EXCLUSIVE! A ‘Teen Mom’ Cruise Is Coming! Maci Bookout, Amber Portwood & Kail Lowry to Set Sail with Fans

"Let's PARTY!"
“Let’s PARTY!”

If you have ever dreamed of sipping Bud Lights on the beach with Maci Bookout, sitting on a couch with Amber Portwood, or dancing in the club with Kail Lowry, you’re in luck! Your dreams are about to come true!

The Ashley can exclusively confirm that the three Teen Mom franchise stars will be hosting a five-day cruise for their fans in 2017! Maci, Amber and Kail (and possibly their beaus, to be determined) will set sail in July for the first-ever ‘Teen Mom’ Cruise!

No, seriously…

The three girls have officially signed on to give the show’s fans a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The Ashley’s source tells her that cruise-goers will be treated to roundtable discussions with the cast, Q&A sessions, and the opportunity to hang out with the girls.

The Ashley is told that the details are still being worked out but the cast may even watch a ‘Teen Mom’ episode with cruise-goers, and go on shore excursions with fans.

The cruise will set sail on July 31 from Miami and will travel to the Bahamas and Key West, Florida. The five-day cruise will return to Miami. While on the high seas, though, fans will get to interact with the girls.

“This isn’t going to be them just sitting up on a stage talking to an audience, and then leaving,” the source says. “The girls will be enjoying the cruise alongside their fans. There has never been anything like this.”

While it’s unlikely that the entire cruise ship will be devoted to ‘Teen Mom’ cruisers, fans must have a wristband to interact with the cast and join in on the ‘Teen Mom’ fun.

It is unknown at this point if any more cast members will join in on the cruise. From what The Ashley hears this is not an MTV-sponsored activity, though.

The Ashley will have more details very soon! Stay tuned!

Ready to book a spot on the cruise right now!? Click here!

(Photo: MTV)


  1. Why would Kail go to The Bahamas? She hates The Bahamas and said so much on tonight’s behind the scenes recap.

  2. On the daily schedule: Matt and Ambie bedtime stories telling time.
    King Kong Kick box with Kail in the gym? Managing your ‘Mommy needs to party time” with Maci in the bar?

    I don’t like being confined to the space of a boat, getting locked up on a floating hotel with tiny rooms for five days participating in ‘hooray for queen Kail/ Maci/ Amber plus one’ activities sounds like a ring in hell close to the fire to me.

  3. As ridiculous as this is Papa Randy of course had to put it down. He seriously tweeted that this was an interesting idea, but that he didn’t think the fan base that watches this show would have enough fun money to be able to do this. WTF Randy, not everyone that watches this show is trash like he seems to think. Just like his daughter I too was a teen mom. The only difference is I completed my bachelors degree, with two chronic illnesses, and as a single mom. I didn’t have the luxury of Teen Mom being filmed at that time to just be handed hundreds of thousands of dollars. He’s such an arrogant prick!

    1. Congrats to that Tara, you must have worked very hard. Now that is how making your child proud is done people. Two chronical ilnesses is a lot worse than a chronical sour spot on your bum cause you are not getting of it.
      Good to hear there are role models, please contact MTV.

    2. He honestly thinks his precious daughter is better than the rest of them but conveniently forgets that a) he spoiled her rotten and 2) SHE got knocked up at 16 as well.

      It gets a bit annoying to see him throw shade at the rest of the girl. Even if they deserved it it’s not like his daughter isn’t as trashy as the rest.

  4. Not even if the ticket was free and they actually paid me, would I want to hang out with these losers and listen to their lies.

    Can you imagine how Amber would go on and on about how great Matt is and how all those women are lying about him being the father of their children? !?!?
    Does she think he’s such a catch that they would lie about that?
    She paid off several of his back child support cases so they would be dropped from the court cases.
    Then she lies about it.
    Yesh, I couldn’t take it. Only 2 things could make it worse, Farrah and Jenelle.

    1. Right? A cruise with Babs would be epic. She knows how ta PAAAAHHHHHHTYYYY!! Not like that lil bitch of a dawwwwtahhh!! As long as nobody is HIGH, HIGH or smokin da weeed!

  5. All three Teen Moms will then promptly take a “vacation” after said cruise because it was so much “work”. Without their kids of course.

  6. This is gonna be a huge trainwreck. I can’t wait! On one hand I think anybody who’d participate in it is pathetic, but on the other, I really want them to spill the beans after the cruise.

  7. For chrissake let them be mothers, let them be with the children, instead of swanning around like they are single girls.

  8. The only way I can see this being fun is if every ticket was bought by a hatter and the girls were heckled constantly until they jumped overboard. Ideally, taking Matt with them.

    1. I looked it up. Cheapest is $700 but there’s one tax that’s $100 AND the room must have double occupancy, so that’s $1600, not including ALL taxes or flight to Miami. It goes up to $3000.
      That of course, is for a couple.

      Not even if they paid me 5 grand. Unless they guaranteed I wouldn’t have to see them.

  9. who in their right minds would want to waste their time in that way? Maybe for the free trip, but these girls are all losers, I can’t even watch it anymore. I saw a few minutes last night of Matt sill lying about everything and loser Amber buying his lies, the show is depressing and Caitlin with the horse, she is just so lost, it’s so sad, they just sit around looking for ways to spend their MTV money, they are so pathetic and such losers, MTV should be so ashamed!

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