“90 Day Fiance” Season 4 Episode 10 Recap: The One Where Everyone’s Relatives Get Angry

"I don't understand what she's trying to say..."
“I don’t understand what she’s trying to say…”

The 90 Day Fiancé finale is quickly approaching which means our gang of geographically challenged lovers will soon need to decide if they’re going to get married or send their beloveds back to wherever they came from.

We start things off with Jorge and Anfisa, who are arguably the most interesting couple to gawk at this season. During past episodes, we’ve watched Anfisa get mad because Jorge didn’t want to buy her a $20,000 wedding dress, or a $100,000 engagement ring.

You know, just the typical things engaged couples fight about…

Last week, Anfisa kicked Jorge out of their apartment and demanded to go back to Russia. Jorge is now spending all his time (and what’s left of his money) trying to win Anfisa back…for some reason.

"I like to be able to see his wallet...I mean him...at all times."
“I like to be able to see his wallet…I mean him…at all times.”

Even though she doesn’t really like Jorge, Anfisa gets angry when he tells her he has to work all day.

“It makes me so mad when he leaves me alone all day,” she says.

Um, hello? Someone has to make the money to pay for all of your crap! Those modeling photo shoots don’t pay for themselves, girl!

It turns out, though, that Jorge actually isn’t working. He lied so he could surprise her by buying her an engagement ring. Jorge picks out a ring that is $18,800, and is able to negotiate it down to a little over $11,000. The $7,800 he saved on the ring will just about cover his medical bills for after Anfisa finds out he bought her a “cheap” ring and she throws him off the apartment balcony…

While Jorge is negotiating with the jeweler, his iPhone keeps making an annoying dinging sound. Of course, it’s Anfisa, looking for attention.

“She has me on find my iPhone so whenever she wants to get my attention, she’ll just beep me,” he says.

"All women track their fiances iPhones all day...right? Right??!"
“I keep paging her the code for ‘I love you’ and all I get back is a bunch of money signs. It’s weird!”

Um….what is this, 1998? She probably just beeps him $$$ SOS when she needs more of his money.

“Anfisa and I need to have a conversation about boundaries,” he says.

Ya think!?!?

Later, Jorge meets up with his sisters to discuss Anfisa. Jorge’s oldest sister is not down with this marriage at all.

“I think there are ulterior motives there,” she says.

Jorge talks about how demanding Anfisa is and finally his sister just puts it all out there.

"I made a funny..."
“I made a funny…”

“That’s what happens when you pay somebody to spread their legs,” she says.

Oh, burnnnnnn.

Meanwhile, Nicole has finally made it back to the United States and is reuniting with her mother, sister and daughter. Of course, Nicole’s mom and sis are eager to get the lowdown on what went on in Morroco. Nicole revealed to them that Azan isn’t attracted to her because of her weight, and that Azan said some mean things to her when he got angry.

Nicole’s sister, Ashley, is not happy.

The face Nicole's family made when she said she still wanted to marry Azan...
The face Nicole’s family made when she said she still wanted to marry Azan…

“If my husband would have said any of that, just once, we wouldn’t’ have gotten married,” Ashley tells her before telling Nicole that she thinks Azan is using her.

Nicole’s mother, who has the fantastic redneck name of Robbalee, is also unhappy about Nicole’s relationship with Azan.

“I’m about as fed up with her as I always am,” Robbalee tells us. “All I can do is guide her in the direction she needs to go.”

Nicole is still adamant that she wants to work things out with Azan.

Over in Vietnam, Narkyia is finally arriving to see her catfisher-turned-fiance, Lowo. He is at the airport to greet her with flowers, and then takes her back to the hotel room, where has plastered selfies of Narkyia all over the walls…for some unknown reason.

"I'm sure he's telling me the truth..except for that whole prince things...and....well, everything else..."
“So are we absolutely sure he’s not a prince?”

While Narkyia seems to enjoy looking at wallpaper made up of pictures of her mug, she is still having trouble trusting Lowo. He insists that—while he lied about his location, royalty status, baby mama and much more, that’s no reason for Narkyia not to trust him!

“If I’m going to be your husband then you really have to trust me,” he says. Narkyia says she wants to go see an immigration lawyer to get everything sorted out, but Lowo doesn’t want to.

