“60 Days In” Stars Ashleigh & Zac Baker Welcome Second Child

60-days-in-ashley-and-zacAshleigh and Zac Baker struggled to keep their marriage together as each spent time in Indiana’s Clark County Jail while filming A&E’s 60 Days In, but it appears that the couple’s family is stronger than ever– and bigger!

Zac and Ashleigh, who appeared on the show’s first and second season, respectively, just welcomed their second child last week. The baby boy, whom they named Gavin Donal, joins the couple’s other son, Ryker, who was born right before Zac went to jail to film Season 1. He was only four months old when Ashleigh left to film Season 2.

The couple posted photos of Baby Gavin to their social media accounts.

“Welcome to the world my sweet baby boy,” Ashley captioned a collage of photos. “Gavin Donal Baker, 7 lbs. 15 oz., Born November 5, 2016 at 9:40 am!!!”

The final episode of ’60 Days In’ aired last week, and it appeared that Ashleigh and Zac’s marriage was in crisis. During one part of the episode, Ashleigh confessed that she considered leaving Zac. During another scene, Ashleigh can be heard telling Zac that she hated him, after the couple got into an argument.

According to Ashleigh, though, the drama between her and Zac, as well as other dramatic moments of the season, were created by the network.

“Unfortunately, this season of the show was extremely edited toward dramatic effect,” Ashleigh wrote on Instagram. “What looked like 1 phone call per episode was really MAYBE 2 phone calls chopped and edited so many times, it’s sad. The network jumped on the opportunity to twist and manipulate SO many things that just weren’t true, for ratings. And it seemed to work for some. BUT for those who see through the BS, it is YOU that matter the most.”

In another post, Ashleigh made it clear that she and her husband of eight years are not splitting up.

“Despite our ‘oh so dramatic’ phone calls and name callings, I have zero hate for you and love you with ever fiber of my being,” she wrote. “I am glad we have been able to share our true love with others. Thank you for blessing me with two beautiful boys. I am so happy to raise them with you, and I hope that someday they both become exactly the man of love, courage and honor that you are.”

Ashleigh, who had been a model (and an addict) before becoming a mother and appearing on ’60 Days In,’ also hinted that she would be back in the public eye soon.

“You have only been shown a tiny edited-for-TV version of my story,” she wrote. “I plan to do a LOT more, and share a lot more, very, very soon.”

Ashleigh will also appear with the other Season 2 participants on Thursday’s Season 2 Reunion show.

(Photos: Instagram)

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    You need to update this… ther no longer together

  2. My Hubby and I just finished season 1, though we still need to watch the final. Anyway my Hubby is also a former Marine. We have been married for 13 years. I just want you to.know you have made your country, as well as the Cor very proud of you. Take care of your beautiful family and take care of you.
    My son-in-law is a Chief in the Navy Seabee’s. Right now stationed in Washington. I haven’t seen my 4 granddaughters in nearly 2 years. I’m so proud of you boys. I can only hope had my only son live he would be like you guys.

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    I am a huge fan of 60 Days In!!!!
    But I’m curious…
    Are Zac and Ashleigh Baker STILL together?!? And what’s her Instagram page name?

    Rebeka Schleyer

  4. She’s a psychopath and thinks she’s hot or something. She acts like a preteen and you can tell she is touched in the head.

  5. Very cool to get you truth and real response was worried they would do a little of that dramatic to you guys. Keep kicking ass and being strong together! Congratulations even tho that was years ago now lol.

  6. My first thought at the end of the show is a reality show on their relationship is brewing and most likely was the reason for their non-participation in the Phase 2 Where Are They Now show. My only advice is remember what you learned about how reality TV works and don’t allow the dollars and fame destroy what you have because it’s never worth it. Much success and love to you both.

  7. Think you guys rocked that show and we’re so brave…Shame the show made it look like you detested each other…Glad it was just editing, so happy for you 4!! From your English watcher and fan…

    Kev D…I’d love to donate some money for a charity of your choice

  8. Ash and Zac, you 2 Rocked I loved the 2 of you and going to miss my favourite Tv show on Monday 21hoo, you had me in tears now we in South Africa watched our last show last new night. Congrats on your new little man keeper fighting for your love for each other, and your beautiful little men in your life xxx

  9. Ashleigh we really felt for you in the show don’t know how you coped but you did. We loved Zac too but got pissed off with him in the telephone calls!!! Congratulations on your new baby and hope you all have an awesome christmas and new year. Lots of love from the UK

  10. I absolutely was hooked on this show and both Zac and Ashleigh were my favs. Close to home in the heart. I was watching Homicide Hunter a rerun from 2012 about a marine and boom whaaaaat there was Zac portraying a marine in the show. I was like rewind whaaaaat . CONGRATULATIONS ON THE NEW BABY BOY AND GOD BLESS YOU ASHLEIGH AND ZAC. very proud of what you guys have accomplished

  11. Wow congrats Ashleigh and Zac on your new little guy. I have 12 years sobriety and wanted to say to you good job on sobriety. It’s gets way easier every year that goes by.

  12. I’m happy for them. I watched both seasons and Zac was my favorite was from season 1. And then while she was in, they portrayed him as a total unsupportive drag. But I’m glad they made it work.

    1. To be fair I think Sheri, Ashleigh’s bunk buddy was giving her advice based on Ashleigh repeating the phone conversation with Zac. I was disappointed in him, he came across as cold and blamed Ashleigh for her “issues” as he doesn’t have any. Not nice. I don’t doubt it was edited, but she was still unhappy during the reunion of 60 days! Glad the baby is healthy and hopefully their marriage is too, love success stories ?

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