Kail Lowry Declares During ‘Teen Mom 2’ Reunion Taping That She’ll “Never Get Married Again” (Exclusive Details)

"Sorry, MTV-- you're not getting any more special wedding episodes from me!"
“Sorry, MTV– you’re not getting any more special wedding episodes from me!”

Wedding bells have been ringing for many of the Teen Mom girls recently, but don’t expect to see Kail Lowry heading down the aisle again any time soon.

Multiple on-set sources tell The Ashley that Kail made a bold statement while taping the Teen Mom 2 Season 7B Reunion over the weekend. Kail, who is currently going through a divorce with Javi Marroquin, declared during one of her on-camera interviews that she does not want to get married again…ever.

“She was being grilled by Dr. Drew [Pinksy] a lot about the divorce, and he was really trying to get Kail to talk about her current dating situation,” one audience member tells The Ashley. “It was actually to the point where it was getting weird how insistent he was that Kail talk about it. He seemed kind of shocked when Kail told him she never wants to get married again.”

One of The Ashley’s ‘Teen Mom 2’ sources tells her that Kail was not just saying that to make for a good on-camera quote. She  also discussed the issue backstage at length.

“Kail was never super-sold on the idea of marriage to begin with,” the source said. “She says she would never get married again, and especially regrets getting married so young, because she feels that people her age don’t really take marriage seriously.”

The Ashley’s sources also tell her that Dr. Drew brought up the often-discussed topic of Kail’s sexuality.

“Kail finally told Dr. Drew that she is ‘dating someone’ and he asked her if that person was a boy or a girl,” the audience member said. “Kail told him that she likes to date both, and it doesn’t really matter to her what gender they are.”

This is not exactly news; however it marks the first time that Kail has talked about being bisexual while filming for ‘Teen Mom 2.’

The audience member said that Kail briefly discussed the guy that she’s seeing, during an on-camera conversation with Nessa, but Kail didn’t give away many details.

The source tells The Ashley that, other than that, Kail’s segments were uneventful. (There were no ‘Teen Mom OG’-esque brawls, unfortunately!)

“Kail did state that she really wants to have more children at some point, though,” the audience member added.

The Ashley will be posting more info nuggets from the ‘Teen Mom 2’ Reunion, so stay tuned!

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  1. Kail pretty much bugs me all of the time but I gotta say girl is looking good after her surgery under her chin. I have the same baggy skin there and I think she looks amazing now

  2. Oh good, at least she is finally aware that she is not good at being married and maybe she won’t drag another kid through the misery of watching the dad (or stepdad) they love leave and their family disintegrate. She seems to be a loving parent, but she is a self absorbed and immature wife.

    1. She is self aware now but I doubt that’s going to stick. It isn’t healthy to have father figures come and go via divorce. But is it healthy to have an assembly line of multiple partners come and go in the lives of her kids? I have a feeling this bi sexual thing is just a phase and she will have a female in her life and that gets attached to this boys and then after a year of it and the be like “oh it was just a phase I don’t like girls anymore”. I get she is young but since she has two kids she can’t be out acting like a typical college student of her age. She chose to grow up fast so she can’t now decide she wants to act like people without kids at her age. I have a feeling too she will blow through her money too. She is blowing her money like water on unnecessary things ( plastic surgery, tattoos, and $70k BMW). Her mothers shallow, irresponsible behavior is starting to appear in her.

  3. Did I watch a different show? She spent half a season with talking about wanting military benefits, had one wedding, then a year later had a second one. Not saying javi was a winner either but for somebody who wasn’t sold on marriage, she married the same guy twice.

  4. Ok one source said that they were getting back together and were on couples therapy and seen after the finale… That article was written one hour before this…. Lol. Seriously. How do we get two completely diff stories??