"I'm comin' girl!"
“I’m comin’ girl!”

I wonder why???!

Where the hell is Narkyia’s trusty gal pals who always deliver snarky comments and classic side-eye whenever Narkyia talks about Lowo?! She needs you guys right now!

Over in Kentucky, there are only 11 days left before Alla is due to get hitched to Matt. The couple heads out to have dinner with Matt’s creepy friend, Patrick, who has made it no secret that he is not fond of Alla.

“Alla, you know, my concern is always on Matt,” Patrick tells her. “I want to make sure that you’re marrying him for the right reasons.”

Raise your hand if this dude creeps you out.
Raise your hand if this dude creeps you out.

Dude. Your friend is like 45 years old. He can handle his own business, thanks. Let him choose his own future ex-wives!

Patrick asks Alla why she loves Matt, and is surprised by her answer.

“I’ve never told Matt that I love him,” Alla says.

Patrick is perplexed by this.

“You’re marrying him and you don’t love him?” he asks Alla.

Alla looks uncomfortable, as does Patrick’s girlfriend. She’s probably thinking these TLC-paid-for-tacos aren’t worth this drama!

Patrick is about two minutes from getting a margarita or two thrown in his face...
Patrick is about two minutes from getting a margarita or two thrown in his face…

Luckily, Alla speaks up for herself (because, you know, her fiancé failed to). She tells Patrick that his question really offends her. Patrick’s girlfriend also speaks up, telling Patrick that he’s being rude and to shut his mouth. Patrick keeps on talking until Alla gets angry and tells Patrick that he shouldn’t be trying to take control over his grown friend’s life.

“You’re getting hoodwinked!” Patrick tells Matt, right in front of Alla.

Later, Patrick tells us that he doesn’t trust Alla.

“I think that she came over here because she needs a better life and not because she loves him,” he says.

"What is hoodwinked? Is that American for 'badgered by intrusive friend?'"
“What is hoodwinked? Is that American for ‘badgered by intrusive friend?'”

Later, Matt and Alla sit down to have a talk about their relationship. Alla says she doesn’t know when she will be able to Matt that she loves him.

“I don’t know if it is love, but I’m ready to marry you,” Alla says.

Give her a break! She’s willing to marry this dude in his living room with sand thrown on the floor. If that isn’t love, then what is?

Pedro's mother is already my favorite character on this show...
Pedro’s mother is already my favorite character on this show…

Meanwhile, Chantel’s mother is still encouraging Chantel to get a pre-nup before marrying Pedro. However, Pedro’s mom, who is being beamed in via Skype, is not happy at all when she hears this news.

“She’s lucky you’re with her! Stupid Americans!” she says. “They’re not better than us. Don’t sign a thing! They have mental problems. It’s psychological!”

Whoa. Tell us how you really feel, lady!

"Wait until Mommy and Daddy hear about this one!"
“Wait until Mommy and Daddy hear about this one!”

Chantel is worried by how upset Pedro’s mom is getting over this. Against his mother’s warning, Pedro agrees to sign the paper. They say that they are marrying for love so they’ll never have to use it anyway.

Yeah, good luck with that.

Next week, Chantel and Pedro finally get married (allegedly), Nicole’s family has more suspicions about Azan, Patrick threatens to cause a scene at Matt and Alla’s wedding, and Narkyia finds out that Lowo was lying to her once again.

And…Anfisa keys Jorge’s car. Naturally.

To read our recap of the previous episode of ’90 Day Fiance,’ click here!

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  1. Why are any of these people getting married. Nicole and Azan definitely not. She’s to needy and he IS NOT attracted to her, that’s why he doesn’t want sex, not his culture. Jorge and his Russian babe HELL NO! She wants everything but him. Channel has turned Pedro into a liar and you can tell he loves her, she’s just a spoiled brat and he’s getting a bad rap because of her dishonesty with her family. The other couples who knows? Just find love in the country your from and it will stop all of this bull! REALLY!

