A ‘Sister Wives’ Grandchild Is On The Way: Maddie Brown Expecting First Child

Let's hope the baby doesn't Grandpa Kody's hair...
Let’s hope the baby doesn’t have Grandpa Kody’s hair…

There’s a new Brown Family baby on it’s way– and for once, Kody Brown is not the father!

In a video released today via TLC, Kody and Janelle Brown‘s daughter, Maddie, announced that she and her new husband Caleb Brush are expecting their first child.

“We’re having a baby!” Maddie exclaimed in the video before announcing her due date as May 23.

Maddie was the first of Kody Brown’s 18 kids to get married when she and Caleb tied the knot in June. This baby will be the Brown family’s first grandchild.

“I think it’s a boy and so does Caleb but we don’t know the sex yet,” Maddie said in the video.

The 21-year-old told People that the baby will call Kody “Grandpa,” but it’s not yet been decided what he or she will call Janelle or Kody’s other wives, Christine, Meri and Robyn.

“We think it would be super cute to have different names for all the grandmas but ultimately they get to choose what they are called,” she told the magazine.

Maddie’s child will be only about a year-and-a-half younger than Maddie’s youngest sibling, Ariella. (Robyn gave birth to Ariella earlier this year.)

According to TLC, the upcoming season of ‘Sister Wives’ will cover Maddie and Caleb’s wedding, as well as the pregnancy. It will also highlight the engagement of Mykelti Brown, who is due to get hitched next month.

The new season of ‘Sister Wives’ premieres November 27 on TLC.

Watch the baby announcement video below:

(Photo: TLC)

8 Responses

  1. I guess by announcing the pregnancy via People and TLC’s video they’re assured of some extra diaper money, but I find it somewhat gaudy.

    “baby on it’s way”
    Damn autocorrect ?

    “With 4 mom’s”
    Damn autocorrect ?

  2. So she basically got pregnant four months into their wedding. But seeing how her father has 18 children including her, it shouldn’t be suprising she is so fertile.

  3. That was pretty quick. I thought they planned to travel together first?
    Thank god for new storylines, I don’t think anyone, let alone Mary, could go trough another season of the producers making Mary discuss infertility issues and the catfish again and again.

    1. I think Maddie has enough independence to determine what she wants to do – she has never had a problem saying she doesn’t want to be a polygamist or stating what she wants.

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