  5. Javi was controlling and jealous cuz she did things that made him feel like he had to be. She was texting other dudes, we know that for a fact cuz we have screenshots of it, and would always scream I’m not giving up my privacy when he would ask to see her phone. He did those things cuz he knew she was cheating and it drove him crazy. She was shitty to him all the time, constantly yelling and never being nice. Javi is a good dude and she walked all over him. Snuffleupagus is a shitty, selfish, mean person, and I’m sure he regrets ever marrying her. I don’t think she loved him either, it was to make Jo jealous.

    1. She wanted the Air Force benefits. Health insurance and the housing allowance. She probably wanted to live the life of an Air Force wife. The life of a military wife is romanticized in the media. The life can be hard and lonely. My husband serves in the Army so I know all about that life. My husband is deployed every other year. How is that romantic and thrilling?

      1. That’s exactly what I was going to say. It was a marriage for financial convenience. Javi wanted the extra money and she wanted insurance and military discounts for college since she wasn’t eligible for financial aid after teen mom money started rolling in. I guess she figured he’d be gone most of the time so she could do whatever she wants. Also his bond with Issac was probably a big factor. I have never seen anyone treat their step child so good. He almost seemed to care for him more than Lincoln.

        1. He did…. honestly at times I found his relationship with Isaac to be inappropriate and disrespectful to Jo. Kailyn fostered it a lot but if I was Jo I would be bother by some of his actions

          1. I am kind of stunned that anyone could find his relationship with Isaac to be “inappropriate” to jo. It’s inappropriate and “disrespectful” to the birth father for a stepdad to treat his stepchild lovingly????!!! That makes no sense. You think Javi should be aloof or downright mean to Isaac to ensure Isaac remains completely devoted to only his dad? Sorry, that makes little to no sense. Any parent worth a damn would WANT their child treated so well by a stepparent. You would really be bothered by this?

      2. She met him and was right away discussing getting married so Issac could have his health care benefits. It was weird how fast and hard she pushed that.

    2. Javi was like a battered wife in a Lifetime movie. He deserved better than having some hulking tattooed chick pushing his head through walls. There’s nothing attractive about her inside or out. She’s always sulking and has a confused look on her face. She isn’t funny or fun to be around. She must have a hell of a bj. She only wanted to marry him because of the benefits. She is a user. She used Jo and his family, Jordan, and Javi. She probably jumped into a pile of his benefit paperwork like Scrooge McDuck jumps into that pile of coins on Ducktales.

    1. Honestly I think she kinda looks like Jenelle in that picture, and Jenelle has had a ton of surgery…..you’re right.

  6. No Kail, it’s not that “people my age don’t take marriage seriously”, it’s YOU that didn’t take YOUR marriage seriously ?

  7. Wait, Kail really wants to have more kids? Isn’t that partly why her and Javi are divorcing? — he wants more kids but she doesn’t and would rather focus on her career?

    1. Woo-Hoo you hit the nail on the head with that comment!! Dr drew had many opportunities to call out Leah, Jenelle, Farrah, Amber ect and so on an so on….he never grilled any of those girls on their true issues. Why? It’s like he was told not to bring up certain subjects or he’s a wuss and just maybe afraid of those girls…teen mom og was a battle royal, so I think I answered my own question. He was afraid of getting his ass kicked, lol

  8. Hard to have a successful marriage when you’re too busy going on vacation with your friends and putting everyone before your husband. I don’t blame her for her issues with abandonment and having to put up walls to avoid being hurt since her childhood wasn’t a picnic. But at the same time she only thinks about herself. Hope javi is prepared to pay more in child support like they did to jo, to pay for the bigger house she will need next season.

      1. It seemed like a combination of the two. Kail was very cold to Javi and he told her once that he didn’t feel the reciprocal love. But Javi was psycho with his online stalking, jealous, and general bitch fits. And they fought in front of friends and family which I just don’t get.

      2. Yeah but why was he acting that way? That could be the case but also to he could be acting that way because she did something that lead him to not see her as trustworthy. When she would FaceTime him when he was deployed it was very “Me me me” it was all about how her life was so difficult with him not being there. You can be frustrated by that but deployed soldiers need some emotional support too. She was aware that he was going to be gone but she still married him and had a kid with him. She was being kind of selfi

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