  2. The group of finances this year, THEY ALL NEED TO GO HOME. Jorge has no balls when it comes to spoiled brat, Matt just wants to be married, Danielle is FAT and unattractive but she wants her Morracan prince to change, there’s Pedro whose getting the raw end of the deal cause his American has lied to her family, AND MADE HIM LIE And then you have the catfish story, Really none of them need to marry they all have issues.

  3. I’m just curious as to what this “prenup” is supposed to be protecting? Chantal clearly doesn’t have any money so I’m a little confused as to what Pedro would be taking from her. She’s awful. There is something creepy about her and her family. Pedro’s mom is right!!

  4. Train wrecks coming down the tracks. Don’t know why I enjoy watching these idiots. It’s just so entertaining. I’m pulling for Alla though, she seems genuine. Hopefully Matt will take good care of her, and learn to put his wife before his muther.

  5. Jorge deserves everything he gets. He went after a girl from a poor country, hoping to get a pretty girl without bothering with pesky things like considering somebody’s personality and preferences. He was hoping to be using her, but it’s her using him. Serves him right. Hopefully some wannabe mail-order bride havers will think twice after seeing this show…

    1. I totally agree with you! Jorge made her all sorts of promises to lure her to the US. She expects him to keep them. She kept up her end of the bargain by being with him when she’s clearly out of his league. He just wants to keep her as a trophy, but she’s not having it. I actually like her.

    2. Yea you can’t feel bad for him at all! She said to his face that she is with him because of the stuff he buys her.

  6. -Chantel is sneaky and Pedro needs to go back home and find him an honest girl….he seems like a nice guy and she seems like she’s completely out of touch with reality. Her entire family hates him and the poor guy didn’t even do anything

    -Matt has no backbone

    -As soon as Narkyia marries Lowo he’s gonna bounce faster than Mohammad did with Danielle

    -Nicole is still as ditzy and stupid as ever….but clearly she does what she wants….hopefully she doesn’t bring anymore kids into the world

    -And Anfisa is the most honest gold digger I have ever seen, and Jorge keeps chasing her…You can tell that he has some real self esteem problems. He refuses to dump her because he thinks that she’s so beautiful, and he could never get a girl that “beautiful” meanwhile she literally has nothing to offer…but whatevs! She’s not trying to “hoodwink” him….she’s let him know what she was about from day 1! And you already know she’s not signing a prenup!

  7. I really like Matt and Alla. While they may not be perfect they seem to have good intentions toward each other. He seems to treat her well and she seems to try to reciprocate. She doesn’t demand he buy her things and she seems to try and take care of him by making dinner, cleaning the house etc. They seem like a normal married couple to me. I really think her lack of saying I love you is more cultural than actually not loving or caring for Matt. Eastern Europeans are just much more reserved than we are. I hope they make it as a couple it would be good for both of them.

    1. Although Matt is very kind, I highly doubt Alla has any physical attraction to him. There is also something about him that is quite depressing. My guess is she will stay with him for a few years before finding a replacement and peacefully trying to break ties.

    2. I’m pulling for them too but Matt needs to grow a set and tell mommie dearest and Patrick to stay out of their business and stand up and be the man that ALLA and her son needs him to be. Then he needs to let ALLA have the wedding that SHE wants and disinvite Patrick. As a bride he should respect her wishes. She’s a very nice lady .

    1. Because Chantel is such a good liar her parents dislike Pedro and it wasn’t of his doings. You can tell he’s an outstanding young man who got mixed up with a compulsive liar. He’s too good for her.

  8. I kept waiting for Matt’s mommy to show up and defend him…since he can’t speak up for himself or Alla…and tell Patrick to shut the f up. She has Matt’s life all planned out down to the last detail even Alla’s wedding dream. RUN ALLA RUN!
    Jorge is making a fool out of himself. The only thing left is for him to lay down and let the Russian ice princess wipe her feet on him. After all he is her doormat.

  9. Matt, man up and put Patrick in his meddlesome place! Patrick, If she is marrying for a better life for herself and her son, what’s the problem??? Go visit India.

    1. Exactly, it’s a marriage of convenience…for both of them. He gets a woman who will marry someone who’s been divorced three times and she gets a better life for herself and her son. And I’ve known spouses who don’t use the word “love” with each other. Some people just aren’t all lovey-dovey like that.

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