Exclusive Interview! ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Jeremy Calvert Discusses the Debut of His “CalvertWehr” Clothing Line

"Y'all come check it out now!"
“Y’all come check it out now!”

Jeremy Calvert is about to debut his new merchandise line, CalvertWehr, and the Teen Mom 2 star says he’s excited for fans to see what he’s been working on over the last six months. The Ashley broke the news back in July that Jeremy was partnering with his fiancé, Brooke Wehr, on the line.

Jeremy chatted with The Ashley about his decision to start the CalvertWehr line. (See what they did there with the name?)

“I wanted to start some type of project to give back to people,” he told The Ashley. “We started the clothing line and some of the proceeds will be going to [various] foundations.”

"I promise we won't try to see ya an adult coloring book!"
“I promise we won’t try to see ya an adult coloring book!”

A rep for CalvertWehr tells The Ashley that the site will showcase everything from clothing to hats to housewares, and that each week a specific item will be featured.

“We will donate a portion from all sales of that item to relief organizations, children’s hospitals, food banks etc.,” the rep told The Ashley. “Purpose over profits is going to be our motto.”

While there is no lack of ‘Teen Mom’ related products floating around, the rep tells The Ashley that the CalvertWehr line is not just a money-grab attempt by Jeremy.

“We are not looking to compete with anyone, Jeremy doesn’t need the money,” the rep said. “We just wanted to take advantage of the platform from MTV and utilize that in part to make a small difference to give back now during the holidays. With the support of followers, [we can] continue to do that.”

Jeremy says that he has gotten some negative reactions to the line from a few of the show’s fans, but he hasn’t let it discourage him.

“People can say what they want; I truly don’t care a bit,” he told The Ashley. “Random people aren’t involved in my life, so why would I care what their opinions are? People act as if I make a killing off of ‘Teen Mom 2.’ Sorry to burst their bubble; I don’t make a ton of money off of it.”

Jeremy was adamant that Brooke, whom he proposed to in September, be involved in the project.

“I figured Brooke is my partner in my life with everything I do so I wanted her to be a part of this also,” he said.

The CalvertWehr line will include clothing for men, women and children, the rep said, with new items being added each week.

You can check out the CalvertWehr site here! It is live, and visitors can subscribe to receive an update when products have been added.

(Photos: CalvertWehr, Facebook)


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  1. I’m calling BS here. It’s great that he’s donating part of the proceeds, but Brooke is posting all over her Instagram hacking some “health patch” in yet another MLM scheme trending all over the Internet. Now a clothing line hmm wonder how much of the proceeds go to Jeremy? Brooke would never be so successful with MLM and no clothing line would exist without teen mom. Yes, Jeremy has a great job that leaves him with little to no time with his family. Seems like the two of them are clearly using their teen mom fame to replace said money that they “don’t need”. Yeah, okay Jeremy. You don’t need the Teen Mom money but you sure are capitalizing off of it prior to your exit. No hate here, but please don’t pretend you don’t need the shows money while simultaneously trying to replace it with other ventures.

      1. Yes! I love how he pretends to not care but he’s the only teen mom baby daddy doing direct interviews with The Ashley. He’s caught up in nonsense too, that’s why he proposed to Leah so quickly and was fine with participating in knocking her up quickly too.

  2. I think this is really commendable. Despite Jeremy can be an ass on on social media to fans sometimes, this is a great thing they are doing and will certainly sell more than those obnoxious letter pockets (that goes all to Maci and Taylor!).

  3. If I had a dollar for every time someone has said “jeremy doesn’t need the money” I wouldn’t need money either! Glad they are donating money.

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