‘Arranged’ Season 1 Couple Meghan & Josh Tavernier Expecting Their First Child

"We're pregnant, y'all!"
“We’re pregnant, y’all!”

Fans had their doubts that Arranged couple Josh and Meghan Tavernier would last– but nearly two years after tying the knot the Season 1 couple is still going strong– and is now adding to their family.

Josh and Meghan announced on their social media accounts last night that they are expecting their first child. 

“One more thing to be grateful for on Thanksgiving!” Josh posted, along with a family photo. “WE ARE EXPECTING baby Tav to join our family June 2017.”

The couple, who were set up by their parents and parents’ friends, will celebrate their second wedding anniversary on December 27. They recently purchased a home in Nashville, where Josh is a radiology resident doctor at Vanderbilt University. They had been keeping the show’s fans updated by doing updates via Arranged Life, a short-form series that featured the Season 1 couples.

Josh and Meghan are not the only ‘Arranged’ couple to become parents. Season 1’s Christian and Maria Miller welcomed their first child in May.

Check out Josh and Meghan’s cute baby announcement below:


  1. So happy for you both as I so loved the “truth” in your story as a couple and how you have kept fans updated to all that has been not just a true struggle but also a great blessing …unlike some of the couples on the show but keep up the love and compromise within your love story and all will be as already planned in your already written life story and a great journey to show to all…

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