Victoria Messer, Sister of ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Leah Messer, Gives Birth to First Child

"I'm just glad it's not me in the bed giving birth this time, y'all!"
“I’m just glad it’s not me in the bed giving birth this time, y’all!”

Teen Mom 2 star Leah Messer just became an aunt again!

Leah’s younger sister, Victoria, who has made frequent appearances on ‘Teen Mom 2’ since the beginning of the show, gave birth to her first child on Wednesday. Victoria and her husband of over a year, Brian Jones, named the baby girl Camillia Raelynn.

Leah and her three daughters were there to welcome Baby Camillia into the world. Leah posted photos of herself and the girls at the hospital with Victoria and the baby.

“Omgoodnessss she is so perfect!” Leah captioned a photo of herself holding the newborn.

This is not Leah’s only niece, however. She first became an aunt back in December 2014 when her brother Isaac Messer welcomed daughter Baily. During a controversial ‘Teen Mom 2’ scene, Leah was seen holding a newborn Baily while falling asleep.

According to Leah’s previous social media posts, Baby Camillia will be nicknamed “Cami.”

Leah posted the following photo to her Instagram account right after Cami’s birth.

A photo posted by Leah dawn (@leahdawn92mtv) on

(Photos: Instagram)


  1. Woman has a baby!!!!!!!
    Well I never.

    Ffs who gives a shit about a druggy cheating whores sister spitting out another messer redneck

  2. Omg Ashley I love the site but please fix the glitch that causes you to be redirected to the top of the page when you click the down arrow to read comments. It’s driving me nuts.

  3. I agree that pic looks like it was taken 20 yrs ago. I may just be me but I never understood the whole nickname thing. We are going to name them this but call them that. Why don’t you just name them what you are going to call them? What’s the point of legally naming someone something if you aren’t going to actually call them that.

    1. Because they’re not going to be babies forever. Our baby has a cute nickname and a longer legal name that will be appropriate for the workplace no matter what field he chooses to enter.

  4. I wonder if they had to take this picture of Leah real quick before she passed out holding the baby like she did with her other niece…

  5. This is awful but please tell me how to pronounce this child’s name bc I’m reading it and all I can think is that she is going to be picked on and be called chlamydia growing up.

  6. I swear Lie-ah is the oldest looking mid 20 something Ive ever seen. She has so many crows feet and wrinkles around her mouth for someone still so young.

    1. Right lmao. The quality and Leah’s outfit and hair scream 90’s. I swear I thought I was the only one who noticed how dated this picture looks. It must have been taken on a Nokia or Razor

    1. All human embryos start out as females and require certain chemicals to become males, that’s why we all have nipples and there are more females than males. What would be weirder is if all five were male.

        1. What’s not true? That we all start out as females? Or that it’d be weird if they were all male? Because it is definitely 100% true that we all start out as female and only turn into males when testosterone is introduced. Look up why we all have nipples and it will tell you that is a fact. Also, please pick a reputable site, preferably one that is .org or .edu for your research.

          1. Actually we do all start as females but there aren’t more males than females but it is still determined vy the sperm if it’s a boy or girl as the mother is inly capable of providing an x chromosome as only men have y chromosomes. it’s pretty 50/50. It isn’t weird that they are all girls and it’s not weirder if it were all boys as I have 4 boys all on my own. It’s completely random.

        1. OMG I said it was funny that they were all girls. I didn’t say it was weird, abnormal, scientifically impossible.
          I. Said. It. Was. Funny.


  7. She’s looking better. but who knows what can be going on still. I am excited to watch teen mom 2 though when it comes back on. Teen mom og is getting super boring

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