Big ‘Counting On’ Announcement: Another Duggar Kid is Courting

"Another one of us is getting out!"
“Another one of us is getting out!”

Duggar fans rejoice! There is more courting fun coming our way!

Counting On fans will get to watch Jinger Duggar‘s wedding take place on tonight’s episode, but, according to a video posted to the show’s official Facebook page, the wedding isn’t the only reason to tune it. Apparently, one of Jinger’s siblings is courting, and it will be revealed tonight which Duggar kid it is!

Of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar‘s 19 children, four are married, and five are single and old enough to court.

Here, The Ashley provides her opinions on the likelihood of each of those five being the newly courting Duggar:

John-David Duggar (Age 26): John-David is the most likely option, in The Ashley’s opinion. Not only is he the oldest, still-single son, but he lives off Duggar property, is well-established professionally and has hinted that he very much wants to get married and start a family. He even once joked that he was “accepting applications” to find his next wife. (The Duggar family actually received applications from women interested in John-David!)

joseph-duggarJoseph Duggar (Age 21): Joseph is often forgotten about, but The Ashley feels that he is very likely to be the Duggar who is courting. If Joseph is, indeed, in a relationship, that gal is going to be subjected to Joseph’s, um, interesting musings…

“Whenever a guy gets married, it’s kind of like adding a family member to the family,” he says in the video clip. (The face John-David makes while listening to Joseph say this is priceless!)

jana-duggarJana Duggar (Age 26): The Ashley ranks Jana as the third-likely to be courting. Even though she is the oldest Duggar girl, she has watched as her three younger sisters have gone through courtship and gotten married. Poor Jana has been the subject of many tabloid rumors– magazines have stated everything from her being a lesbian, to her dating Tim Tebow! Jana has expressed interest in wanting to get married and start a family, and her father even told People that he has been approached by potential suitors interested in Jana.

“Jana is one of the prettiest girls in the world and one of the sweetest girls,” Jim Bob told the magazine last year. “There have been a lot of guys who have been interested in her. I have gone to her about each one, and so far she hasn’t felt that is the way the Lord is leading.”

The Ashley ranked Jana low only because she feels that Jana is shy and more reserved, and, unlike her sisters, might be uncomfortable having her relationship discussed on the show.

joy-duggarJoyAnna Duggar (Age 19): Joy is the youngest court-able Duggar, but it seems unlikely that she is the one who is in a courtship. Joy is still needed on the Duggar compound, especially since she and Jana are the only “older” girls still living there to take care of the chores and younger kids.

josiah-duggarJosiah Duggar (Age 20): Josiah is unlikely to be courting, due to the fact that he had a failed courtship last year with fellow fundie Marjorie Jackson. In The Ashley’s opinion, this makes him the least-likely Duggar to be in the courtship.

Watch the tease video below:

UPDATE: The Duggar kid in a courtship is Joy! Click here for more info on her new man, Austin!

20 Responses

  1. Jana is a midwife and very devoted to her calling. I think she really wants to make a name for herself and open a birth center before getting married because she knows as soon as she has her first kiss, she will get pregnant.
    The other thing I thought of is she could possibly have fertility issues like fibroid or polycistic ovarian syndrome which, sadly, wouldn’t make her “catch” in the quiverfull fundie community.
    It seems like the boys would be chomping at the bit to get a courting. They’re in their sexual peak. Girls usually don’t get crazy horny until sometime around 30. I know my boyfriend at 18 was insatiable but I didn’t want it 3 times a day until I turned 31 (which is when I became a cougar ;]

    1. Jana is not a midwife. They showed her training briefly as a doula with Jill, but outside of that she has no midwife certifications. Unless you count being present for her sisters disastrous home births.

  2. His parents run a fundie bill gothard ATI style camp. if you go to the fort rock family camp website the home page ALREADY has a family picture with Joy included. Hmmm makes me wonder about him and his families true intentions.

  3. It is Joy. She is courting a boy the family has known for a while. They are deeply invested in Gothardism. They run a family camp and were once featured on an episode of World’s Strictest Parents. So Joy will trade one crazy ass family for another and continue the cycle of pray, breed, repeat.

  4. I honestly don’t think they’re “pimping” out their kids for ratings…. timings rather convenient but also all of these “kids” (they aren’t real kids anymore) are a stage of life where finding a significant other is in the forefront of their minds….
    I say all the power to her and I hope she is really happy! I’ve never seen so much joy in Jinger’s eyes before and I hope the same for the rest. Same with Jill she looks soooo happy with Derek …. I’m a bit more skeptical of Jessa but partially I think that’s a personality thing lol

  5. Why are they not focusing on marrying any of the boys off? It’s creepy to just focus on the girls. They are marrying these girls off at an alarming rate now. The whole situation is sad and disturbing.

  6. I wonder what it’s like to have your family make a production and teaser trailer out of you and your siblings dating lives?

    I am grossed out by the fact this show is so dang boring that a family feels the need to pimp out the kids and exploit their personal lives in order to get moneyS

  7. I hope it’s John David he is a good guy and he is genuine and he has his shit together. Jana I think wants to pick her own guy and not have Daddy transfer authority of her to someone. She wants to be with someone she loves not here’s a group of guys pick one you will learn to love them. I hope it isn’t Joy she is so young she is barely a legal adult.

  8. Rumor has it that it’s actually Joy and she brought a date to the wedding (older guy)

    ok not date, but you know what I mean

  9. I think it’s either John-David or Jana. I haven’t really followed the show too closely over the years, but I don’t really remember them doing courting hype like this. I mean they discussed it and had episodes dedicated to courting but I don’t think they’ve ever done a “who’s next” courting teaser. That makes me think the one courting is a Duggar people have been waiting to see court. Of course I could be completely wrong and they are just making a big deal to get ratings.

  10. I hope it’s Jana. I really hope it isn’t Joy. I think it will be interesting to see one of the boys court. I hope the announcement isn’t that Josiah and Marjorie are courting again.

  11. I doubt poor Jana will ever get a chance, unless she runs away. As long as there are kids to be watched and a house to be cleaned, Janarella will be stuck under Jim bob and Michelle thumb for the rest of her life.

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