Farrah Abraham’s Mom Debra Danielsen to Reportedly Star in ‘Teen Mom OG: Being Debra’ Special

"I don't understand why I didn't get a special the first time!"
“I don’t understand why I didn’t get a special the first time!”

Get out your crop tops and leather pants because… Teen Mom OG star Debra Danielsen is reportedly getting her own MTV special! (The Ashley has not completely confirmed this, so please file it under “report” for now!)

Debra, the mother of Farrah Abraham, recently announced that she is the next ‘Teen Mom OG’ grandparent to get an hour-long special episode devoted to her life. On Sunday, Debra posted a video featuring her and her fiance, David Merz. In the caption of the video, Deb broke the big news that they were filming “Being Debra.”

“We are having fun with the filming and friends and family!” Debra told a fan in the comment section of the video.

Debra recently announced that she is engaged to David, so it’s likely that the “Being Debra” special will cover the topic of her engagement and upcoming wedding.

“Being Debra” follows two previous specials that centered on a parent of one of the ‘Teen Mom’ franchise stars. Fans were previously treated to “Being Butch,” starring Tyler Baltierra‘s father, Butch Baltierra; and “Being Barbara,” which starred Jenelle Evans‘ mother Barbara Evans. (Click here to read The Ashley‘s recap of “Being Butch!”)

MTV has yet to confirm the special. The Ashley is not aware of any other “grandparent” specials that are taping currently, although she’d very much like to see another episode of “Being Butch!” (MTV- make it happen!) Although fans have been asking for a “Being Randy” special starring Chelsea Houska‘s father, Randy Houska, The Ashley’s sources tell her it’s “very unlikely” that will ever happen.

Which ‘Teen Mom’ franchise grandparent should get the next special? Vote below!

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62 Responses

  1. I will definitely NOT be watching this! Farrah is the epitome of fake. Debra is trying desperately to follow in Farrah’s shoes. Michael is always weirdly lurking. I find it extremely perverse that as a “father” he continually brings up how wonderful Farrah’s porn tape was. Sophia is a spoiled brat. When are they going to stop baby talking with “Baby Goo”? When she has her own porn tape?

  2. Being Debra: Getting belittled by your awful daughter, getting plastic surgery, wearing age inappropriate clothes, getting yelled at by your soulless daughter….repeat.

    No thanks!

    1. Don’t forget being swatted at by her 7 going on 3 year old granddaughter. Nova is more mature than Sophia.

  3. Off topic: Google ‘Matt Baier Amazon’. Puke!
    Starcasm reported you can pre order Matt’s new book with awful cover but when I checked it cause I wasn’t completely sure this wasn’t a joke , I found two Matt Baier T-Shirts.
    Anyone who wants a ‘Matt Baier makes my dreams wet’ T Shirt for Christmas? ‘Or Mirror, mirror (…) the fairest of them all? – Matt Baier’.
    You must be high as a kite to make up a product like that to sell on Amazon.

  4. All I want is a “Being Jeff” special. Leah is surrounded by enablers and Corey and Jeremy need to watch their words for custody’s sake. I’d totally watch his dad tell the truth.

    Randy acts like too much of a teenager, Dawn and April are terrible people and Butch’s special had too much Tyler.

  5. I’d rather watch ‘Being April’. At least then we’d actually get to see how little Novalee is doing.

  6. I think the only way this makes sense is that MTV is working with the government in a torture experiment and they are planning to use an hour with Deb to find out how much our brains can handle before we snap.. I mean look at her own daughter after a few MINUTES with Deb. A whole HOUR. WITH. DEB. I’d rather grow a rat tail than spend an hour with Deb. I’d rather French kiss a barracuda. Hell I’d rather watch Farrah’s anal porn than watch an hour with Deb. I say this for all humanity.. Please let this stay as a ‘report’ forever more..

  7. It seems like everytime I press the comment arrow down to read the comments, it keeps taking me back to the top of the page. It does that a lot. Please fix that, Ashley.

    1. I figured it out…happened to me all the time…what I’ve figured is you need to wait about 30 seconds or so before paging down to read the article. Then it should allow you to read it without paging back up..it’s helped me, hope it works for you 😀

  8. What the hell is Mtv thinking? Debra isn’t even a fan favorite. I actually think she’s the weirdest lady ever. The last thing I want is to listen to her annoying baby talk and watch her walk around in her crop tops and pink bikinis (ew!). I definitely will not be watching this. I want to see a Randalicious or Papa Larry special.

    1. She seems like she’s a little off upstairs, like her daughter. She may dress like she’s 40 years younger than she actually is but I gotta hand it to her, she has a greaf body for her age. Like amazing. She has thin toned arms, small stomach, thick hips and butt. Not to mention that facelift, hair style, and color has taken a decade and a half off her face. Remember those bags under her eyes, those dated Farrah Fawcett layers, and that dated color? She honestly looks better than Farrah. She really should start dressing her age though. She isn’t even related to me and Im embarrassed by it.

