“90 Day Fiance” Season 4 Finale Recap: Two Couples Say ‘I Do’ & Two Couples Don’t

Meanwhile, Anfisa was reaching into Jorge's wallet to remove a hundred dollar bill..."
Meanwhile, Anfisa was reaching into Jorge’s wallet to remove a hundred dollar bill…”

It’s hard to believe but we have come to very last episode of this season of 90 Day Fiancé! We’ve watched these couples lie, bicker and vandalize their way through 90 days, and now it’s time for everyone to make their final decisions about their relationships.

We start out with Jorge and Anfisa. Although Anfisa has proven herself to be a money-hungry, car-keying and demanding fiancé, Jorge has decided to marry her anyway.

“The heart wants what the heart wants,” Jorge says.

Sure it’s your “heart,” Jorge. Suuuure it is.

"Don't worry, Jorge. After we're married I'll provide you with a generous allowance."
“Don’t worry, Jorge. After we’re married I’ll provide you with a generous allowance.”

Jorge is keeping the wedding a secret from his family because, well, they all think Anfisa is awful.

“I don’t feel like our wedding is really a big deal,” Anfisa says. “It’s just for papers. It’s for legal reasons.”

Well, that’s romantic.

Anfisa says they will have their “true wedding” (aka the wedding where she will get to wear the ridiculously expensive wedding dress that wasn’t even that cute) later.

Over in Kentucky, Matt and Alla are getting ready to get married at the venue his Mommy picked out. Alla’s sister, Iryna, is in town for the wedding, and seems to be excited for the couple.

"I should introduce Patrick to Anfisa..."
“I should introduce Patrick to Anfisa…”

“I am happy for my sister because now she is near a good man,” Iryna tells us.

Alla is so happy to have her sister present that she’s brought to tears. (She’s also probably crying tears of happiness because she wasn’t forced to have her wedding in a living room with sand thrown all over the floor.) It’s all very sweet.

Of course, not everyone is so happy and supportive of the couple. Matt’s overbearing mother is, of course, there to steal some camera time. Matt’s pal Patrick walks in ominously and threatens to disrupt the service because he doesn’t believe Matt should marry Alla.

"One word out of you, Patrick, and I will cut you."
“One word out of you, Patrick, and I will cut you.”

Matt and Alla are worried that creepy Patrick could disrupt their wedding. The ceremony begins, and they seem to be holding their breath when the officiant asks the wedding guests if any of them object to the union. Patrick loses his nerve and remains silent. (Anyone else think that ol’ Patrick’s objection to the wedding was fictional? It seems like a story line the producers would concoct to make Matt and Alla more interesting.)

"Have I told you lately that you kiss better than my first and second wife. You're tied with my third wife!"
“Have I told you lately that you kiss better than my first and second wife? You’re tied with my third wife!”

Matt and Alla are officially married, and everyone cheers. Matt, of course, has to ruin the sentiment by reminding everyone (again) that this is hardly his first trip down the aisle.

“I’m really glad to have Alla as my wife,” Matt says. “My fourth and final wife.”

Well, if that doesn’t just give ya all the feels….

Not as wrong as he did his baby mama! He verbally killed her off, and then ditched her for Narkiya!
Not as wrong as he did his baby mama! He verbally killed her off, and then ditched her for Narkiya!

We cut to Vietnam where Narkiya is still trying to figure out if Lowo is lying to her. Narkiya is mad because she found out that Lowo was still talking to his baby mama when they got together.

Girl, the man told you he was a prince, lied to you about his location by about 9,000 miles, and has been making crap up since you met him. The fact that he was talking to his baby mama is the least of your worries! Come on!

How could she ever doubt that this winner was loyal?
Does she need a house to fall on her before realizing this!??!?!?!

“I still love Lowo but he’s been lying to me for a very long time and I just don’t know if I can stay in this relationship anymore,” she tells us.

