MTV Announces Premiere Date for ‘Teen Mom 2’ Season 7B: Watch the Intense First Trailer!

"Ring in the New Year with us!"
“Ring in the New Year with us!”

There will be a whole lot of Barbara Evans coming our way in 2017! She (and those other girls from Teen Mom 2) will be starring in the upcoming season of the show, which MTV has just announced will premiere on January 2!

In addition to announcing the Season 7B premiere date (which, by the way, the cast found out when viewers did, as per usual), MTV also released the explosive first trailer for the new season! This may be the most intense season yet– what with all the baby-making, a divorce and custody fights, to name just a few of the things touched on in the trailer.

One huge change coming in Season 7B is that the girls will finally acknowledge that they are on a reality show. For the first time ever on ‘Teen Mom 2,’ the fourth wall will be broken (as it was for Teen Mom OG) and the girls will be shown interacting with producers, and discussing filming, on-camera!

Since some of The Ashley‘s readers outside the United States are unable to watch the trailer, The Ashley will do her best to describe some of the things shown in it.

  • Kail tells Javi that they are getting divorced, telling him, “It’s not like we were this happy couple.” In the next clip, Javi tells Kail that she “opened her legs” to another guy and didn’t think about her family.
  • Leah tells her friend that she is happy that her girls are living a better life than she did. Later, Leah discusses Ali’s health issues and we see the little girl in her wheelchair.
  • Jenelle is once again battling with Barbara over custody of Jace, so Jenelle vows to never film with Barbara “ever again in my f**king life.” Barb argues that if she wins the custody battle, she’ll see to it that Jenelle has limited visitation with Jace. In the next clip, the producers are seen asking Jenelle and David if Jenelle is pregnant. Of course, Jenelle denies that she is pregnant, but Barb later finds out that her daughter is lying, when a police report surfaces that confirms Jenelle is pregnant. (Perhaps The Ashley will get a shout-out on the show for exposing Jenelle’s pregnancy before anyone else?!)
  • Chelsea and Cole announce to one of the show’s producers that they are expecting a baby. The adorably excited couple proudly shows off a bunch of positive pregnancy tests as the producers shrieks. However, another clips shows Aubree celebrating her birthday, and Chelsea says that Aubree’s dad, Adam, didn’t even call her on her special day.

The new season of ‘Teen Mom 2’ premieres January 2 on MTV. Watch the first trailer below!

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  1. THE ASHLEY! PRETTY PLEASE do a recap of the “backstage pass” special! It was gold! Between Leah’s diva attitude & Kail’s new Farrah lips!

    Also, shame on Leah for having Addy in a high back booster! That’s illegal in the state of WV! Law requires you be 4 years old and 40 pounds. Although my 5 year old is STILL in a 5 point harness!

  2. I’m so over people saying Jenelle is better, she’s changed, ect.
    She’s just as big of a piece of shit as ever.

  3. so excited for this drama! Jenelle has such a mean spirited individual. She’s chemically imbalanced….and I am so happy for Chelsea…So nice to see ONE of the girls get their ish together…everyone else on the show is still a trainwreck

  4. Why is the Jace custody issue seem everlasting yet nothing ever actually comes of it? If babs keeps being able to keep him by ruling, it’s for good reason. Jenelle focus on your chaos that is your life and these two other innocent babies that can still have a chance.
    Very happy for aubree, she has so much love I hope it keeps her from paying too much attention to where her shitty father is.
    Watching Leah’s daughter tears me apart, I don’t want to see this poor baby’s complete collapse into a wheelchair forever. Hope things look up for her somehow.
    Kails storyline is up after this season. She’s not a warm person, nothing interesting… I do feel awful for her boys but she needs to go.

    1. As much as Kail has defensive anger issues and may-or-may-not be capable of love, she seems at decent with her kids.
      Like, Isaac and Lincoln will probably (jusifiably) irritated with her habit of blowing everything out of proportion as they get older, but she seems to be making a real effort to NOT be ‘Smirnoff Suzi”, you know?

    2. As much as Kail has defensive anger issues and may-or-may-not be capable of love, she seems at decent with her kids.
      Like, Isaac and Lincoln will probably (jusifiably) irritated with her habit of blowing everything out of proportion as they get older, but she seems to be making a real effort to NOT be ‘Smirnoff Suzi”, you know?

  5. Leah is looking rough. It’s hard to believe she’s only about 25!

    Sadly Aubree is the only kid that has a chance at not turning out screwed up, and that’s saying a lot since her dad is such a loser.