      1. LOL I wouldn’t go that far and say that she has a great body….but she does look better in the face than she did before.

        1. For a 60 year old she is in pretty good shape, I mean not Angela Bassett or Tina Turner good, but not bad either. I think she has a nice shape for someone that old.

      2. Her stomach looks like mash potatoes. The worst part is that we even know this. I don’t care how skinny, toned or tan you are, if your over 40 cover your belly. Even anorexic Tori Spelling doesn’t show her stomach.
        That said, I am looking foward to Being doormat Debra. I want to see what makes her tick. I think she definitely has mental problems that she passed down to Farrah. I also agree that she is on a large dose of Xanax. She is way too calm when miss “Anti-Christ” is going H.A.M. on her.
        For her preaching about God and quizzing Farrah’s poor date in season 1, she is definitely way out of touch with how a Christian should act. That family gives religion a very bad name. It’s like she picked a few verses and ran with them like spare the rod spoil the child. That was probably her excuse to beat the hell out of her kids.

  9. One hour of Deb: ain’t nobody got time for that. I would not be able to sit trough that. Would not even attempt it.
    Besides, if I want to watch a story that is completely made up from start to finish, I rather watch a fun cartoon like Shaun the Sheep. Shaun is more appealing to the eye too.

    And speaking of appealing to the eye, I would like a ‘being Jeff’ when I would have to choose from one of the grandparents.

  10. after tonight’s episode I’m convinced Deb abused Farrah or something happened. As riled up as Farrah was getting about Deb’s behavior with men and bringing up Debs past with other men being brought into the house growing up, and Debs past/present behavior….Farrahs accusations sound legit. I don’t think Farrah is smart enough to make that stuff up. The girl tried to lie and say that James Deen was her boyfriend and their sex tape got leaked by accident for Gods sake. She’s still the jezebel from hell, constantly disrespects her mother to the point that it’s not even entertaining and I don’t even know how to react….and pretty much said that the world revolved around her during her tirade (“and when you stop lying to yourself and the world around me” end quote ?), but Farrah seemed like she was stating facts. And Deb was clearly a pretty bad mother….you’ve gotta be doing something VERY wrong to raise a child like Farrah.

    1. (pushed send before I was done lol) I will also say that it’s pretty bad when your 7 year old calls you out on your atrocious behavior. Sophia told her mother that shes the one that made her whiny (even she knows the baby talk is nauseating) and she also called Farrah out for going from 0-100 on Deb. Farrah needs to realize that it’s not what you say it’s how you say it, and the things that she says to her FAMILY are things I wouldn’t say to a stranger on the street.

      1. Lexi, serious question. I’ve come to the conclusion that Farrah is following a script, and it’s all scripted and staged now. The Hills was completely scripted and fake, but yet was presented as reality, it was produced by MTV too. I just don’t think any of it is real anymore. How could cait and ty be that boring and so non important to anything relevant? Amber knows matt is a piece of shit, but it makes good TV, I think it’s all scripted now! What do you think?

    2. Those comments do raise alarmbels. Clearly Deb has showed poor judgement when it comes to men in the past. That catfisher managed to get really close to her and make her do anything way to fast for example.
      Farrah’s behavior towards sex isn’t normal either. I am not saying all p0rn stars and postitute$ have been abused but many of them have been and use it as a coping mechanism. Pretending that s@x doesn’t mean anything and that they don’t feel anything to make what happened to them emotionally smaller as a way to survive the mental stress.
      But then again, promiscues behavior can also stem from a desire to rebell or feel affection (when you don’t feel loved at home).

      1. Yea….something is not right there, and I don’t think Farrah is intelligent enough to make up accusations that convincing. The girl can’t even spell Halloween correctly…she spelled it Holloween on her snapchat more than once. I still cannot stand the girl, and no way was I sticking up for her or excusing her behavior, I’m just saying it’s starting to make a lot of sense. I totally believe that Deb brought men to the house and exhibited promiscuous behavior while she was married to Michael, and it had a bad effect on Farrah. That would explain why she is so loathsome towards her mother, and resents her father. Someone doesn’t turn out as rotten as Farrah, just for the hell of it. Something definitely happened in her childhood, and I have a feeling it primarily has to do with Deb. It might also explain why Deb just sits there and takes the verbal abuse, because she feels like she failed Farrah….that or she just wants money from Farrah for plastic surgery which is also a crappy thing to do to your kid…But that had to be Farrah’s worst tirade/attack to date on anyone. Her attack was uncalled for, and at the end of the day, if her relationship is that bad with her mother to the point that she calls her mother obscene names, and MTV has to call security to intervene…then it’s time for them to end their relationship for a while. That situation is not healthy for ANYONE. Last night Sophia was the adult in that situation and that definitely says something about Deb and Farrah.

