‘Teen Mom OG’ Stars Maci Bookout & Taylor McKinney to Release Adult Coloring Book of Their Wedding Photos

"There better be at least five pages dedicated to Bud Light!"
“There better be at least five pages dedicated to Bud Light!”

Get ready to make more space on your Teen Mom book shelf: Maci Bookout is about to release another book!

It was announced on Monday that Maci and her husband, Taylor McKinney, are releasing an adult coloring book early next year. (Apparently adult coloring books are all the rage…or something?) The Maci and Taylor Wedding Album: An Adult Coloring Book will be available for pre-order before it’s released on Valentine’s Day 2017.

For all your 'Teen Mom' coloring needs...
For all your ‘Teen Mom’ coloring needs…

The book will feature 39 single-sided pages that can be colored. Each page will showcase a different photo from Maci and Taylor’s recent wedding.

“Maci Bookout’s storybook romance with Taylor McKinney has culminated in a beautiful wedding—and now you can color it!” the book’s official description on Amazon reads.

Fans will be able to whip out their Crayolas and color pics of all of the wedding’s special moments.

“From the ceremony at the Honey Lake Plantation Church to the elegant reception, The Maci and Taylor Wedding Album features all the unforgettable moments from Maci’s special day,” the description reads. “Color in the bride and groom as they share their first kiss as husband and wife. Join Maci and Taylor as they have their first dance and cut the cake—not to mention the garter toss!”

The book is being published by Post Hill Press, which is the same publisher that published Maci’s 2015 book Bulletproof, in addition to the books of the other ‘Teen Mom’ franchise girls.

Maci is not the first ‘Teen Mom’ gal to attempt to make some money from the adult coloring book craze. Kail Lowry‘s adult coloring book (as well as her second book, Hustle and Heart, is due to be released tomorrow).

If you’d like to pre-order Maci and Taylor’s coloring book, or Kail’s click the links below!( Of course, you can always order The Ashley‘s 2013 book, Teen Mom Confidential while you’re at it…


  1. Seriously WTF.

    It’s about time this shower of shit was cancelled, and they all got off their asses and got jobs, and stay the fuck off tv

  2. I would’ve been offended if that’s how I came out as an illustration. Sorry maci, even top of the line colored pencils can’t make that mess look pretty. What kind of weirdo would pre order this? Or order someone’s wedding album at all?? Smh

  3. I’m sorry but storybook romance, really? I don’t know who would want to start a romance with two accidental pregnancies then having to pressure the guy into a proposal…so romantic.

    And is there really a market for adult coloring books?

  4. I thought by “adult” they meant like X rated. Now I’m disappointed. That would be way funnier, this is just weird and I love coloring.

  5. Their fairy tale romance of Macy doing everything and Taylor sitting on the couch. He basically the nicer version of Ryan.

  6. I think that is so nice. Because everyone can see how it start out for her and seem so happy I have be which the t. V. Show for the being I am so happy for you

  7. Yeah, ‘having two kids together’ takes some of the sheen off of ‘first kiss as husband and wife’.
    *eye roll*

    1. If saying that releasing a coloring book based on your wedding photos is narcisstic and dumb counts as a nasty comment, then I’ll gladly be nasty.

    2. Actually, I like them. Maci has always made her children her top priority, even though we roll our eyes at her passionate love affair with Bud Light. Bentley is a good, sweet kid and that says a lot about Maci especially considering the fact that Ryan has been phoning it in since he was born. She is a good mom. I admit I love to make snarky comments about them while watching the show but the truth is I am happy that she has found love and I wish her the best. And yet………..this coloring book……….I can only hope it was a high-larious joke gone too far lol. Maci has always displayed a big ego (not that there is anything wrong w that necessarily) but imo the coloring book is a bad look unless they make it funny on purpose. The only way I can get on board with this blatant display of clueless narcissism is if they make it satirical & poke fun at themselves. Now that would actually be worth publishing. Otherwise please save the trees, lol

  8. She has got to get over herself!!! She plays off as so original but the copies everyone else’s stuff. No one cares about your forced into trap wedding. ?

  9. Finally, a book that’s actually written by a teen mom instead of a ghost writer. Oh, I guess Kailyn beat her to the punch by getting her coloring book out first.

    Let’s be happy that their “adult coloring books” don’t include the honeymoon suite.

    Do they really have fans that would waste their money on this?
    Donate to your favorite charity instead. Of course, people have bought their other books that they didn’t even write themselves.
    They already make entirely way too much money as it is.

  10. Story book romance of 2 unplanned pregnancies and mountains of bud light cans…..
    They really think they’re special don’t they?! It’d be better if they donated the profits if there are any to a good cause. Who is buying this crap?!

    1. Three unplanned. Bintley is also their son.
      Maci should have known better and Taylor should have known she is fertile Myrtle and a baby trapper.
      But by all means, all hail Maci, cheers!
      Perfect gift for a teen or young woman. Cause you can baby trap two guys but in the end you’ll have that fairytale marriage right?

  11. I’m just sitting here thinking of all the crazy color jobs we could do to both of them. Might be fun to have a contest for the best of the worst pictures we can create.

  12. “Storybook romance” lol

    It started when she was throwing up so she could drink more and he held her back, according to both of them!

  13. Oh Lordy. I kind of feel this can only be a joke but something tells me it is actually true.
    Adult colouring books are definitely a thing. Adult colouring books of someone else’s wedding (or even your own wedding come to think of it) really bot so much. Just….why?!

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