‘The Challenge’ Star Tony Raines Welcomes Second Child

"If I keep going, I'll have enough daughters to start a girl's softball team in no time!"
“Maybe in the future we can do a whole Challenge featuring just my kids!?”

It’s (another) girl for Tony Raines, the ever-fertile star of MTV’s The Challenge!

Tony’s brother (and fellow ‘Challenge’ alum) Shane Raines recently confirmed on Instagram that Tony and Alyssa Giacone are now proud parents of a baby girl, whom they named Isla Rose.

“Beyond excited my baby niece is here and she is happy and healthy as can be,” Shane captioned a photo of him and Tony with Baby Isla. “So proud of my brother [Tony] and [Alyssa] for becoming such amazing adults and now parents. I couldn’t be any happier right now! My niece is finally here you guys!”

Tony announced that Alyssa–his high school sweetheart who appeared on The Real World: Skeletons– was pregnant back in April. The announcement came as a surprise for many ‘Challenge’ fans, due to the fact that Tony had just welcomed a baby girl with another ex-girlfriend, Madison Walls of ‘Real World’ fame. That baby, named Harper, is now about eight months old.

Tony and Alyssa are currently in a relationship.

Check out the photo of Baby Isla with Shane and Tony:

A photo posted by Shane Raines (@shanejraines) on

(Photos: MTV, Instagram)

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  1. Tony is a slimey, douchebag, cheating, f*ck, but Alyssa is just as bad, imo. Acting like she owns him just because they were high school sweethearts. (PUHLEEEZ, grow up!!). Wouldn’t be a bit surprised if she couldn’t handle seeing him have a baby with another woman, seduced him, and purposefully got pregnant. He’s weak and stupid enough to fall for it.

  2. can’t you just look at him and tell he’s a douchebag? He’s the kind of guy that starts talking and I start squinting. ?

  3. He was so disgusting on the Real World, and realistically, you could almost see the slime oozing out of his pores. It’s beyond me how either of those women were stupid enough to deal with him, let alone get impregnated by him!

    1. I couldn’t understand how Maddi didn’t see it too! The whole world could! And then to go back to him over and over…And have a baby with him? What is this guy’s D made of that has all these girls fighting for it? Just, ew.

  4. This man is something else. But I don’t understand Alyssa too, why did she sleep with him when his ex was pregnant?! He will cheat on her too, don’t believe the man is changed, prob make that third girl pregnant too (I think her name is Elizabeth).

  5. He’s not even attractive anymore…..he has 2 kids under 2 with 2 different women. That’s just disgusting….he’s dirty

  6. Hope his kids don’t ever watch what a man whore he was on TV, always trying to hook up and cheat on their Mothers.

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