        1. I don’t think Michael really rocked or rocks as a parent. The man is totally emotionally unstable and admitted to have done things he regrets that have lead to Farrah’s porn. He was asked to do something and trusted the wrong people was what he said to Dr Pinky I think.
          He took Debs back several times and doesn’t have a job, just mooches of his daughter. Not really the most stable man to look up to.

    3. I agree, she sounded angrier as she talked about Deb and men. It also looked like things were edited and spliced. Conversations and responses didn’t make sense, like parts of the conversation were taken out.

      1. yup….the entire argument Sophia is munching on pizza, and at the end of the verbal lashing Deb was like Sophia your pizza is ready….that scene was definitely edited….but Farrahs accusations were coming out in full sentences and had the same tone…she was screaming and the pitches of her whales stayed the same

    4. Not to mention Deb denies hitting Farrah, although she clearly did. Honestly, I generally can’t stand Farrah, but that would upset me too. It’s messed up that she would deny on camera abusing her daughter when it’s obvious that she did. Just saying.

      1. Yea we all saw those police photos of Farrah with the busted lip. Idk why Deb said she didn’t hit her. Definite red flag, trying to block out things that happened. Ive been saying for years I think Farrah was sexually abused as a teen/kid. She was into modeling as a teenager and I used to wonder if she was targeted and abused. She was a pretty girl then. It seems like something snapped inside of her from 2012- now. She was always annoying but not in a mentally ill, confusing, unprovoked way she is now. Sophia was the only one making sense tonight. As wretched as she is, you still have to keep in mind she’s 7 and being raised in a toxic environment with the women in her life. Im sorry but I laughed when Farrah told Deb to get upstairs and this dumb bitch actually stayed banished into the room until she was allowed to come out. The average parent wouldn’t ever put up with this. This is the strangest most dysfunctional family on tv. I think they have surpassed Honey Boo Boo’s family.

        1. The way Farrah degrades her mother is INSANE….and I rewatched when Farrah’s sister came to visit a few years ago, and Ashley called Deb a “Satanic Fucking Psycho”… Who lets their kids talk to them like that!? I have little sympathy for any of them….especially not Farrah or Deb…the only one I feel bad for is Sophia, because she’s being raised by these two nitwits. If I ever told my mother to go to her room, I would be picking my teeth up off the floor. Deb obeyed Farrah, went upstairs to the room and proceeded to talk about how she wished she was dead…I didn’t feel bad for her at all. She subjects herself to Farrah’s attacks, because she wants fame and plastic surgery. And for Farrah and her sister to be that hateful towards Deb as their mother, there is no doubt in my mind Deb was a crap mother. People don’t turn out like Farrah if they were raised in a healthy environment.

          1. Oh I remember. People were saying her sister Ashley was normal, uh..did they not see the episode you and I saw? Ashley is a pill too and she and Farrah both ganged up on Deb while Deb sat there looking sedated lol. Is Deb bipolar or suffering from mental illness? What a fucked up toxic group of deplorables.

      2. Did Deb not get into trouble mostly cause she answered the door holding two knives when the police came (as you do)? Farrah hit Deb too. Only thing we will never know is who started. Just that Deb is better in effectively defending herself.

        1. That was rich seeing her get handcuffed and hauled off in her leopard fur coat lol. Id have liked to be a fly on the wall when all that happened. During those days, didn’t her parents seem more forceful and stood up to her? What the fuck happened?

  11. Can they please show Deb getting another liquid facelift and shopping at Wet Seal? I want to see what really goes through her head while she’s “being Debra”

  12. Being April. Hands down. Although I think it would be much more delicious let’s say before 2014 when she got clean. Can you imagine a Being April in 2011 lmao

  13. All I hope is that in the special they have footage of Farrah learning her mom is getting a special. Farrah will have a complete meltdown that mommy dearest is stealing her spotlight.

  14. What could this consist of? Her begging Farrah for $ for another facelift? Or her being yelled at by Farrah for an hour and pretending it’s not happening? I think jen and Larry would be fUn to watch they make up a huge part of Bentlys world. April smokes and baby sits nova. We’ve heard babs story. Butch can’t stay out of trouble long enough. Randy would have a similar story line as chelsea that people find boring. Dawn would just be enabling leah. And Michael would be the same as deb with less interesting outfits. Mtv should let this tm franchise end.

  15. I don’t think I can stomach an entire hour of Deb. I’m just gonna have to read the recap. But as for the next ones I’m all for Randy, Jen and Larry, or April

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