wasn’t true. Divorce is equal to murder in their eyes. Plus, to it has been hinted that she was partially blamed for his infidelity. She has an radicalized ( I don’t even know if it consisted of the exact requirements a normal school would have) not really any work history and four young kids. The whole brother request wouldn’t of been that easy either since parents have to live within 100 miles of each other unless a mutual agreement was made. The Duggar Cult would NEVER agree to that. The new friends thing was total BS too. They have so much control over them daddy Duggar would never let her pick her friends in anyway.

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