Blake Shelton Begs Universal Records Not to Ruin the Career of ‘The Voice’ Winner Sundance Head: ‘There’s No Excuses Anymore!’

"See this guy? Don't mess up his career!"
“See this guy? Don’t mess up his career!”

It’s no secret that The Voice has a patchy track record when it comes to making its winners big stars, but coach Blake Shelton is hoping that changes with the show’s latest winner, Sundance Head.

During the post-finale press conference on Tuesday night, Blake told The Ashley and other journalists that Sundance is an artist that Universal Records can not let slip through the cracks like some of the show’s previous winners have.

“I want to say one more thing here, because it’s important. I want to personally issue a challenge to Universal Records. This is Season 11 of ‘The Voice,’ and I’m sitting here right now next to a guy who has won over America’s hearts,” Blake said. “He’s so popular. He has proven that he sells tons of music… I hope that we can all come together — meaning us and Universal Records-[because] this is the guy that I think can break the mold and become a star out of this show.”

Blake held nothing back while making his surprise statement, telling the record company associated with the show that they have no reason not to work hard to make Sundance successful.

“I give my word that I’ll put my work in, and I know [Sundance] will,” Blake said. “This guy deserves to be a star, and there’s no excuses anymore. We need to make the record and put the work behind it that he deserves, to have this success that he deserves. And that has to start with Universal Records getting involved and behind him.”

The 10 singers who have won ‘The Voice’ before Sundance have experienced varying levels of fame. A few– such as country singer Cassadee Pope and Season 9 winner Jordan Smith–have become quite successful, while other winners didn’t even release an album post-win.

The fact that ‘The Voice’ has failed to make most of its winners stars like American Idol did has long been a sore subject for the show’s coaches. In fact, coach Adam Levine went on Howard Stern‘s radio show in November 2015 and vented about how the record label has ruined the careers of many of the show’s singers.

“We do so much great s**t for these singers, and then they go to a record label that I won’t mention. But they go to a record label that f**ks it up,” he said.

Like Blake, Adam made a similar demand of Universal Records in December 2015, telling the company to “do right by” then-winner Jordan Smith. Jordan has since become the best-selling ‘Voice’ artist of all time.

Earlier in the press conference, Blake explained why he feels that Sundance could be the breakout star of the show.

“Whatever his next step is musically, everybody’s going to be paying attention to him,” Blake said. “When you combine that opportunity, that level of eyeballs with his level of talent, it’s exciting. I think we’re in a position here at ‘The Voice’ that Sundance could deliver a really important album for the music industry and for this television show, and that would be exciting.”

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