    1. you’re so right. Leah looks pretty bad…..I dunno if it’s drugs, stress, or a combination of both….but whatever it is she needs to calm down. She’s not aging well at all…

  6. I honestly think everyone is so happy for Chels because out of all the girls, she’s the only one that hasn’t been in and out of rotating romances and toxic relationships. Although I still think her and Cole moved too fast(doesn’t matter either way because it’s obvious that works for them), at least this is her first and only new relationship that she’s exposed Aubree to and it turned into a little fairytale! 🙂 They both looked so happy at sharing the baby news too! I’m sure that was new for her considering the first time she shared baby news, nobody was smiling probably. Lol! But no, I can’t wait to watch them!

    Leah looks like a meth head anorexic and Aly looks to be getting worse. Poor baby

    Jenelle- meh…… she’s got a new baby daddy every season

    Kail- I knew her and Javi wouldn’t last. But he called her TF out about that other guy the rumors were going around about

  7. Idk if anyone else watched the ‘backstage pass’ episode that the trailer aired during, but – the most mature convo I’ve ever seen Jenelle have – when Babs called her about Davids mom letting Kaiser call her grandma.
    -SO happy for Chelsea & Cole… they’re so cute together and just like, normal. Lovesit.

  8. I hate it when guys use that “you opened your legs thing” they’re just too blinded by insecurity and rage to string a decent mature sentence together. I’m no fan of Kail but congratulations Javi-you just told all the viewers you are still a 12 year old mentally!!

    1. I don’t think too many people who get cheated on are calm and mature about it. I’m just glad to actually see someone being honest about something like that instead of ignoring it when everybody knows it happened.

      1. I guess not too many people on this show can be mature about it, that’s why they keep getting renewed.
        But I guess in general I just hate the sexist nature of that statement, like-who cares that you gave him what’s in your head or in your chest-I’m a 12 year old boy and you gave him MY toy, the one between your legs. Please.

  9. Poor Jace. I feel so bad for that little boy. Jenelle has only been concerned about her boyfriends for Jace’s entire life and then she wants to tear him out of the only home he’s ever known with the only parental figure he’s ever known for her own selfish reasons. I despise her so much.

  10. You can tell Javi hit a nerve with Kail by the look on her face lmao I used to like her but she’s been annoying. 2nd person she’s cheated on (that we know of) and she acts like she could care less

    1. We don’t know if she did or not. That could just be Javi throwing out an accusation. We’ll have to wait and watch this season to find out if it’s true or not. I hope it isn’t but I wouldn’t be surprised if it is since their marriage was on the rocks for quite sometime.

  11. Poor Ali she that shot of her in the wheelchair looks like she is deteoriating really fast. Poor girl!
    Enough with the baby making Janelle that girl needs sterilization not another baby from another guy. Just cause you are in love with your flavor or the week doesn’t mean you have to get pregnant with everyone.

  12. I feel bad for javi even if he was a ruiner of times he loves those kids and didn’t deserve that.
    I see leah still can’t figure out how to properly use carseat/car restraints.
    Chelsea seems so happy and I’m glad Aubrey has Cole who seems to care more for her than adam.
    Jennelle is never going to change.
    Can’t wait to enjoy this trash tv!so excited for the recaps!

  13. Javi and Kail weren’t exactly a match made in heaven given how controlling and negative they both are. And didn’t he cheat on her as well? What a hypocrite.

    Barbs needs to realize that she isn’t Jace’s mother. Jenelle is clean now and seems to be doing good, so it’s time to give him back, IMO.

    Chealsea and Cole’s baby voices are SO annoying. I wonder if their son will sound like that too. At least Aubrey doesn’t.

    Hasn’t Leah had the same storyline for years? SO boring. Ugh.

    1. It doesn’t matter if Jenelle is clean or not. There are other reasons why she isn’t fit to have children in her care. She goes from man to man and almost all of the relationships she’s been in were abusive in some way. All of her boyfriends have ended up in jail from a domestic dispute with her. Now she is pregnant with her third child with a third man. She is more concerned with bringing children in this world than raising them the proper way. She says that Jace needs to be in a “stable environment.” She obviously has no idea what that means because her life is the opposite of what a “stable environment” is.

  14. Despite the fact that I haven’t watched the show in some time, I’m really excited for your recaps! (Please do recaps!!)

  15. This is going to be epic. Although I really don’t care first the 4th wall. I don’t really want to hear from the producers.

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