After a heart to heart with Lowo, Narkiya still isn’t convinced. She tells him she doesn’t know if she wants him to come to America anymore.

Meanwhile, on Tinder....
Meanwhile, on Tinder….

Later, Narkiya tells us that she’s been back in the States for a few days, and that she hasn’t been talking to Lowo since she’s been back. Narkiya takes her son out for ice cream and breaks the news to him that he’s not getting a new stepdad. The kid really doesn’t seem to care. He just wants to eat his TLC-paid-for ice cream cone.

"Be mine FOREVER and ever and ever and ever..."
“Be mine FOREVER and ever and ever and ever…”

Meanwhile, things aren’t going well between Azan and Nicole. Nicole must break the news to Azan that she doesn’t make enough money to pay for the proper visas to bring him over to the U.S. Nicole asks Azan if he would wait for two years for her. He tells her he doesn’t know if he can do that. Azan does, however, assure her that he loves her very much and they will figure it out.

As of now, there will be no romantical wedding in the desert for Nicole and Azan. But…they’ll always have that night in the tent…


When Anfisa realized that she could have gotten so many more treats out of Jorge because it was their wedding day...
When Anfisa realized that she could have gotten so many more treats out of Jorge because it was their wedding day…

Finally, we catch back up with Jorge and Anfisa, who are about to get married. Anfisa is wearing a simple white dress, and the wedding is taking place at a courthouse. (Is anyone else just a little bit happy that Anfisa ended up getting the most basic wedding possible, after being so horrible and wanting the most extravagant wedding stuff?)

Right up until the wedding, though, Anfisa is letting her gold-digger flag fly. She tells Jorge that he should include, “I promise to buy bags and shoes” in his vows. She was kidding…probably…

"May God have mercy on your soul, Jorge....and your wallet!"
“May God have mercy on your soul, Jorge….and your wallet!”

During the wedding ceremony, Anfisa begins to cry. (She must be thinking about all those purses she’s going to get.) Anfisa and Jorge are officially announced as husband and wife. Good luck with that one, bro!

So, to recap: Anfisa and Jorge, Chantel and Pedro, and Matt and Alla got married. Two couples—Nicole and Azan, and Narkiya and Lowo— did not. All of the couples will come together at the “Tell-All Reunion Special” to dish on married life and talk about where their relationships stand now…

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  1. Anfisa Is butt ugly. Lost her chin and has a fish face.

    Who told her she was beautiful,? She could be if she was beautiful inside but she has a shitty personality

  2. That Anfisa girl who told her she is beautiful? Her mouth is ugly, man Jorge you sure got fooled, you can lose weight and look hot but her? Plastic surgery or what, her mouth looks like a fish mouth. I hope she takes her desire for money and rudeness.

  3. There’s actually no reason to really comment. How much did TLC PAY ANFISA to marry Jorge ? I hope Jorge gets really SCREWED by this bitch….he deserves any and everything she does to him. They will never have a ‘BIG” wedding, Anfisa won’t stay married to that FAT PIG for long..she only wanted a GREEN card because she thinks she is “Beautiful ” and will make it in modelling here in the USA….

  4. Three couples were married, not two. And I actually think Narkiya’s son really did care that Lowo wasn’t coming. It was clear to me that he was really looking forward to having a dad in his life. That’s also probably why Narkiya kept overlooking the bull from Lowo. No one with even minimal self esteem would have put up with his lies.

  5. The more I watch, the more I think Jorge is going to be just fine. Those two are made or eachother. He’s a phoney showboat, and she’ll do what ever she must to grab as much bling on her pass through. Selfish stupid people, without an ounce of self respect foe themselves. Hahaha!

  6. Umm is it my computer or did you completely forget to add Chantel & Pedro?!
    Regardless love your recaps! Keep these recaps coming :)!!

  7. None of them should be together but at least Narkiya and Azan finally have a little more sense than your average 90 Day Fiance star lol

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